The soldier was escorted away, but Dongfang Qingyu didn't take this matter to heart, and took his sister-in-law Wu Baoer into the passage to kill the red flame green gold mud pill ants.

"Brother-in-law, how strong is that person?" Wu Baoer was still thinking about the soldier.

"Very strong." Dongfang Herring said, it seemed that he was able to subdue the opponent easily, and the soldier knelt down with just one look. In fact, it was suppressed by official positions. If it was hard power, there would be a fierce battle between the two fighting.

"I don't think I've seen this person before." Wu Baoer said, a person who can be considered strong by her brother-in-law should be well-known in Yanhuang, such as Sad Swordsman, Seven Swords Down Tianshan, and finally feel shallow on paper, etc.

The soldier is tall and tall, and this kind of person is highly recognizable. Once he appears, it is impossible not to be famous, but she has never heard of it. She is not very old, but she often studies the masters and well-known players in Yanhuang territory, and she basically has an impression in her mind.

"I haven't seen it before, but it doesn't matter. If it is an enemy, we will meet again in the future." Dongfang Herring said.

"After entering the prison, can I still come out?" Wu Bao'er was taken aback.

"He can become an official of the imperial court, or a civil servant, which shows that the power behind him is not small. It is not difficult to use a little energy to fish out a person from the sky prison." Dongfang Herring said.

"But the place where he is being held now is "Xuanwu City"." Wu Baoer said.

"Always give people a chance, otherwise, how will the people behind the scenes show up?" Dongfang Herring said with a smile.

"So that's how it is!" Wu Bao'er understood, no wonder her brother-in-law didn't stare at her.

"After I go back, I'll think about it and see what kind of official position I can get for you." Dongfang Herring said.

"Is it possible?" Wu Baoer asked in surprise.

"It's hard to say now, let me go back and study it." Dongfang Herring said, the suppression of official positions is too domineering, and there is a natural barrier between ordinary people and officials. People without official positions have almost no power to fight back when they encounter officials, especially high-ranking officials. I don't want Bao'er to encounter such a thing in the future.

There are very few officials in Yanhuang territory, and there are even fewer civil servants, but if they are few, they are there after all, and there is a high possibility that they are enemies.

Bao'er is his sister-in-law, and he doesn't want to see her being wronged.

"Thank you brother-in-law!" In Wu Baoer's heart, what her brother-in-law said, she will definitely do.

After mastering the law of the red flame green gold mud pill, the sound of ants hitting east and west, today the search for ant eggs went smoothly. In less than an hour, nearly 50,000 ant eggs have been found and beaten. If they are sold, 25 million yuan will be in hand.


"Xuanwu City Group" and "Fort of Ten Thousand Immortals" reconciled, all kinds of materials and materials flowed into "Made in Greenwood" continuously, employees worked overtime day and night, the number of grenades increased, and Wu Baoer didn't take it into account when using it, throwing two or even three at a time , anyway, the channel is blown up, and there are only benefits and no harm to them.

Moreover, the amazing thing is that the explosion of the grenade will cause damage to the red flame green gold mud pill ants hiding behind the soil, but will not cause damage to the ant eggs.

Dongfang Herring didn't fight recklessly with the Chiyan Green Gold Mud Pill Ant, they all used the ant medicine to open the way. He didn't lack the money to buy the medicine, so there was an easy way, so there was no need to hide it.

Three hours later, an accident happened. Dongfang Herring moved towards the passage without the red flame green golden mud pill ants, or the passage with a small number of ants, but could not find the ant eggs.

"Did you go in the wrong direction?" This was Wu Bao'er's first reaction. After all, people are underground, and there may be ant eggs in all directions except for those walking behind them.

"It should be that the red flame green golden mud pill ant has changed its strategy." Dongfang Herring didn't think so. Based on the previous experience, the red flame green golden mud pill ant has a high probability of changing its strategy.

He rushed towards the passageway with the largest number. After a fierce battle, he and Wu Baoer were fine, but two pangolins were killed. Wu Baoer rushed up and dug out more than 10,000 ant eggs in a pile of dirt.

The ant eggs are mixed with the soil. Although one is dark brown and the other is white, it is easy to distinguish, but because the ant eggs are too small, it is still very difficult to pick them up. However, Wu Bao'er didn't find it hard, she enjoyed it.

"Brother-in-law, the red flame green gold mud pill ant is really cunning." After picking up the last ant egg, Wu Bao'er raised his head, with a few grains of dirt on his face.

"That's right, so we need to be more careful when dealing with them." Dongfang Herring said.

"Our textbooks say that a colony of ants has a clear division of labor. There are soldier ants, worker ants, battle ants, guard ants, queen ants, etc. Why not the red flame green gold mud ball ants? There is only one type?" Wu Baoer asked.

"This..." Dongfang Herring paused for a moment, and vaguely felt that he had overlooked something. Ants are different from other species. Ants have a division of labor, because they are different types, each doing its own thing.

If the red flame green golden mud pill ant also follows this rule, it means that there are other types of red flame green golden mud pill ants hidden in the ground. The player did not find them, not because they are too weak, but because they hide too secretly.

"Maybe there is, but it didn't drill into the ground, and everyone doesn't know." Dongfang Herring felt that this problem must be resolved as soon as possible. Now that so many players enter the underground passage, if Wu Baoer's guess is true and a large number of different varieties of red flame green gold mud pill ants come out, the players will be out of luck.

"Brother-in-law, how deep can the red flame green gold mud pill ant drill deep?" Wu Baoer asked.

"This question stumps me, and I don't know." Dongfang Herring has never considered such a question. Wu Baoer, a student, thinks differently from adults.

There was an explosion, and in the light of the fire, sand splashed, and a large number of red flame green gold mud pill ants poured out. Wu Bao'er skillfully sprinkled the ant medicine, but this time, an accident happened.

After being infested with the green powder, the general red flame green golden mud pill ants slowed down and fell into a state of dementia, while the other part of the red flame green golden mud pill ants continued to move forward without stopping.

"Back!" Dongfang Herring narrowed his eyes, and quickly pointed out with his index finger.

"Five elements golden sword!"

"Five elements golden sword!"

"Five elements golden sword!"


The golden sword energy was very glaring in the dark passage, and the red flame green golden mud pill ant that was hit burst out a burst of sparks, turned over and fell to the ground, instantly killing it.

"Brother-in-law, these red flame green gold mud ants are different." Wu Bao'er retreated backwards, and shouted when he saw the red flame green gold mud pill ant was killed and landed on the soil.

These Red Flame Green Gold Mud Pill Ants chasing after them were a size larger, with big heads, well-developed upper jaws, sharp and hard, as if steel could be easily crushed.

Dongfang Herring saw the anomaly at the first glance, otherwise Wu Baoer would not have let Wu Baoer retreat first, Wu Baoer threw the ant medicine again, and the red flame green gold mud pill ant broke through the medicine powder and rushed over, which had no effect at all.

"Don't throw it away, this should be a soldier ant, with strong fighting power and resistance." Dongfang Herring didn't choose to fight resolutely with the red flame green gold mud ball ant soldier ant, but used the kite flying method. The number of soldier ants in the Yanlu Jinniwan Ant was not very large, so they retreated and stopped like this, and finally, it took half an hour to wipe out more than two hundred soldier ants. Dongfang Herring wanted to send a message to Guo Zhengfeng, but found that it couldn't be sent, maybe the distance was too far.

He packed up the corpses of the red flame green gold mud ball ant soldier ant, and quickly returned to the ground with Wu Bao'er.