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In the Xia family villa, the pressure cooker in the kitchen was puffing upwards with steam, and the aroma of the overcooked duck slowly wafted outside with the gas.

Today is Saturday. Yuanyuan and Hengheng’s parents next door are not at home due to some business. The two siblings had no one to play with, so they simply ran to Xia’s house. Right now, they were sitting at the table in the living room doing homework.

As the older brother, Hengheng scratched his cheek with a distressed look on his face, and after a while, he secretly glanced at the homework book next to him.

With a “pop” sound, the little girl’s fleshy hand suddenly covered the notebook. She opened her mouth wide and asked loudly, “Why do you want to read my homework? Do it yourself!”

Hengheng snorted and muttered arrogantly, “Whatever. It’s not like I don’t know how to do it.”

Yuanyuan is solving the last question, but the difficulty factor of the question is relatively high and beyond her understanding. She knitted her eyebrows and thought hard for a long time. Finally, she pushed the notebook aside, lifted her head, and said crisply, “Brother, how do you solve this problem?”

Shen Boyan, an outstanding young entrepreneur of the new generation, no matter how much he calls the wind and rain outside, can only be reduced to doing homework with the neighbor’s children when he comes to his mother-in-law’s house on weekends.

He looked at the complex sentences on the snow-white paper and used his unparalleled brain to quickly decompose the problem. Then he was surprised to find that he could still understand second-grade mathematics.

Good lord, even he himself was shocked.

The man breathed a long sigh of relief and took the homework, his expression as indifferent as ever, as if he were calm and unfazed.

“This topic…”


“An’an, An’an, come and help me see if there’s something wrong with this tablet; why doesn’t it keep clicking?”

Father Xia was holding a tablet on the sofa. Xia Shu’an raised his head and walked up, looking down at the words on the screen. It was the report about the Wenhui Pharmaceutical scandal last week.

“Isn’t this already clarified?” Xia Shu’an said while operating.

Father Xia adjusted his new glasses and said, “An’an, did Xiao Shen offend someone recently? From what I see, it looks like someone is messing with him.”

Yang Han’s methods of messing with people were very insidious, and his intentions were obvious. Xia Shu’an was not surprised that his father noticed it.

Shen Boyan was investigating Yang Han’s affairs, but they didn’t let Father Xia know. He’s enjoying his retirement life right now, and they didn’t want him to worry about these things. Knowing that his company was screwed up by someone would only add to his anger, and knowing that Shen Boyan was messed with because he’s investigating the Xia Company’s matter would make him feel uncomfortable.

They hope that the day he and Mother Xia find out about this, the matter will be settled.

Thinking of this, Xia Shu’an just said, “It’s a small matter; after all, his company is such a big one.”

Father Xia: “That’s also true. Things aren’t always smooth sailing when doing business.”

Then he quickly put the matter behind him.

“I’m surprised you logged into Weibo though, Dad; do you know how to use it?”

Xia Shu’an was a little surprised when he saw the software he clicked on. He thought that his father would only pay attention to serious media and wander around the finance, economics, current affairs, and military sections when he had time. At most, he was fooled by an old friend into doing TikTok.

Father Xia also realized the trend and said with pride: Xia’s father was also aware of the trend and said proudly, “What’s this? I not only know how to read news but also how to communicate with netizens. I left comments and messages on netizens’ Weibo, and I even found Xiao Shen’s support club!”

Xia Shu’an: “W-what?”

“Here, this is it.”

Xia Shu’an took the tablet handed over by his father and saw a Weibo account in the upper left corner with the ID “Wenhui Genuine President Shen”, and the top Weibo account read, “I am a fan of Shen Boyan. Let’s be friends.”

Xia Shu’an took a look. What the??! There are actually as many as 100,000 fans!

Xia Shu’an casually clicked on the latest post that cropped a photo from Shen Boyan’s financial report, and the comments below were over a thousand: [President Shen is really handsome. This height, this face, this aura, prprpr]

[Wow, our President Shen is not only tough and handsome but also has a good temper. The whole Wenhui is very strong under his leadership. This time, the response was really good!]

[Look at those long legs that are 1.8 meters, no, 1.9 meters tall; look at the eyes that are determined to win; look at the expression that looks down on the world; ah, husband, here I come! ! ! ]

[What do celebrity fans count for? If you want to be a fan, be a big fan. Mr. Shen, I am your career fan, the kind that buys stocks. You must not let my love down, ah!!!]

[This devout woman is willing to be a vegetarian for ten days and just hopes that President Shen will be safe and everything will go well (mainly because she bought stocks).]


There are still many comments with different styles below.

Xia Shu’an: “…”

Father Xia said happily: Xia’s father said happily, “They praise Xiao Shen so sincerely, but there are a few who are too delusional. They always compare Xiao Shen with others and think they are very worthy. Those people can’t compare to Xiao Shen!”

Xia Shu’an: “…”

Xia Shu’an was silent for a long time, returned the tablet to Father Xia, and said sincerely, “As long as you are happy.”

It can’t be helped if Dad wants to follow the trend. He just hoped that Father Xia wouldn’t meet CP fans who wrote fanfic or even created videos that would make normal fans complain. Otherwise, his outlook on life will explode, and he won’t be able to save him.

Everyone was having fun upstairs and downstairs, and it wasn’t until noon that the family gathered in the dining room downstairs.

Soup was also served in front of the two children, each with a large duck leg in their bowls, and the two were nibbling on the bones with gusto.

Whenever you go to your parents’ home, you have to receive an education about love. Mother Xia took the lead in launching the offensive: “You’ve lost weight; look at both of you. Come on, eat more meat, and drink soup. Old duck soup is good for you.”

Before Xia Shu’an could think of what to say, Shen Boyan had already said with a smile, “Xiao Shu hasn’t lost weight. He has gained two pounds since the Chinese New Year. It’s just that he has built up all the fat into muscles, so he looks thin.”

Listen, listen, this is the art of speaking! Not only did he show his importance to Xia Shu’an as if nothing had happened, but he also gave Xia’s mother a step down. Which mother wouldn’t be happy to hear that?

Mother Xia was indeed happy, and she said with a smile in her eyes, “Okay, then, Xiao Shen, drink more; you have worked hard.”

“Okay, I like to drink the soup made by Mom the most.”

Xia Shu’an looked sideways and squinted: Liar. You obviously prefer Aunt Yu’s soup.

For the sake of family harmony, Xia Shu’an decided to remain silent.

Mother Xia turned to Xia Shu’an again: “An’an, you too, drink more. I heard you had a cold last week?”

Xia Shu’an: “When?”

Shen Boyan immediately confided, “You sneezed and got a little dizzy. You even have to urgently take medicine and sleep for a while before you get better.”

Xia Shu’an: “That’s just a normal reaction to the change of seasons.”

He was glaring at Shen Boyan unhappily. Shen Boyan leaned towards him and said in his ear, “You should be thanking me for not telling Mom and Dad about the fever you almost got because you were too lazy to wear more layers.”

Xia Shu’an: “….” Damn it, he shouldn’t have been so soft-hearted to save face for Shen Boyan!

After the meal, the two children hang out here for a while before going back. At around three o’clock in the afternoon, Xia Shu’an and Shen Boyan also went back.

It’s a perfect time in the afternoon; the spring flowers are blooming, the sky is azure after being washed by the spring rain, the sun shines through the new green branches on the trees, and the city roads are spacious and clean, as if all the haze has passed.

Xia Shu’an turned to look out the window and gradually became dazed as the street lights flashed by quickly.

Until a voice broke his free-flowing thoughts: “What are you thinking about?”

Xia Shu’an slowly turned his head: “I’m wondering when Yang Han will make his next move. He won’t just give up and let you expose his background.”

Shen Boyan smiled.

“Whatever the move is, I’m here for it.”

He reached out and pinched Xia Shu’an’s cheek, his eyes flashing with a happy smile.

“Believe me, it took him ten years to only be able to hide behind the scenes and play dirty tricks, while it only took me seven years to create the business empire I have now. I will never lose to him.”

Xia Shu’an nodded silently.

The waiting time was the most difficult, but they lived up to their “expectations.” During dinner that night, a call came into Shen Boyan’s mobile phone.

“Mr. Shen, something happened.”

“After the current general manager of the South African division was caught taking commercial bribes, he jumped ship to a competing company with some of his core staff. Now the remaining employees are on strike, and several senior executives are blocked from getting out of the company’s dormitory.”

“I’ve said it before: if you want to deal with Shen Boyan, you can’t do it on his home court. You can’t beat him at all. He manages his own company well, but there will always be ambitious people who want to gain more benefits when the general is out in the field.”

The decaying lights of the bar cut the space into pieces, and in the corner on one side of the bar counter, two men were slowly drinking.

Sheng Songbai’s handsome and profound face a few months ago was unshaven, and his dressing style had nothing to do with the elite style of the past. However, he still had a strong foundation and didn’t appear decadent. Instead, he had a bit of the vicissitude of going through a thousand sails, which made a few immature little girls in the bar jump at the chance to try.

He poured wine into his stomach, one cup after another.

Yang Han squinted at the man in front of him. Sheng Songbai was actually a few years younger than him, but he had already reached the position of Wenhui Vice President. Yang Han should be jealous, but when he thought of the fact that he(ssb) had just given him(yh) a big gift and when he thought about Shen Boyan’s angry look in front of the mirror, he couldn’t help but smile and raise his glass, “Cheer to you.”

Sheng Songbai casually clinked glasses with him.

Yang Han: “So what are we going to do next?”

“What next? I have already led you out of Rongchuan. Aren’t you the clearest about what to do next? Just use your usual methods.”

Yang Han’s eyes showed a little embarrassment, and he said, “I’m worried that my methods are too old.”

“The methods are not old but useful. And…”

Sheng Songbai glanced at him and said meaningfully, “Doesn’t Shen Boyan still have an obvious weakness?”

“He can be ruthless to himself, but not necessarily to others; people are prone to making mistakes when they are in a hurry.”

Yang Han also smiled: “You’re right.”

“By the way, you’re really not going to tell me who’s behind you?”

“Didn’t we talk about this before? You’re responsible for coming up with ideas; I’m responsible for implementing them; don’t ask what you shouldn’t. Think again. What other secrets does Shen Boyan have that he can utilize?”

“Okay, then remember to tell me your plan. I don’t like being lied to, nor do I like being used as a weapon.”

“Of course I won’t.”