How to say this?

Taking advantage of someone when they are sick!

Shen Yu felt that Feng SiRui was practising this very action at the moment and there was a tendency for his actions to worsen.

“Then don’t drink anymore. I’ll take you home…” Feng SiRui placed his hand on Shen Yu’s slender waist and squeezed it hard.

The other hand landed on his knee, eagerly rubbing it.

Shen Yu wasn’t really drunk, he was just pretending to be. When he was touched by the big palm, he immediately clamped his legs together and straightened his body, “Rui-ge, I’m fine. I didn’t drink too much. You don’t need to help me.”

Feng SiRui’s actions were too scary. He was so flustered that he didn’t dare to speak for too long.

“Generally, those that drink too much say that they haven’t drunk much.” Feng SiRui gave him a half-smile. His eyes were dim and he looked extremely aggressive, as if he was going to pounce on him the next second.

Afraid that he was really going to do this, Shen Yu stood up hastily, “Go back home…”

“I don’t want to drink anymore!”

Feng SiRui narrowed his eyes, “Can’t stand it anymore?”

Shen Yu held his forehead, “I feel dizzy and nauseous. I’ll make a fool of myself if I stay here any longer.”

“Okay…” Feng SiRui stood up and nodded slightly to the people in the room, “I’ll take Xiao Yu and step away first. Everyone else can take your time.”

After simply leaving those lines, he took advantage of the opportunity to hug Shen Yu’s waist but the latter dodged him and said, “Rui-ge, I’ll go out first. It’s too stuffy here!”

Feng SiRui’s face darkened and he followed him quickly.

The people in the dining room didn’t react until the pair of husbands disappeared through the door. They all then started to whisper to each other.

“How strange. Feng SiRui doesn’t seem to resist this marriage. He never showed a smile to Shen Yu before, why is he so protective today?”

“It could be because of the Old man’s instructions. I heard that Feng SiRui was called into the study alone when he first arrived. So he must have been reprimanded.”

“You people don’t know, but before we came, Shen Yu did something big!”

“What was it? Don’t be so secretive! Quickly say it!”

“Originally, the old man also invited Shen Yu’s maiden family. But he beat them away as soon as he came!”

“Is Shen Yu that violent?”

“Didn’t you see the hot search? The video of him beating someone has been reposted millions of times!”

“He did such a thing and the old man is still protecting him! What a fool!”

Everyone was saying whatever they wanted. But in the final analysis, they just didn’t want to see Shen Yu. After all, he was just one more opponent that was going to rob property from them!

The unobtrusive Feng Jinghe sat alone in a corner, the tips of his mouth rising in a meaningful arc.

The Feng family is getting more and more interesting!

He’s really looking forward to the future now!

Walking out of the villa, Shen Yu was hit by cold air that made him a little bit more awake.

He looked up at the bright moonlight and suddenly felt a little lonely.

He had been doing villainous tasks conscientiously. Occasionally, he would feel sad since no one likes to be scolded.

Especially facing those kinds of pretentious and extremely vicious abuse. Those abuse wished to bring all eighteen generations of his ancestors and their families to go to hell together with him.

If he didn’t have a little psychological endurance, he would have been destroyed by cyber bullying.

Suddenly the corners of his eyes became moist.

Shen Yu felt that he must have drunk too much. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have felt such unnecessary emotions. When he heard the footsteps behind him, he quickly raised his hand and wiped his face.

“What’s wrong?” Feng SiRui’s sexy and magnetic voice sounded.

Shen Yu turned his head with a smile, “It’s a bit windy at night. I was just squinting my eyes.”

Feng SiRui gave him a deep look, pursed his lips and didn’t continue to ask but said, “Let’s go. Get in the car.”

It was autumn and it was cold in the mornings and evenings.

Shen Yu had drunk wine, it was very easy for evil winds1 to enter his body.

Thinking of this, Feng SiRui opened the car door and let him get in first. He then went to the other side himself.

“Rui-ge, you don’t need to send me…” Shen Yu rubbed his temples to relieve his headache, “I’ll just go back myself.”

Feng SiRui glanced at him and evaded his sentence, “Don’t drink so much next time.”

“Hmm.” Shen Yu closed his eyes and didn’t say much.

As soon as they returned to China after filming the show, they came to this dinner and didn’t stop for a rest. During dinner, there were all kinds of annoying people and he had drunk a lot of red wine.

No matter how strong his combat power was, he couldn’t last that long. Finally, Shen Yu felt tiredness hit him and he fell asleep leaning on the leather seat of the car.

His head shook accordingly when the car bumped. It wasn’t until Feng SiRui leaned his shoulders over to set his head that he slept more peacefully.

The next day, when the first rays of sunlight fell from the window in the morning, Shen Yu slowly opened his eyes.

He didn’t get up immediately but instead stretched himself first.

When he bumped into an unknown object while moving his legs, he was taken aback.

Shen Yu turned his head and saw a face close at hand. He was frightened to the point that he almost gave out a yelp, “You, why are you here?!”

Feng SiRui, who was woken up by him, frowned, “If I don’t come here, where should I go?”

“This villa belongs to you and me.”

Shen Yu sat up abruptly, still feeling hungover. Before he had time to think, he blurted out, “Feng SiRui, what on earth do you want?!”

“Your family is already very rich. Are you still trying to rob the villa from me?!

Feng SiRui also propped up his upper body with one hand. The quilt slipped off of him, revealing his sexy muscular lines that outlined his eight-pack abs.

That action looked deliberately done, as if trying to show someone. Shen Yu involuntarily swallowed his saliva.

“Who said I wanted to rob you of your villa…” Feng SiRui’s lips curled up, “This is our common property. Is there a need for me to rob it?”

Shen Yu hadn’t looked away from his abdominal muscles, his expression was a little dazed, “You, aren’t you going to divorce me?”

—— ‘In all fairness. This dog man really has a good body!’

—— ‘When did he practice? With this kind of free time, why didn’t he just recharge his brain and learn more about how to identify two-faced b*tches?!’

Listening to the first half of the sentence, Feng SiRui felt comfortable. But the second half sounded bad.

He opened his mouth and was about to speak when a phone suddenly rang.

Shen Yu turned his head and saw that it was Qin Yuheng. He immediately pressed the answer button and jumped off the bed.

He was only wearing a pair of panties, so his buttocks were particularly conspicuous.

Feng SiRui narrowed his darkened eyes.

“Tell me the truth. How much did you spend?!” Before Shen Yu could speak, Qin Yuheng asked him fiercely.

“Spend what money?! Do you think I’m a person with money?” The poor man Shen Yu was confident in this matter, “What exactly happened Qin-jie? Tell me. I can bear it!”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, “Go to the hot search and see for yourself.”

“It’s better to see for yourself.”

After Qin Yuheng finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Shen Yu looked confused and clicked on Weibo. He just glanced at the hot search titles and then was surprised by what he saw, “Is this woman crazy?!”


He didn’t say the other half of his sentence and just sat down on a chair.

#Wang Xiner discloses about her experience in domestic violence. Thanking Shen Yu for lending a helping hand#

The word ‘Shen Yu’ was particularly eye-catching, occupying the first place.

—— ‘F*ck. There’s a chance to be whitewashed at this rate like this…’

—— ‘Must not let the dog man see this!’

—— ‘Even if I lose all my fortune, I must take this hot search down!’

Feng SiRui who spent time, effort and money to clarify the situation for him, “…”

Idk why I have a feeling Xinghe would ask me to make a footnote here so I will do it and say evil winds mean like he can catch a cold from the cold wind. Xinghe: Hubby!! You know me so well!!!