I really haven't seen you for a long time

Song Yiyuan has a special feeling for Huo nianian. Seeing Huo nianian's education younger sister at the moment, his eyes are even more appreciative of her.

Huo nianian is wearing a professional suit today. A light blue suit with a pair of sneakers. It looks very neat.

Worthy of being Gu tingshen's woman

"Mr. Huo is really a person who forgets many things. We only met at Gu Zifan's wedding. But at that time, you should only have Mr. Gu in your eyes. Naturally, you can't see the shrimps like me

Song Yiyuan said something about eating.

This makes Huo nianian don't know how to take over. Her ears are getting red. The love between Gu tingshen and herself is almost known in the circle.

After all, love between husband and wife is a good thing, isn't it?

"Mr. Song, I believe you didn't come here to play with me. If you have anything to say, you can say it directly. The results of the investigation? " What she said at that time was that within two days, she didn't believe that song Yiyuan was acting so fast?

Huo nianian had a slight smile at the corner of his mouth. He looked very generous and decent.

She invited song Yiyuan to sit down in her office. At the same time, ask the assistant to make the tea.

"No matter what, you can't go to Sanbao hall, but," Song Yiyuan looked at Huo nianian's office. "Mr. Huo's office style is very good. I'd like to have this style, too. I wonder if Huo is interested in helping? I also heard that you want to make men's jewelry, and I believe you can do it well. "

"Thank you for the compliment."

Song Yiyuan asked for nothing. He glanced at the wide open door of the office. I feel a little uncomfortable. I don't know that Huo nianian opened the door because he was afraid of touching her. Or because Huo Niannian doesn't want to let today's events spread to Gu tingshen's ears.

No matter which reason, song Yiyuan is jealous.

However, Huo nianian has made progress since he can cooperate with him.

He couldn't help looking at Huo Niannian.

The girl in front of her even had a baby. But the skin is as smooth and delicate as lanolin jade. Like silk.

Song Yiyuan takes back her eyes and tells Huo nianian the purpose of this trip. The media affairs have been suppressed, and those behind the scenes will soon come to the surface.

Huo Nian read her eyes and said, "thank you."

"Ding zero zero!"

The mobile phone rang suddenly.

Huo Nian apologized to song Yiyuan and answered the phone, "Mr. Huo, I found Xia Xiaolin!"

There came Zhou Haoqin's deep and sexy voice with a trace of urgency.

These days, Zhou Haoqin has been inquiring about Xia Xiaolin's position, trying to give his wife a clean.

Finally, the emperor paid off his efforts and let him find it!

I'm sorry to see song Haoyuan's address again. I'm sorry to have to deal with some things in her eyes

"My car is downstairs. I don't mind giving you a ride."

"No need..."

Song Yiyuan insisted, "we are partners. Did you forget? Mr. Huo, your business is my business. "

On the one hand, song Yiyuan is trying to express his sincerity. On the other hand, Huo nianian is pregnant now. He is worried that she will go out alone.

At the same time, he scolded Gu tingshen secretly in his heart. His wife was pregnant and asked her to work!


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