Chapter 6

Common Interests

The royal capital of Deltirad, the city of Diete, was a major city nestled in a basin surrounded by mountains in the central part of the continent. Although it was located on flat ground, there were two rivers flowing north and south, forming a natural defense against external attacks, or so Kenny-jii-san had said.

I, Kirie, the Teapot Hero, now set foot in this bustling metropolis, blending into the crowds discreetly.

(It's fortunate that there are no guards at the city gates.)

To ensure smooth economic circulation, the gates were open to everyone. Additionally, it's also to demonstrate the development of the royal capital to the surrounding vassal states, also according to Kenny-jii-san.

(Now then, first and foremost, I need to determine the exact location of Carion's mansion.)

Garale... was it? I could only vaguely recall his name, but I didn't think the information he provided was a lie. It wouldn't flow so from his mouth smoothly if it weren't true. However, there was still a possibility of it being a lie, so I needed to verify it. I set off towards the residential district in the north.

The royal capital was dizzyingly vast. The ground was paved with stones, creating wide roads where carriages pass by as if it were a common sight. The buildings was mostly two or three stories high, and along the streets, there were shops, theaters, and inns.

(However, the people in the city don't seem very lively.)

Everyone looked tired. Also, there seemed to be fewer men and youth around. They were probably being sent off to war that everyone was tired of.

(Why does the king desire territories to such an extent? I can't understand it at all.)

Sacrificing lives, spending money, resources, and time, and accumulating a lot of resentment from the surrounding vassal nations. I often heard that they still held grudges.

(...Oh, I can't afford to walk absentmindedly.)

If I walked while lost in thought, I'd bump into someone in no time. I needed to look ahead and walk briskly, aiming for the northern part of the royal capital where the mansion was located.


Finally, I arrived. It took me quite a while. The royal capital was just too vast. As per that man’s description, I found Carion's mansion—the Stux Residence. It was written on the large signboard, so there's no mistaking it. There were guards in front of the gate, and I could only catch a glimpse of what’s inside as I passed by.

(...As I thought, there are guards. It seems impossible to enter from the front.)

I quietly peeked toward the gate from a corner of the tall fence. Two soldiers were standing on either side of the gate, making it impossible to enter. Besides, how can a mere village girl like me infiltrate a mansion? Although I grew a bit stronger by absorbing the lives of six people, it's not enough.

(Especially that squad leader. After I killed him, I felt so light.)

He was strong... that... person, but I couldn’t remember his name anymore.

The more powerful the opponent, the more the Hero's blessing enhances my abilities.

(Now, I might be able to win in an arm wrestling match against a man.)

Though I might lose against a muscular man. That's roughly my current strength. I didn't have the confidence to take on two soldiers.

"Um, miss over there?"

Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder. When I turned around, it was a well-dressed lady. Uh-oh, did she discover me!?


Just as I was about to turn around, my mouth was covered. She had quite impressive hand skills.

"Quietly. You're Kyrie Minaret, the Hero."

"Mmm, mmmph."

"I said to be quiet. I'm not your enemy. Okay, I'll let go now."

After the warning, she finally released her hand from my mouth.

"Phew, um, who are you?"

"Being in a place like that, peeping around like that, it's like advertising yourself as a suspicious person! Do you want to get caught!?"

"...I'm sorry."


She suddenly got angry at me—this lady with cream-colored wavy hair tied up at the back of her head. It's quite suspicious that she knew about me. I couldn't trust her easily, but...

"...Um, who are you? And how do you know about me?"

"Well, I'm Joanna. I have some business with that mansion."

"Business, huh?"

"And I know about you thanks to Kenny-san from your village. Before he was killed, he sent a homing pigeon to us, his comrades."

"Kenny-jii-san's... comrades?"

She's Kenny-jii-san's comrade, not an enemy, and she had business with that mansion. As far as possibilities go...

"...Are you part of the Resistance against the regime?"

"Oh, spot-on. You're sharper than I expected."

"That's rude."

...Well, even if she said that. I didn't think I would have come up with that on my own. It's because Kenny-jii-san mentioned it. He said there were people like that in this country. ...I see, Kenny-jii-san was one of them, too.

"Well then, Kyrie-san. Our goals align. Although I can't trust you completely, shall we form a temporary alliance?"

"...I don't see the benefit. Why would anyone like you cooperate with someone like me?"

"Because you're the Hero."


I didn't understand at all. What did it matter that I'm the Hero? I could only boil water.

"Our ultimate goal is to overthrow the king. At that time, we need a righteous cause and a banner for ourselves."

"...In other words?"

"If we embrace you, it will be to our advantage. If the Hero destroys the royal family, they will be seen as the villains, and the people will accept it."

"Ahh, I see. You're quite cunning."

That's important, right? Even if we defeat the king, without legitimacy, we won't gain support and it will fall apart.

"...Alright. But I still can't fully trust you. Will you really help me in killing Carion?"

"Yes, of course. In that regard, our interests align."

I was not in a mental state to trust someone. I didn't have the intention of making friends and getting along.

But this situation could be used to my advantage. After all, the chances of success in seeking revenge were much higher with the help of others than by myself.

"...Alright, I'll lend you my hand. But in return, you also have to lend me yours."

"Deal! Huh? And you, try to smile a bit. You're too unfriendly."

...Even if you say that, I can't smile.

Not until I kill Brutogyu, I'm sure.


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