Chapter 138 - Chapter 138: 138 Don’t want my wife to leave

Chapter 138: 138 Don’t want my wife to leave

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But it was not just that.

Previously, when she was on missions, she liked to work alone. Although she had never learned to read lips, she knew the method. In her free time these days, she figured out the correct way to analyze how to speak with her lips, so she could see clearly.

Unfortunately, she was still a bit less talented than a genius. Sometimes she would miss things, but as long as she understood the basics, it was fine.

However, she woman’t ten anyone about her time-travening experiences.

Xiao Yuchuan saw his wife’s hand gesture, her fingers making a noise with a flick, and felt it was out of place in the present. “Wife… don’t speak so rudely. What do you mean by saying I have a bad mouth…” He grinned, “Look, not only is my mouth not rotten, but my teeth are also very white, right?”

She looked at his shiny, clean white teeth, and thought about her own teeth which had become a bit whiter compared to ten days ago, but still had a long way to go when compared to his.

It seemed she needed to find some herbs and make a medicinal mud toothpaste to whiten her teeth.

She subconsciously touched her face, thinking about the pus sores on it. Although her internal injuries had healed, the sores hadn’t improved at all. It was because of her physique, and she needed medicine to treat it.

Staying at someone else’s house meant imposing on them, so she planned to wait two days until her deafness was cured, settle down somewhere after leaving, and then think further.

She raised her head and looked at the sun. It was past noon.

The sun was still a little bit strong.

She had been in this house for a while, and apart from going to the village well and visiting the town yesterday, she had spent the rest of the time healing from her injuries. Now, she had gotten plenty of sleep, eaten well, and felt quite energetic.

Feeling bored, she decided to go out for a walk.

“Petty cat, I’m going out to play for a while.” She called out and walked towards the outside of the courtyard.

“Wife, wait for me! Who are you calling a petty cat?” Xiao Yuchuan followed her instinctively, then turned back to glance at Fourth Brother, and finally went back to him. “Fourth Brother, it’s too sunny outside. Let me take you back to your room first.”

“No need, I’ll sit for a while. You just go with your wife.”

“Nowadays, my wife seems completely different, much more lively than before. In the past, when she saw me, she was like a mouse that had seen a cat. Now, she’s almost riding on my head. I don’t know how long she’ll be out…” Speaking of going out, he paused and saw that Fourth Brother also had a solemn expression on his face.

Both of them, along with Second Brother, implicitly understood that their current wife didn’t seem to want to stay in this household.

He made up his mind. “Fourth Brother, I won’t let my wife leave.”

Knowing that there was a serious disagreement between Fourth Brother and his wife, he was afraid that Fourth Brother would disagree with her staying. He didn’t wait for his response.

Turning his back to Xiao Qinghe, he crouched down, carried him into the secondary bedroom, let him lie down on the bed, and after moving the chair with armrests into the room for him, he closed the bedroom door and hurriedly left.

Xiao Qinghe leaned on the bed with difficulty, turned his body sideways, opened the window, and watched Third Brother’s retreating figure in the distance, whispering, “Actually, I don’t want my wife to leave either.”

Xiao Yuchuan chased her to the crossroad, looked around in all directions, but couldn’t find his wife’s shadow.

Qian Youfa, who was carrying a hoe to go to the field, passed by. Xiao Yuchuan hurriedly asked, “Did you see my wife?”

“No, I didn’t see her.” Qian Youfa asked, “Your wife is gone? She didn’t run away again, did she?”

“No, she didn’t.” He continued to walk forward with a cold face, asking several more people, all of whom said they hadn’t seen Su Qingyue. He complained while searching, “Stinky old woman, walking so fast! You better not turn your back and leave now that your injury is healed!”

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