Chapter 332 - Chapter 332: 332 What’s the harm in not being able to stand up

Chapter 332: 332 What’s the harm in not being able to stand up

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After removing his clothes, under Su Qingyue’s gaze, Xiao Qinghe blushed so deeply that even his skin turned red.

Seeing her about to take off his pants, he grabbed the waist belt, not allowing her to untie it, but also not daring to refuse, ‘

She gently removed his hand and coaxed softly, “Be good.” This young man behaved as if she was going to force herself upon him. It really made her, who originally didn’t have such an intention, feel like she wanted to take advantage of him.

He blushed and let go of his hand.

Yuchuan noticed this, “Wife, are you going to perform acupuncture on Fourth


She nodded.

Yuchuan quickly said, “Fourth Brother, your wife is trying to help you, don’t dawdle.’

Xiao Qinghe didn’t want his wife to see his disabled legs, which had been crippled for four years and looked terrible. He was afraid she would be frightened.

He stared intently at his wife’s expression, afraid that she would despise his disability.

Even Xiao Yishan and Xiao Yuchuan were very tense, as they didn’t want their wife to look down on their Fourth Brother either.

Su Qingyue saw Fourth Brother’s worry and still took off his pants, leaving only his underpants on.

Overall, Fourth Brother was slender in build. His upper body was normal, but his legs had been crippled for four years, causing the muscles to wither significantly.

In modern times, her side business was that of a renowned traditional Chinese medicine doctor, so she was accustomed to seeing patients’ naked bodies. Naturally, she didn’t find Fourth Brother’s leg atrophy to be a problem, “The degree of atrophy is much better than I had imagined. Fourth Brother, you often massage your legs, don’t you?”

Affirmative tone.

Qinghe nodded, “A doctor in town had said that doing so could slow down the muscle atrophy on my legs.”

Seeing that his wife didn’t even blink and showed no change in expression, he could not discern any disdain in her eyes, which slightly eased his mind.

Yuchuan and Yishan were also relieved when they saw that his wife showed no particular reaction.

“Yes, you should regularly massage your legs whenever you have time.” Su Qingyue continued Fourth Brother’s words, then opened a pack of silver needles, “Fourth Brother, you have been off medicine for several days now, and the last medicine you took has mostly been excreted from your body. But the addiction to the medicine is difficult to quit, so not taking it will be even more painful than before. I will perform acupuncture on you every day, which can ease the pain, but it will still occur intermittently. I have already developed an acupuncture plan specifically for your condition. As long as you can endure the pain during the attacks, over time, you can quit the addiction and eventually recover.”

“That’s great!” Xiao Yuchuan said with relief, “Fourth Brother, you must hang in there!”

“Mmm.” After hearing this, Xiao Qinghe also nodded solemnly.

A slight sense of relief floated in Xiao Yishan’s deep eyes.

Yuchuan asked hopefully, “Wife, can Fourth Brother’s legs be healed?”

“Even I wish Fourth Brother could recover…” She sighed, “But there’s nothing I can do.”

The implication was that he would never be able to stand again in his life.

Yuchuan fell silent, “Wife, you are already very capable…”

Xiao Yishan promised, “Fourth Brother, Second Brother will take care of you for a lifetime.”

“And Third Brother.” Yuchuan looked at his suffering younger brother with pain and pity, “Third Brother will also take care of you for a lifetime.”

“It’s okay…” A faint smile hung on Xiao Qinghe’s lips, “You all don’t have to worry, I’m fine… really.” With such loving family members and a wife who didn’t abandon him, what was the harm in not being able to stand?

Su Qingyue knew that Fourth Brother was not feeling well. Perhaps he had already grown accustomed to it in these four years..