CH 148

Name:The Tamed Heiress Author:
Side Story 2 (1)

“Anyway, the Grand Duke is great.”

What Lisa said with a smile made her squirm.

“…Don’t tell me, Lisa. I really can’t move.”

“Because you are having a baby. There’s not much time left, so hold it in for the time being.”

Lisa smiled and soothed Dana, who grumbled a few more words into the bedroom. And before going in, she asked Lisa to call in her aide Daniel.

Daniel had already come here to Brimde Castle early to work.

As soon as Dana came, she headed to the office next to the bedroom.

When the curtains of the office were opened, the panoramic view of the sea was visible.

“Wow, it’s the sea.”

She opened the window and looked back, surprised by the knock she heard after being caught in the sea breeze for a while.

“Your Highness, this is Daniel.”

“Oh, come on in!”

She was a little surprised in case Leon was already back, but she greeted him with a bright smile at his words.

“I heard you were looking for me.”

Daniel was Leon’s aide, but these days he used to work with Dana so much that he could be called Dana’s aide.

Daniel used to put the book of the Deniz Merchant group on Dana’s desk. Now that Dana was the Grand Duchess of Tertius, the work at the Merchant group of Deniz was closely related to the finances of Tertius.

Dana sat at the desk in the office and fluttered over the books he had brought.

“You brought it right away.”

“Yes, for some reason, I thought you’d want to see it as soon as you came.”

That’s what he said, but Daniel looked worried. Dana was now nearing the end of her pregnancy.

Leon begged her not to overdo it, but Dana tried to work again in secret.

“What do you think, Daniel? I want to sell Rosaveria as a special product of the Grand Duchy, but it’s not as much as I thought.”

“Surely, Rosaveria is excellent at reducing fever. I wish I could increase the number, but I can’t help it because it’s a herb that grows only in the mountains.”

Dana leaned on a soft chair, still in thought, and opened her mouth.

“Can’t we grow it?”

“Do you mean you’re going to farm Rosaveria?”

“Yes, if you grow it up in the Grand Duchy of Tertius, the environment here is right… I think we can find suitable terrain and grow it.”

“I never thought about growing herbs.”

Dana nodded lightly and gave instructions.

“I’m sure you know the ecology of the place where herbalists usually fly. Gather them and skilled farmers who mainly farm the fields and do research.”

“All right, I’ll do so.”

“And, and…”

Dana opened her mouth, but someone opened the door without permission. There was only one person in this castle who could do that.

Daniel took a step back, looking back at his white complexion.

“Daniel, I told you not to add to her work.”

“That’s… that’s what I said, but how can I defy Her Grace?.”

It was very difficult for Daniel. Dana, who had recovered her memory, was a more capable Grand Duchess than he thought, and also had excellent economic capabilities.

In some ways, it was better than Leon. So it was a waste of talent to exclude her from work. But it was also true that she shouldn’t overdo it anymore.

“Leon, come here. Daniel, thank you for your hard work. You can leave now.”

“All right.”

When told to go out, Daniel bowed down and left.

Leon, looking at his back, clicked his tongue and came closer to Dana with a softer spirit.

“Please, Dana. I’m going to be in big trouble.”

“…It’s a baby that’ll come out when it’s time to come out. I just sat at my desk for a while. It won’t be a big deal.”

Leon sighed long and saw a pile of papers on Dana’s desk. Leon was weak against Dana anyway, and he knew that no matter how much he nagged, Dana wouldn’t listen.

So Leon’s concerns and worries were bound to lead to criticism of Daniel and other aides.

“Leon, I’m really going to rest now. I want to rest while looking at the sea.”

Dana smiled slightly and grabbed his arm and got up from the chair. Leon took her out to the spacious terrace on the second floor.

“Leon, I have a question.”

Leon winked as if to tell him. Then Dana opened her mouth cautiously, looking slightly at him.

“We don’t have enough manpower to handle the distribution at the merchant…”

“Oh, is it about work again?”

“Leon, listen.”

Despite Leon’s complaints, Dana leaned on his shoulder and said what she thought. Leon was forced to listen quietly to her story.

“What happened to the people who used to be homeless outside the castle?”

Leon stroked under his chin and recalled his memory as if he didn’t know how to answer.

“From what I’ve been briefed and received, I think those who could be sent back were sent back, and those who were left made temporary residences a little away from the fief. But why?”

Leon put a cookie from the table into Dana’s mouth. Dana ate it calmly, chewed it up, and swallowed it. But the story went on.