Chapter 2224: What A Pity...

Chapter 2224 - What A Pity...

“Not enough!”

“Faster! Even faster! The Divine Sunchasing Art at the pinnacle of the manifestation stage isn’t that slow...”

“The Divine Sunchasing Art has already touched the surface of space dao, so you must comprehend it well. Space is like a string that you can mess with.”

“That’s right, that’s more like it.”

The Serene Dust Great Saint’s voice never stopped on the second peak. She was more in-depth in her teachings than Ye Guhan. Although Lin Yun might be miserable, he was also improving greatly.

In just three days, his Divine Sunchasing Art had transformed, and he could sense the existence of space. In terms of speed, he could barely catch up with the Serene Dust Great Saint’s shadows.

Lin Yun could now dodge seven out of ten attacks from the Serene Dust Great Saint. As for the remaining three, he could ensure that his vitals wouldn’t be hit. But even if he managed to dodge the attack towards his vitals, the punches were still painful whenever they landed on him, making him wonder if his divine physique was fake.

Clutching his chest, Lin Yun gasped for breath while his forehead became covered in sweat. They were both using the Sovereign Dragon Fist. But the power unleashed by the Serene Dust Great Saint was on a whole new level, especially after the Serene Dust Great Saint activated her Golden Divine Dragon’s bloodline.

From the start, the Serene Dust Great Saint only used the first form of the Sovereign Dragon Fist, Soaring Divine Dragon. But this form had hundreds of variations and was tough for Lin Yun to deal with.

“It hasn’t come to an end yet. Divine Dragon Aerial Cutter!” The Serene Dust Great Saint shone a dazzling golden radiance as multiple golden dragons flew out. The dragons coiled around her into a massive vortex, causing space to distort.

This made Lin Yun squint his eyes as a golden light shone in his eyes, and he filled himself with his sword intent while the dual sword stars swiftly fused with his body. The Azure Dragon Sword Heart began to bloom on his chest with a silver radiance enveloping the area, and his Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent was pushed to the peak.

Just when the fist flew over, Lin Yun drew out the Flower Burial Sword to block the punch from the Serene Dust Great Saint. The Flower Burial Sword was knocked away with an explosion as the sword aura around Lin Yun collapsed.

He took a deep breath to maintain his composure, and he quickly formed seals with his hands, executing the Sovereign Dragon Seal. As a seven-colored radiance bloomed, Lin Yun poured his vitality behind this strike and activated his Azure Dragon Divine Physique.

As his vitality began to run amok, his body blazed like a cauldron with the Sovereign Dragon Fist shining brightly. Lin Yun felt great pressure, but he wasn’t sent flying away.

“I managed to block it!” Lin Yun smiled with excitement radiating in his eyes.

“It’s not that easy.” The Serene Dust Great Saint’s voice resounded as the massive dragons behind her flowed into her fist like rivers converging into one. At the same time, her punch was like a meteorite that descended from the sky with cracks spreading out in space.

This made Lin Yun throw out a mouthful of blood and he performed a somersault just when he was about to fall to the ground. When he landed on the ground, the ground felt like a huge mountain, trembling, causing the entire mountain to shake.

“Still failed.” Lin Yun bitterly smiled as he wiped the blood off his lips and walked towards the Serene Dust Great Saint.

As the golden radiance that the Serene Dust Great Saint gave off dissipated, the golden dragons entered her body as she inwardly nodded while looking at Lin Yun. When Lin Yun first took her punch, he would be sent to the foot of the mountain and had to climb back up.

But now, Lin Yun could perfectly control his divine physique, and he didn’t notice that he looked like a dragon coiling on the ground when he had one knee on the ground.

“The ultimate form of a punch can shatter space and compress space. At that time, it can instantly kill a Quasi-Saint, like this.” The Serene Dust Great Saint casually threw out a punch, creating a blackhole in the space along with a terrifying energy fluctuation spreading out.

“But there’s a difference between air and space. The holes will soon be filled, but a hole in space will exist for a long time. Even Saints will be fearful of those spatial cracks.” The Serene Dust Great Saint pointed at the crack in front of her. This was the crack that she created with her attack earlier, which Lin Yun had bypassed. This was terrifying because even a divine physique would be cut apart.

“But we’re at the same cultivation level, so these cracks won’t be able to last long. They will soon turn into fluctuations, and they can’t injure a Saint. After all, the dipper aura is still very powerful,” the Serene Dust Great Saint added. “I’m telling you this because once a person’s strength reaches a certain limit, it will come in contact with space. Those beneath the Saint Realm won’t be able to cause any ripples in the air no matter what they do, but a Saint is different because Saints can sense the existence of space. At that time, space can become both a restraint and aid, so you must learn how to adapt.”

The Serene Dust Great Saint continued, “Just like how you’re in the water. You don’t have to avoid water, but go with the flow and unleash more power.”

Lin Yun pondered what the Serene Dust Great Saint was saying, digesting the information.

“Your Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent can shock Ye Guhan because mountains and rivers resonate with space to a certain extent. But your love for fist techniques won’t be able to reach the extent of sword techniques, so you can only ponder about it yourself and learn how to use a fist technique to fully unleash the power of the Azure Dragon Divine Physique.”

Lin Yun’s eyes lit up upon hearing that, and said, “I see!”

He glanced at the spatial crack closing up and asked, “Can a Quasi-Saint tear apart space?”

“Tear apart space?” The Serene Dust Great Saint smiled, “This isn’t tearing space apart but the aftermath of spatial resonation. If you want to touch the core of space, there are at least three more layers. Space is an Eternal Dao, and genuine spatial cracks are so terrifying that even a Saint would lose their life if they ran into a spatial storm. Most importantly, you and I are a part of space.”

The Serene Dust Great Saint continued, “Even deities aren’t able to tear apart space because they’re still a part of space.”

Lin Yun roughly knew that everyone, even deities, were a part of space. The stronger they were, the stronger the space would be.

“Space Dao is bizarre... Senior Brother...” Lin Yun suddenly recalled that Ye Guhan grasped the Space Dao.

“That’s why he’s a genius,” the Serene Dust Great Saint smiled.

After their chat, Lin Yun felt that his eyesight had widened, and he said, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“So, am I terrifying?” The Serene Dust Great Saint smiled.

“Not at all.”

“Bai Ziyuan is really scary. She looks cold, and you might think that she has grasped the Ice Dao and is proficient in it, but she has grasped the Asura Sword Intent. This sword intent is so ancient that even Radiant is afraid of it. This is a power that even Bai Ziyuan doesn’t dare to carelessly use. If she becomes an Emperor, she will probably become an Asura. This is why she has kept herself from becoming an Emperor until she has grasped that asura power.”

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled, “Mistress, you heard what they said?”

“I didn’t hear anything,” the Serene Dust Great Saint smiled. “I’m only casually talking about it. I was just born with divine strength and killed a few Great Saints with my bare hands. I’m nothing compared to her.”

The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched. How was that not terrifying?

Another four days passed in the blink of an eye, and Lin Yun could finally withstand a blow from the Serene Dust Great Saint. Without him knowing it, he had even grasped the profundity of the Soaring Divine Dragon. Most importantly, his Divine Sunchasing Art finally came in contact with the surface of space.

Next up was Mu Xueling’s turn to teach him. She was calm, and she taught him music dao. For the next seven days, Lin Yun’s Saint Tune reached the Saint King Tune, and the Imperial Tune was only one step away.

Lin Yun would probably not be able to reach that level for a long time. As for the Divine Dragon Tune that was above the Imperial Tune, along with the legendary Celestial Tune, Lin Yun didn’t have much thought about them.

“Tian Xuanzi is also proficient in music dao, and he has grasped the Saint King Tune at the very least,” Mu Xueling said. Her words sent Lin Yun into deep shock.

“That fellow is really an all-rounder. Doesn’t he have any flaws?” Lin Yun asked.

“Not exactly an all-rounder,” Mu Xueling replied. “He might have even grasped the Imperial Tune. His music is perfect, but there is no spirituality in it. At the very least, he can’t play music containing artistic concepts like you.”

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled, “They’re ancient songs within the Kunlun Realm, and I didn’t create them.”

“That’s not important. Your heart is open whenever you play the music, so you can have a great accomplishment in music dao if you’re willing. But he’s different...” Mu Xueling said as she recalled.

“How different?” Lin Yun asked.

“His songs are perfect no matter what he plays, giving a feeling that it’s in a painting and can’t achieve a resonation with heaven and earth like others,” Mu Xueling said.

Lin Yun also felt the same, but this could also be considered an advantage because this meant those outside the painting couldn’t harm him. After he bade his farewell to Mu Xueling, he returned to the first peak of the Blood Purgatory Mountain and again met the Dragon Origin Great Saint. Since his training regimen started with the Dragon Origin Great Saint, it would also end here.

“Not bad, Jing Chen actually helped you transform the Dragon’s Meridians,” the Dragon Origin Great Saint noticed the changes in Lin Yun’s body with a glance.

“The Dragon’s Meridians have transformed?” Lin Yun was stunned, but didn’t quite get it.

The Dragon’s Body section of the Azure Dragon Divine Physique consisted of Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Bones, and Dragon’s Meridians. The Dragon's Body can be complete only after grasping the Dragon’s Meridians.

“Don’t belittle the Serene Dust Great Saint. She’s born with divine strength, and her talent in the physique is stronger than both of us. If you hadn’t achieved the Dragon’s Body, you wouldn’t have been able to withstand her attacks,” the Dragon Origin Great Saint nodded. “I have nothing to teach you now, but I can help temper you and teach you how to use your divine physique. When your Dragon’s Body reaches the pinnacle, you should be able to form the Azure Dragon Divine Rune.”

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye, and the Dragon Origin Great Saint was satisfied. The training regimen lasted over a month, and Lin Yun’s strength had drastically transformed.n-.OveLbIn

His sword intent reached the Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent, he grasped the first sword form of the Divine Firefly Sword’s third section, his Dragon’s Body reached complete mastery, stepped into the threshold of the Sovereign Dragon Fist, and his Divine Sunchasing Art had reached the point that it could form a slight resonance with space.

Lin Yun’s cultivation might be at the pinnacle of the Sacred Flame Stage, but his strength had far surpassed his cultivation.

“It’s a pity that I can’t teach you the Dragon’s Soul and Dragon’s Aura.” The Dragon Origin Great Saint said with vicissitude and lingering regret in his eyes.

Lin Yun’s face changed as he recalled something. He asked, “Master, your lifespan?”

When he took the Dragon Origin Great Saint as his master, the latter said he didn’t have much lifespan, roughly about a hundred years.

The Dragon Origin Great Saint smiled and nodded, “I can initially hold on for a little longer, but the battle on the ninth... I have competed with Radiant for half my life, but he’s ahead of me.”

Lin Yun felt a heartache, and he asked, “Master, why did you want to look for a Divine Blood Fruit for me, then? You could’ve used it yourself.”

“I don’t need any Divine Blood Fruit since it will only be a waste for me. Compared to your Azure Dragon Divine Physique, my life is nothing,” the Dragon Origin Great Saint smiled bitterly. “Furthermore, the Divine Blood Fruit became a joke because you had one yourself.”

Lin Yun sobbed, and he said, “Master, I believe that there will be a way.”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint waved his hand, and said, “It’s fine. I’ll help Radiant out when his tribulation comes, and my life will be worth it then. I just want to see him become an Emperor before my death and I will have no more regrets in my life, but it’s a pity...”

The Dragon Origin Great Saint’s voice sobbed as he looked at Lin Yun. It was a pity that he couldn’t watch Lin Yun become an Emperor.