Chapter 498 - Killing Sedora

Her sword hit her right hand and Sedora screamed in pain as her hand sliced and fell on the ground. She looked at Bianca with shock as pain sailed through her body like massive ocean waves and she staggered behind. She didn't have enough energy to recreate that limb and also throw magic at the same time. The place where the sword met her hand burned leaving her skin black and red and brown. 

With her left hand she threw beams of lethal purple, blue and red lights at her in continuation, one after the other. Bianca swatted the beams with her sword easily as she stepped forwards. Sedora chanted the spells in ancient language and rose higher in the air. She screeched with laughter. "Even in this state I am stronger than you," she said as blood spilled out of her mouth. "And you made a big mistake in letting me come to Gaira. Now it would be easier to cast your spirit into the Land of Gaira. You are going to be trapped there forever!" 

Bianca dismounted her horse and rose to where Sedora was chanting the spells. Yellow symbols started floating around her and every chant gave birth to a new symbol in the air. 

Bianca chuckled. "You might be strong, but you are a fool. Coming to the Land of Gaira was your biggest mistake. You can't kill me even if you try till eternity Sedora! You know why?" She swatted a symbol out of her way. "Because I know that your body is fast getting depleted of magic. You are not left with slightest energy to defend yourself." With her sword she pointed towards Isidorus. "Do you see that man?" 

Sedora glanced at Isidorus. 

"We had planned this as soon as I came after you. I know that this place sucks evil forces like you." 

Sedora's eyes became wide as a saucer. She screamed, "Then taaaaakeeee it!" she threw all the symbols she had created towards her. As soon as she did that she floated to the ground and started running towards the forest—the place from where she had entered Gaira. She had left the portal open. 

The symbols gathered in a ball of fire and with a huge force they blasted towards Bianca. She moved her sword in the line of fire and it absorbed all of them. And now her sword started glowing red and yellow. Electricity zapped on its edges. Bianca saw Sedora running towards the forest. She descended. "You can run but where will you go Sedora," she roared. 

As soon as she found the portal, Sedora jumped into it only to bounce back. She crashed on the ground, stunned. She didn't understand how she could bounce back. She should have got through it, and jumped out in her room. 

"Father destroyed the mirror that you so wanted to jump back in," Bianca's rough voice trailed in the silent forest. 

Sedora scrambled to her haunches. "This. Can't. Be. The. End. Of. Sedora." She said, pronouncing every word clearly. She pointed a finger to the ground and sent a shockwave, which rippled until it reached Bianca. The land cracked and gobbled everything in the way. 

Bianca leapt in the air and floated right above her. "You have gone out of your wits Sedora. This is my soul. How could you think that a physical shockwave would eliminate me? You are old. Correction. You are ancient. And now about to be extinct!" Saying that Bianca swayed her sword over her head, but Sedora lowered herself to the ground and the sword carved a gash in her torso. 

She shrieked in pain. In a frenzy she kicked towards Bianca's legs but all she met was air. Her legs passed through Bianca's legs as if she was cutting through air. 

The next instant, Bianca raised the sword and swayed it across her neck. She didn't let Sedora register the shock of her actions. 

Sedora's head severed from her body and rolled on the ground. Black blood sprouted out in a gush. A wisp came out of the neck and started to rise up. It soon transformed into a soul. It started to glide in the air away from Bianca. "I will rise!" it hissed. "I will come again. I can't dieeee!" 

"Now!" Bianca shouted. 

Isidorus appeared right next to her. He pressed his hand to her and shoved her spirit inside the hut immediately. "Stay in!" he growled. 

He looked at Sedora and he conjured a white ball in his palms. He threw the ball towards the Land of Gaira. The ball struck the invisible wall and a hole was formed. Air started swooshing inside it as a whirl formed. 

"No!" Sedora screamed. "Don't do this to me!" She shouted as her soul started getting sucked in the hole. "I am going to kill you Isidorus!" She blared and started clawing against the force of the air. Her soul stretched as she struggled to stay out of the hole, but the force was too much. She threw her hands at Isidorus to claw him, but she found herself getting churned in the whirl. She let out a painful shriek. "Nooooooo! Don't do this to me. I can't die. Give me Bianca's bodyyyyyy!" Her last scream got absorbed in the hole and the next moment the wall became as it was. 

Sedora was gone. Sucked in the Land of Gaira. Forever. 

Isidorus walked to the hut where the kings in their physical form and Bianca's spirit were waiting. He looked at them triumphantly. The kings erupted into jubilant exclamations. 

There were tears in the eyes of Daryn and Caleb. The brothers hugged each other for a long time. The greatest evil was gone from their lives… forever. 

Adrianna looked at Bianca and said, "You have important work to do." 

"I know," she whispered as she looked at the men with a smile. 

Adrianna walked outside the hut and created a portal. She stepped in and Adrianna stepped right after her. They came out right outside the wizard realm where all the souls were waiting for her. She looked at all of them—the sea of white foams. The dead swirled restlessly around her. The vast army of the souls had spilled all around her. She could feel their agony, the pain to go away from this realm into hers. She couldn't fathom the power she had over them. She saw the Cadvals also standing right below the knoll she was standing on. They bowed to her. The whole experience left a stain on her spirit. 

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for me, for us. I can't repay you enough. Me and my family and the Loreans are indebted to you." 

"Long live, the queen!" The souls said in unison. 

Bianca bowed to them. "I release you from my command with gratitude and pride. I hope you seek peace in the next world. I hope you continue into your beautiful journey." 

There was a ripple in the white sea and souls faded away leaving a vast space covered with green grass. 

"That was beautiful," said Adrianna. "We must put you back in your body because I want to hug you." She created the portal back to the Land of Gaira. 

Bianca chuckled as she stepped in the portal.