Chapter 1072

Jiangqingyun put down a word.

It seems to be helping Southern Jiangsu.

As we all know, today is Chiang Kai Shek's birthday. Killing people on the territory of the Chiang family is definitely not possible.

Say so.

Just for the sake of the Chiang family.

Jiangqingyun's words did not surprise the public.

For them, Sunan is an outsider. If they really cared about Jiang Qing, they wouldn't have waited for more than 20 years until Southern Jiangsu came to the door to recognize him.

By virtue of the Chiang family.

Don't say you're still in China. Even if you travel around the world, it's only a matter of time before you are found.


Over the years, the Chiang family only cared about the development of the family, and did not care about any news about the little daughter at all.

It's worth it to exchange Beihai wharf for an irrelevant human life.

"Are you sure?"

People thought that as expected, the white faced fox Yuming Jue looked at jiangqingyun with some amazement and tentatively confirmed.

"Why, when will it be difficult for me to use Jiang Qingyun's words?"

Jiangqingyun thought that Yuming Jue was doubting him, and sneered: "is it difficult for me to catch someone and send them to you?"

This sentence comes out.

Yuming knew that jiangqingyun had misunderstood him, so he smiled and said, "I can't help believing your character. Since the leader of the Chiang family promised, we will take it away. After all, you can't catch it."

Yuming Jue smiled.

Those eyes, more like fox eyes, are full of charm and more dangerous.

"What did you say?"

However, his last words made jiangqingyun a little unhappy. He can't catch a kid. Doesn't that obviously belittle him.

Yuming Jue did not respond.

He just looked at Sunan and moved slightly. Charm disappears, but more is vigilance and danger.

He seems.

Know something.


A big hand.

The two venerable masters in the darkness appeared in the right direction and rushed to southern Jiangsu at the command of Yuming Jue.

"The fire venerable, the fog venerable?"

The sudden appearance of the two old men made the quiet people suddenly agitate.


These two men are the two most powerful generals under Wang Daoxin.

Two two star worshippers.

Both in strength and experience, he was much better than the black evil spirit and white Jue of the Chiang family.

Moreover, both of them have understood God's will.

Compared with Heisha baijue, who has not yet understood the meaning of God, what is strong is not a bit.

So the appearance of these two people.

Immediately caused a lot of people's commotion.

"The Wang family made a fuss about letting two venerable masters who understood the meaning of God deal with a imp?"

People were puzzled.

Although it was said that black, evil and white would never be enemies before, they did not take it to heart. Even if he had some talents, he could not be the opponent of the venerable who understood God's will.

After all.

God's will is not easily understood by all venerable beings.

At least, 60% of the ten venerable ones will not understand God's meaning in their lifetime.

"What are you waiting for? Run quickly. If you don't run again, it will be too late."

Watching the two attack.

Wangsixuan hurriedly pulls her clothes behind her back in southern Jiangsu.

She knows very well.

The terror of these two guest secretaries of the Wang family.

Because her father was injured by one of them in those years, and still leaves a curse.

This time.

Sunan turned around and gave her a smile: "don't worry, it's OK."

Sunan's smile stunned wangsixuan.

I don't know what he means.

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