“You crossed the line this time, Kiana. you are no longer a child, you have to know what is right and what is wrong.”

In fact, it was just discipline. It would have been more neglectful to pretend not to know that.

And then I had a sudden realization. That I’m broken.

If I continue to suffer due to the things I don’t have while living in the Duke Prelai’s mansion, I’ll just continue to be unhappy.

Even doing such a gross and useless thing. Changing the color of Melissa’s eyes doesn’t change anything… 

“Be self-conscious and reflect on yourself.”

“Grandpa, then… ”

My grandfather told me to ‘”be self-conscious “, so I answered calmly.

“While reflecting on it, please send me to the academy of the Principality of Liloni. I want to go away and self-reflect.”

I mentioned the academy of the Principality of Lilonibecause I had heard that it was famous for magical engineering.

At first, I started to study magic engineering on my own to annoy Melissa, but it was fun to study. It seemed like it would be nice to go far away.

So I decided not to use that magic tool on Melissa and to bury it forever. And leaving the empire, I putted the magic tool in my pocket and played with it all the way to the academy.

It seems useless now, but it was a waste to dispose of it immediately. After all, it was a successful work that I clung to throughout my childhood.

When I continued heading west toward the Principality of Liloni. I was running through a fairly secluded forest, due to it being a shortcut.

“Stop for a moment.”

With a calm face, I suddenly ordered the coachman.

It made me want to go to the bathroom. Of course, there was no toilet in the deep forest.

“Wait a minute.”


And everyone reacted casually. This was a normal routine during the trip.

“Don’t go too far, and shout if anything happens.”


Leaving the escorts behind, I walked into the bush.

They told me not to go far, but I was still shy, so I took one step further.

I wasn’t a great person that anyone would deliberately target, and this forest itself was not a place that anyone would be.

So it was when I went quite far alone with a loose feeling. Suddenly, a low voice was heard from nearby bushes.

“Do not come.”

I struggled to swallow my screams and took a step back.

tl/n: why do i  feel like that this is the crown prince..

I was so surprised, I held onto the hem of the skirt embroidered with a checkered pattern of gold thread, I caught my breath, and barely asked.

“What, what is it?”

A boy about my age was crouched, gasping in pain. With the hood pulled over, not a single strand of his hair was visible.

I was startled as if I was about to pass out. However, I soon regained my composure, swallowed a dry spit, and asked calmly. 

“Don’t come? Is that what you just said?”

Even in the midst of that, I kept all culture and courtesy. Judging by the hood he wore, it was quite of high quality, so he used a respectful tone.

Anyway, at my question, the boy took a deep breath and he spoke lowly.

“… Yes, you better not get entangled with me.”

The boy’s voice was even hoarse. He added again in a cracked voice.

“Just go pass me, hurry you didn’t see anything, okay?”

Hmm. Seeing him for the first time makes me feel too comfortable.

Then I had to show the same level of intimacy.

“No, why do you care about my situation?”

“… ”

The boy seemed to be taken aback for a moment, but immediately continued.

“Listen to me.”

It was a very firm tone.

“I will get better over time, and you may regret it greatly after snooping around due to vain sympathy.”

The boy even desperately covered his face.


Whatever it was, I just readily agreed. To be honest, I couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable with my soft and kind heart, but I had to respect him for being like that.

“Goodbye then.”

Without hesitation, I turned around and strode away.

The boy seemed to mutter, ‘……that was too fast,’ but it just went in one ear and left in the other.

That was when it went quite far.

I suddenly remembered something, so I turned around and went to the boy’s side.

The boy sensed my presence and reacted sharply.

“Why did you come.”

There was a hint of delight in his high-pitched voice.

“I told you not to get entangled and go, so why the hell…”

“Even if you don’t say anything, I’ll just leave on my own.”

I cut him off right away.

“By the way.”

And quietly asked.

“There is one thing I was about to throw away, should I give it to you?”


“It’s a very rare magic tool.”

There was a magic tool in my pocket that I had been  playing with all along. It was difficult to deal with anyway.

“It can change the color of my eyes, but I have no use for it. If you need money, go somewhere and secretly sell it. Because there is only one in this world.”

After I finished speaking, I rolled the magic tool back to the boy.

“… What? Really?”

The boy’s breathing became slightly rougher, and he suddenly asked in a serious voice.

“Where did you get this?”

“Someone I know made it, that person is no longer in the world.”

It wasn’t entirely wrong. After feeling despondent once, I’m definitely different from before.

I won’t be obsessed with what I see anymore, I’m just going to live freely doing what I want to do in a new place.

I spoke calmly.

“Only you and I know that such a thing exists. So, you can use it when you go somewhere to cheat.”

“… ”

“You can activate it by feeding it with the user’s blood, and then apply it to your eyes for about an hour while thinking about the color you want. It’s disposable, so you can’t use it twice. But it will hurt a lot. Maybe it’s enough to burn your eyes? Still, you have to persevere.”

To be honest, the way to use it was so painful that it seemed difficult to commercialize it.

The boy hesitated at my words and asked.

“Why are you doing me this favor?”

“That’s it, of course, to put my mind at ease.”

I answered right away.

“It wouldn’t be nice to leave you here alone. But I don’t have the personality to force you to go anywhere.”

“Well… ”

“So I’m trying to relieve the burden on my heart by giving you something I have, which is very valuable but unnecessary.”

“… You are honest.”

“It is reasonable.”

He smiled, even though he seemed to be in a lot of pain. And it didn’t seem like he was really hurt enough to die if he packed the magic tools and put it in his pocket right away.

“Surprisingly… It’s a magic tool that’s like a miracle to me, thanks.”

“I hope you can sell it to a back alley where the purchase record is not tracked.  Getting overworked is a no-no.”

“You will never be overworked, I promise.”

The boy spoke slowly and hoarsely.

I quietly looked at the back of the boy surrounded by the hood.

It was a strange thing. There was no part of the body that could be seen properly, but the boy’s classy accent and clear pronunciation were strangely trustworthy.

“… How did this happen?”

“I was betrayed. That’s all.”

“Oh my god… ”

“Since I survived, I can take revenge. Don’t worry too much.”

I was so moved by the thoughtful response that I poured out my honest heart.

“Yes, actually, I wasn’t too worried about anything since the beginning.”

“… ”

I shrugged once and slowly turned around. And the boy behind me asked again.

“Don’t say you met me anywhere. It’s for you.”

In fact, there was no one to speak to.

Maybe for my sake, he didn’t even look at my face and didn’t even ask about my identity. He seemed to be controlling himself.

“That is your case. If you have a favor, never die.”

I said bluntly.

“If you die, how embarrassed I will be for turning around so immediately.”

And now, as I was really about to go, the boy whispered.

“Imperial capital PO Box 1135.”

“… Uh?”

“After a great deal of time has passed, secretly write down a letter there. It’s dangerous, so you’d better make a secret mailbox. When I can completely hide myself, I’ll tell you if I’m alive or dead. Wouldn’t that make you uncomfortable?”

“Well. In fact, I didn’t even do that much… It’s kind of annoying to create a secret mailbox to find out about your life and death, but I’ll think about it anyway.”

“Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Just don’t tell anyone about today. Even to those closest to you.”

The boy warned in a firm voice.

“I am really speaking for you. You can’t get caught.”

“You already told me.”

To be honest, I had no room to worry because I had no one close to me.

The boy asked urgently.

“P.O. Box number…can’t you at least memorize it?”

“It’s an easy number to memorize, so it’s okay.”

“Is 1135 easy to memorize?”

“uh. It’s 1+1+3=5.”

“… ”

And at the end of that conversation, I really turned around and disappeared to the other way. To be honest, it was because I was in too much of a hurry.