"Smelly girl, you know Lin Xuan very well!"

At this time, the angry "Lin Xuan", several times rushed to empty, it is unbearable, sternly scolded.

"You're right. I'm not Lin Xuan, but I think Lin Xuan is always nosy. He hasn't hurt you for a long time, has he?"

"Why don't I help him today and hurt you?"

Between the words, he rushed to Qin's poems again and again.

Qin Shishi dodged in a hurry, and she was completely stupid.

I didn't expect such a thing to happen at such a critical moment.

Because Lin Xuan had already gone to the imperial Crystal Palace to attend the business alliance meeting, he was not at Qin Shishi's side at all.

Now the man who plays Lin Xuan is more and more disgusting to Qin Shi.

His every move, completely even the slightest bit of Lin Xuan can't compare.

Now, this man, even more exasperated, intends to commit violence against Qin Shishi.

This made Qin Shi feel extremely scared.

She dodged and said: "you'd better not mess around. If Lin Xuan comes back, you should know how serious the consequences are."

Don't mention Lin Xuan is OK, it seems, a mention of Lin Xuan, this person is crazy.

"Ha ha, Lin Xuan, who is he? I warn you for the last time, you'd better follow me, otherwise, I'll let you mother and son die

The man said and looked at the twins in the cradle.

"Ah? You What do you want to do? " Without waiting for Qin Shishi to respond, she hesitated and thought of something, "no, you Are you Lin Yu? "

Who knows, that person is very arrogant tunnel: "yes, Laozi is Lin Yu!"

It goes without saying that this person, of course, is Lin Yu who turns his appearance into Lin Xuan.

According to the order of Taoist Qingming, taking advantage of today's day in the imperial Crystal Palace, he ordered Lin Yu to come to Yunwu Mountain Villa and threaten Qin Shishi and their children.

In other words, he accepted the death order of Taoist Qingming.

We have to kill Qin's poems and the twins today.

In this way, Lin Xuan can be completely destroyed.

But when Lin Yu faced Qin Shi, he looked at her plump figure and graceful appearance, even though she was pregnant and had a baby.

Not only did not reduce the beauty of Qin poetry, on the contrary, it increased the charm of Qin poetry.

As if her body radiated a unique magic, deeply attracted Lin Yu.

Lin Yu thought, in the face of such a pretty girl as Qin Shishi, if she doesn't make any mark, she will be killed directly.

It's just outrageous.

Therefore, he planned to make the last use of the resources. While Qin Shishi was alone at home and there was no one, he took advantage of it to satisfy his desire.

Who ever thought that Lin Yu had lost patience when Qin Shishi tried to dodge.

He looked at the babies, stepped forward and grabbed one of them. "Tut tut Tut, Qin Shishi, do you want to listen to me, or do you want me to crush your baby to death?"

"Ah? This This Please, what's the matter? Come to me and don't hurt my children. " Qin Shishi was so shocked that she burst into tears. She looked sad and panicked.

Lin Yu laughs with pride, points to the sofa beside him, and orders Qin Shishi harshly: "roll over and lie on the sofa!"

A command is an order.

As far as Qin's poetry is concerned, it is related to the safety of her children, so she dare not disobey orders.

So, she quickly raised her hand and begged to Lin Yu: "well, well, you've been messed up, I'll come according to your requirements."

Lin Yu is more arrogant, as if at this moment, really understand, what is called the lifeblood of others in their own hands.

Qin Shishi went to the sofa, squatted down and lay down on the sofa.

Lin Yu swallowed his saliva. Looking at the appearance of Qin's poems, he was salivating, and seemed to hold the lifeblood of Qin's poems.

"Take off your clothes and trousers!"

Lin Yu continues to command a way.


Qin Shishi's eyes widened, showing a more surprised expression, "that, no, no!"

Lin Yu looked at the child in the cradle fiercely again. Suddenly, the sharp sword's eyes shot at Qin Shishi and cheered: "can't you? I don't think you want your child to live, do you

Helpless, Qin Shishi shed tears of grievance. She was so anxious that she prayed secretly that if Lin Xuan didn't go to the trade union, or he had gone back.

How nice!

If Lin Xuan was present, he would never let Lin Yu be so arrogant. He would dare to take the child as a threat.

"Ah? No, no, I I'll take it off

How can Qin Shishi endure the devastation of her children? She endured the tears of grievance and raised her hand to untie the button of silk pajamas slowly.Lin Yu's eyes were bigger than the mouth of the cup.

As Qin Shishi untied a button, his snow-white clothes appeared.


"Stop it

When Qin Shishi untied the second button, it was a gloomy voice.

A figure appeared at the door.

That face was full of cold killing intention, and the burning anger was chilling.

"Ah? Lin Xuan

Qin Shi's eyes were filled with tears.

Because standing at the door, it's not others, it's Lin Xuan!

When Lin Xuan stood at the door for a second, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, I'm good at drag racing.

Originally, it took about half an hour to drive from the imperial Crystal Palace.

However, because Lin Xuan was worried about the safety of Qin Shishi, he raced back to his home in almost ten minutes.

As soon as he entered the house, he was threatened and wanted to let Qin Shishi undress.

fly as like as two peas. He looks at the person who looks almost the same as himself.

"Lin Yu?"

He has heard from Taoist Qingming in the imperial Crystal Palace. In Yunwu Mountain and hillside villa, the so-called alternative of Taoist Qingming is Lin Yu.

Completely without waiting for Lin Yu to respond, Lin Xuan's speed is already lightning fast, jumping to Lin Yu's front.

Lin Xuan's face is slightly heavy. When he grabs Lin Yu, Lin Yu slips from under Lin Xuan's hand like a loach.

Now, Lin Xuan was shocked.

A period of time no see, Lin Yu unexpectedly had a cultivation?

However, from Lin Xuan's perception, we already know that this kind of power is evil Qi!


Lin Xuan's face is slightly heavy. When he grabs Lin Yu, Lin Yu slips from under Lin Xuan's hand like a loach.

Now, Lin Xuan was shocked.

A period of time no see, Lin Yu unexpectedly had a cultivation?

However, from Lin Xuan's perception, we already know that this kind of power is evil Qi!

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