I crammed in the sword into the man’s mouth as he screamed “save me”. 

“Save me”? You killed off my family, my best friend, the whole village in cold blood. Stop bullshitting me. 


“Shut up. Just die.”

I just kept pushing the sword in, as deep as it went. 

As if something had just been torn off, he fell silent. 

I probably cut off something pretty vital there, huh? 

As I pulled out the sword, deep red blood came rushing out of his mouth, dyeing the white snow all red. 

“….Need to dispose of the remaining three as well.”

Strangely enough, I didn’t feel a thing while doing that. 

I do not feel any guilt at all. 

It was as if I was killing off vermins. 

I went and stabbed the other three as well like it’s nothing while they struggled to escape.

It’s kill or be killed. 

Besides, you reap what you sow. 


Having killed off the last one, I had this uncomfortable feeling. 

“There’s one missing…?”

If I am not wrong, there were 5 pursuers. 

Was it Garela, that lieutenant? 

That one’s missing. 

“…..oi, oi, what’s this?”

I heard a voice from above the slope. 

And as I looked up, that Garela lieutenant was standing there. 

“The plan was to make a pincer attack but… why the hell are they all dead?”

“Who knows? Maybe because your subordinates are weaklings or maybe because I am the great hero?”

“Heh, what a cruel joke. I will be getting a good scolding at this rate. Damn it!”

While cursing his luck, he drew the blade on his waist. 

It was a double-edge one. What do you call them again? The knight’s sword, or something, a bit longer than your average one-handed sword. 

“I sure drew the short end of the stick, huh? Well, it’ll all be fine if I just get rid of you. So just lay down and die.”

He finished saying and leaped down from the slope. 

This is bad, I might have gotten a bit ahead of myself. 

I ended up provoking him confidently but there’s no way I win in a head-on fight. 

That guy is definitely strong. 

I need to find similar terrain and trap him. 

To run back into the forest, I made a quick U-turn. 

I started running, with my back towards the opponent. 

“As if I will let you!”

With his tone sounding annoyed at this point, he swung his sword horizontally. 

What are you doing? You’re quite a distance away. 

Or so I thought for a brief moment. 

I spotted a transparent blade coming for my ankle. 

“Wh-what is this?!”

I somehow dodged it by leaping upwards but the landing broke my stance. 

I tried bracing my legs to not fall down but of course, while doing all these, I wasn’t really covering any distance. 

“Oho? You aren’t so bad with your feet, are you?”

I ended up letting him get right behind me. 


He swung his sword down towards me.

I stooped down to dodge it and then jumped back to create some distance between us. 


“I see, the hero’s blessing, eh? That thing where you keep getting stronger the more you kill, eh? Including Dennil, you killed 5 people after all. However, you’re still no match for me.”

Unfortunately, it’s exactly as he said, I couldn’t find any space to strike him.

It was taking my all just to evade his attack.

As I thought, I can’t fight. I need to escape again–

“I told you that I won’t be letting you run, didn’t I?”

Garela came right in front of me as I tried to escape. 

This guy, if he’s this fast…!

“‘Why did he not try to catch me seriously before then’–it’s written on your face.”

His diagonal swing grazed my left arm. 

I felt as if my upper arm was burning as something hot came flowing out. 


“It’s simple, I am just very kind.”

It hurts — I was cut. 

What part of this is being kind? 

“If I were to take care of it all by myself, my subordinates won’t get any credit now, will they? They might think I am some annoying boss or something. I want them to earn some points, that’s my kindness.”

He thrusted his sword, aiming for my leg. 

I tried dodging it but failed. It cut right into my thighs. 

It hurts. 

“But well, while it’s pathetic, they all ended up dying. I don’t have to hold back for anyone now, do I?”

Garela’s knight sword had this hazy transparent thing around it. 

It’s probably the same thing as the one he sent out earlier. 

He sent it out again, this time from the upper-left. 

It’s fast but I could barely dodge it…… or so I thought. 


It cut deep into my left upper arm. 

Why? I dodged it just now. 

It hurts–it hurts so bad, I feel like crying.

“What, is–that! From before……!”

“‘Renki’, haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s fine if you haven’t. No use giving a lecture to someone who’s about to die.”

And so he went on to thrust his sword continuously without mercy. 

This is no good, I can’t dodge — my body hurts all over. 

The best I can do is avoid letting him hit any vital spot. 



The point of the sword stabbed through my shoulder. 

It pierced and went out the other side. 

Can I even raise my left arm anymore? 

No, more importantly, can I live through this? 

It’s impossible, but I will struggle till the very end. 

“Now then, looks like that’s checkmate, hero-sama.”

“Dammit, dammit………”

He grabbed my throat and held me down. 

I could only move my right arm. 

“Let, go…… you piece of…… shit……!”

“Oho? Good of you to be so energetic. Your spirit is still not broken, eh?”

He grinned. 

I’ve gotta think of something to get out of this……!

(That’s right, my right arm!)

I can kill him if I just stab him with the sword in my right hand. 

I couldn’t do it before as he didn’t have give any opportunity for it but now–


I tried moving my right arm to point the tip of the sword to his back, but–

“Whoa there, you think I’d let you?”

He easily grabbed my wrist and knocked off the sword. 

Losing my weapon, I have finally exhausted all my options. 

“Hmm, it would be great to keep teasing you till your spirit breaks but I need to go back quick or I’ll get scolded, you see.”

Handling a sword at point-blank range would be tough so he took out a dagger from his waist pocket and pushed it against my neck. 

“Please die for our country, o’great Hero!”

As if I will let myself be killed. 

I tried moving my right hand to grab a hold of the bastard’s neck to stop him. 

But even then, he had more strength. 

The cold dagger slowly dug into my neck. 

(No, no, I don’t wanna die at a place like this……!)

Being made the hero all of a sudden and given this weird ability. 

On top of all that, being killed off after the kingdom takes everything from me. 

What is this…?

How will a stupid boiling ability be of use at a time like this? 

Come on, be of use!

“Now then, just a little more……”




Garela, who was elated with his victory, was dumbfounded as he looked at his hand. 

After being stiff for a moment–


He suddenly gave off a pathetic shriek. 

What’s with this guy, did he just go crazy all of a sudden?

…………No, that’s not it… his wrist. 

My wrist, which was gripping his wrist, was getting hot. 

“Wh-what did you do, what the hell did you dooooo?!!”

And giving off a sound as if something had just exploded, Garela dropped his dagger and fell on his back. 

I don’t quite understand the situation properly but I was free. 

“Wh-what is this?! What the fuck is going on?!!!”

Garela’s wrist was giving off steam as it was boiling hot. 

His blood, his sweat, all of the fluid inside his flesh–they were all boiling. His skin expanded before rupturing as if the surface was boiling. It burst off, splattering blood all over.

“…..Ah, I see. Sweat or tear or even blood…”

Now that I think of it, it all comes from within the body, huh? 

Does this mean that a human has quite a  lot of fluids stocked up inside their body? 

“In other words, humans are just sacks of fluid.”

Oh, what, it was this simple? 

I can just grab their head and make it boiling hot. 

With just that, this worthless ability found its value as a murderous weapon.

Translator: Tsugane