This time, after everyone entered the bottom of the sea, they did not find any trace of the dragon.

It looks like the guy is avoiding them.

To be precise, it was hiding from the sword in Brother Eagle's hand.

Without the threat, Brother Eagle and Dai Lin led everyone to the place where the door was.

As soon as the button was pressed, the door opened immediately.

Without a moment's hesitation, everyone entered the door directly.

One second it was still on the dark seabed, and the next moment, the dazzling sunlight shone straight on everyone.

Although everyone's cultivation base would not really be hurt by this level of light, they all habitually closed their eyes.

When they opened their eyes again, they realized that they were in a desert.

The yellow sand in front of them filled the sky, and a gust of wind blew, and the sand mixed in the wind almost smeared their faces.

The great contrast between this and the environment just now made everyone a little confused.

"Why, why did you go to the desert all of a sudden? This is too outrageous, shouldn't it be an illusion again?" Brother Eagle said.

"No, this is not an illusion." Xiaocao replied with certainty.

"Isn't it a fantasy? How is this possible? We are in the mountains, or underground. It doesn't matter if there are seas and forests, why are there even deserts now?" Brother Eagle said, crouching down and grabbing the sand.

Probably because of being exposed to the sun for a long time, the temperature of these sands is extremely high, and it is even a little hot to hold in your hands.

"That door should be some kind of teleportation formation that can instantly teleport us to another place." Xiaocao said, "Although I don't know where it is, I'm sure that this is definitely not a fantasy but a real existence. of."

Although her cultivation base is damaged, she can even tell whether it is an illusion or not.

Teleportation Array?

Her answer immediately solved the doubts that everyone had been having for so long.

No wonder they were able to suddenly enter the forest from the dark room at the bottom of the mountain.


"This shouldn't be a teleportation array, that's not what the teleportation array is like." Ji Feng said.

Everyone has heard of the teleportation array before, but it is extremely difficult to draw such a large-scale array, and it takes a lot of spiritual power to open it every time.

And usually, when this type of formation is activated, those who are in the formation will be affected to a certain extent.

After all, this is equivalent to directly moving people from one place to another instantly, so when using the teleportation array, you usually feel dizzy and the like.

But when they pushed open these doors, they didn't feel much.

What's more, even the teleportation array requires a certain amount of time, but these doors are not used.

One second they opened the door and walked in, and the next second they were in another place when their whole body stepped inside the door.

All the signs together showed that this could not be a teleportation array, so they never thought about it before.

"In addition to the teleportation array, what else can teleport us elsewhere?" Xiaocao asked rhetorically.

"Do you know who created these doors? Is it the Lan family?" Ji Feng asked suddenly.

He moved from one topic to another at once, making Xiaocao dizzy, but he answered honestly: "It's not the Lan family, who created it..."

Thinking of this, her head started to hurt again.

Intuition told her that she knew the answer to this question, but she just couldn't remember it.

Xiaocao unconsciously stretched out her hand and covered her head, trying her best to recall the memory of this, and everyone looked at her silently.

After a while, she said with difficulty: "It seems that... God... God made these doors..."


"Hahahaha! Stop kidding, there is still a **** in this ghost place?" Brother Eagle immediately began to laugh wildly.

Xiaocao doesn't know, but he knows it very well. This is the underground world. Although there are many people with cultivation, the overall strength of the people here is completely incomparable to the above.

After all, many things here do not exist, they are just illusions.

It is outrageous to have spirits and monsters. How could there be gods in such a place?

"It's really a god... If you don't believe it, forget it." Xiaocao said with a frown.

"What kind of god? Was it made by a spirit like you?" Ouyang Yu was a little curious.

"No, it's a god. It's a real god, not someone who has improved and cultivated." Xiaocao said firmly.

"Okay okay, even if there is a god, what is the purpose of the **** in your mouth to create these doors?" Dai Lin said in a tone of coaxing a child.

Xiaocao thought back for a long time, and then said uncertainly: "I don't seems like...the tests set up by God for us. As long as we pass these tests, we will be able to penetrate the secrets of this world and ascend to the sky."

Crowd: …

"Then why are you in these tests? What are you doing? Are you an examiner appointed by God?" Brother Eagle couldn't help laughing again.

"No, I was... punished... I don't know..." Xiaocao said intermittently.

Her expression was very painful, her hands were holding her head tightly, and her whole body had unknowingly curled up on the ground.

I don't know why, since she lifted the door just now, she had a splitting headache, the pain, as if something kept stirring in her mind.

"Don't embarrass her, her condition looks very wrong." Ouyang Yu said.

After she finished speaking, she stepped forward and patted Xiaocao's head, then let her turn into a leaf again, and lay down in her pocket to rest.

What Xiaocao said just now was naturally ignored by everyone. After all, what she said was too nonsense.

And what she said was chaotic and illogical. If it wasn't for her appearance, they would almost suspect that the girl was deliberately making up lies to deceive them.

As for the **** in her mouth, it is probably some very powerful power.

"God or not, it doesn't matter to us. It's the right way to quickly find the token and get out of this ghost place." Dai Lin shrugged.

They walked in the desert for a while, and the desert in front of them seemed to never end, and it was difficult to tell the direction here.

In addition to stones, there are no green plants around, and there is no water source.

After walking for a few hours, everyone's mouth was dry.

Although they had enough stuff on them to keep them from running out of water, it was hopeless to find nothing.

"Where is the door in the desert? Could it be under the sand? How can I find it?" Brother Eagle poured half a bottle of water on his stomach and moaned with a wiping mouth.

"It shouldn't be, or do we want us to dig out all the places to check in turn?" Dai Lin shuddered at the thought of that.