“……ugh, I don’t want to believe it but it seems to be true huh.”

Valentina squeezed her voice out, her expression looked extremely frustrated. Since they are whispering to each other, it must have seemed like they are on good terms with her.

“Ah, one more thing……..it’s no use clinging to some stupid hope that Master’s body is still untainted okay?”


Valentina’s eyes balked while Kisei choked on his saliva. Diaroze just dropped a bomb. Not only that, but she also proceeds to lewdly stroke Kisei’s body with an obscene smile on her face. Valentina audibly gulped.

“It’s only natural, right? When a young woman and a man fall in love that should be a given.”

“Weren’t they calling you a late bloomer…….!”

As expected, even Diaroze was affected by that remark and she considered retaliating with her whip for a moment but the fact still stands that Valentina has a gun. Carelessly putting up resistance here would be useless. She holds down her anger and continues taunting her younger sister with a relaxed expression. In a sense, this is her forte.

“Man, it was real wonderful you know. Playing with his pure and beautiful body I mean. Ahh, when his white skin blushed red and his tender limbs in my arms……..”

“A, Ahhhh…….”

Valentina let out a strange moan as though she just imagined it happening right in front of her eyes. She was blushing and her body started to tremble. Her current attitude looks like that of Diaroze when she’s waiting in anticipation for a punishment.

As he has nothing to do but act as a prop for Diaroze, Kisei can’t help but think that these two really are sisters. He has no choice but to let his mind roam free as he might get aroused by all Diaroze’s caresses otherwise.

“Do you know? Terran men have stronger sexual desire than Vuld. Master is no exception. As cute as he is, he can turn into a beast you know. I really love it when he looks like he desires nothing but my body.”

Diaroze’s provocation was loud and clear. She normally spoke in a way that left herself open for verbal abuse but she’s the type that can switch things around too. On the other hand, Kisei wanted to defend himself but he couldn’t afford to interfere with Diaroze’s plan. All he can do is stay silent.

“N, No…..it’s a lie…….My Love would never…….”

“It’s all true. If you think I’m lying then I don’t mind demonstrating our love in front of you though? How about it? Hmm?”

Diaroze pulled Kisei close and performed an exaggerated gesture. Her fingers trace the zipper of her pilot suit.


As expected, Kisei objected that but Diaroze’s lips forcibly blocked his before he could finish his protest.

Seeing that, Valentina made a hoarse voice.

“S, Stop……!”

“Stop? You want us to stop? Kuku.”

At Valentina’s flustered protest, Diaroze parted her lips from Kisei and shrugged.

“How about you look at your face in the mirror first? Is that the face of someone who truly wants me to stop!?”

“W, What!?”

Diaroze’s words must have been too unexpected for Valentina as she hurriedly pulled out a hand mirror from her waist pouch.

The face reflected in the mirror was……so loosened like a dog in heat. Her eyes are moist and her mouth is loose enough for her drool to spill. Valentina was so shocked that she almost fainted. If they have gravity right now, she would have collapsed to the floor.

“Why? How! Why…..why do I……”

Why do I look so excited? Valentina couldn’t finish her sentence. After all, she noticed the wet sensation coming from below.

She can no longer deceive herself.

“There’s a saying on Terra, Like Mother Like Daughter. Apparently, a pervert’s sister is also a pervert huh, Valentina.”

“Pervert!? Me…..!?”

Valentina muttered with a dumbfounded look. She wanted to shout that it isn’t true but her body wouldn’t allow it. Diaroze grins and lets her tongue run along Kisei’s neck. Hearing Kisei yelp made Valentina’s body grow hotter.

“I think it’s called NTR or something along that line. In short, you are the type that gets excited when you see a man you love being toyed with by another woman. Seriously, do you really think you have the right to lecture me now, hmm?”

NTR. A bolt of lightning struck Valentina’s mind when she heard that. Before her reason could deny it, her feelings have already accepted it as a fact. Certainly, she does feel bitterness as she looks at Kisei being embraced by Diaroze. However, at the same time, an overwhelmingly murky excitement continued to seep out no matter how much she tried to deny it.

“Put down your gun, Valentina. Or do you still think that someone who’s actually enjoying her beloved man being embraced by another woman can be an empress?”

Valentina couldn’t help but freeze at Diaroze’s words.

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