Chapter 7: Network Authentication! Anti-counterfeiting Measures!

The entire Saint Master’s Hall fell silent at this moment.

No one expected that Ye Chen would actually use an Immortal Artifact!


The power of the Sacred Land’s Lord was immense, possessing control over a portion of the Immortal Artifacts.

But the Immortal Artifacts were the trump cards of the Sacred Land.

Using them like this, wasn’y it a bit…

Too hasty?

Wang Changchun was amazed by Ye Chen’s whimsical idea, but still hesitated to ask, “Saint Master, will this cause any damage to the Immortal Artifact?”

Money was important.

But Immortal Artifacts were even more important.

That was the foundation on which Heavenly Origin Sacred Land stood.

Ye Chen smiled indifferently, “Elder Wang, you worry too much. A dignified Immortal Artifact will naturally have no problems doing such a small task.”

His Heavenly Origin Immortal Scroll was simply perfect for acting as a server.

First, the Immortal Artifact could absorb immortal spiritual energy from the void to replenish its energy.

There were no concerns about energy sources.

It could provide service twenty-four hours a day.

Secondly, the Heavenly Origin Immortal Scroll in the hands of an immortal could deduce laws and principles; it was a divine object.

Its computing power was indescribable.

One could say that the combined computing power of all the computers, supercomputers, and servers on Earth in his previous life was not even one-tenth of that of the Heavenly Origin Immortal Scroll.

That was the power of an Immortal Artifact.

So it was not an issue for it to act as a base station now, responsible for basic communication functions.

Even if it were to create the internet in the future and launch various internet functions, it would have no impact on the Heavenly Origin Immortal Scroll itself.

It would just be idle anyway.

The various Sacred Lands had been scheming against each other for so many years, but no one had ever seen a real life-and-death battle between them.

After all, the Four Great Sacred Lands had all produced immortals.

Immortal Artifacts were like nuclear weapons.

No one dared to push anyone to the point of desperation.

So it would be a waste not to use them, and it would be better to contribute to Ye Chen and Heavenly Origin Sacred Land.

Seeing that the elders present were still immersed in shock, Ye Chen waved his hand, retracting the image in the air above the hall.

He then casually spoke, “You all should understand by now.

“The communication ring is just a common low-grade magical artifact.

“The core lies in the Heavenly Origin Immortal Scroll.

“I have decided to make the communication ring the key industry of the Sacred Land to solve the financial crisis.

“Who supports this? Who opposes it?”

At this moment, many elders unanimously said, “The Saint Master is wise!”

After understanding the functionality of the communication ring, there was nothing to question.

Although the ring was just a low-grade magical artifact, its functionality was more powerful than that of spiritual artifacts and treasure artifacts.

It had great potential.

As a key industry to be developed in the Sacred Land, there was no problem.

Seeing that everyone was nodding in agreement, Ye Chen looked at Wang Changchun, “Elder Wang, from now on, the main production direction of the Refining Peak will be the communication rings.

“The communication rings are not difficult, and I will imprint all the craftsmanship on jade slips later.

“The sect will uniformly purchase the communication rings made at a price of ten contribution points each.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Changchun immediately nodded.

Ye Chen continued to speak, “However, the iron essence used to inscribe the array patterns must be provided by the sect. If you use the iron essence from the outside world, the communication ring will not work.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Changchun was somewhat puzzled.

“Sect Master, why is that?”

Could it be that the iron essence within the sect was different from the outside world?

Ye Chen smiled slightly, “The iron essence provided by the sect is not different from the outside world in itself.

“But the iron essence from the sect is imbued with the aura of an immortal artifact, which is like having an authentication.

“Only communication rings made from authenticated iron essence can connect with the immortal artifact and communicate with others. If there is no authentication, then the ring that is made would be nothing more than scrap metal!”

It was like having network permission for a mobile phone.

Communication rings also need authentication to connect with immortal artifacts.

Otherwise, anyone could make such an item with no technical difficulty.

If an artifact refiner could make a ring casually and use it,

Wouldn’t their own immortal artifact be taken advantage of for free?

That wouldn’t happen.

“Sect Master, you are wise!”

Although the elders present were somewhat unfamiliar with the new terms in Ye Chen’s explanation, like authentication, they still understood.

That was to say, only they could make communication rings.

This would eliminate the risk of being copied.

In the entire cultivation world, only they could make them.

Exclusive business was always the most profitable.

This principle applied to any world.

The elders from the External Affairs Department’s eyes lit up.

They had been worried that after losing the Immortal Peach Leaf, their family’s business in various immortal cities would inevitably decline.

Now, with the communication rings and an exclusive business, their prospects were boundless.

“Sect Master, what should we price our communication rings for when selling them?”

An elder from the External Affairs Department asked eagerly.

Immediately, other elders spoke up, “The price should be at least one high-grade spirit stone!”

“That’s right, being able to communicate freely throughout the entire cultivation world is a treasure. Even magical weapons cannot achieve this, selling for one high-grade spirit stone is already cheap.”

“I think it should be sold for at least ten high-grade spirit stones, especially since it can even communicate within secret realms. It’s absolutely indispensable for the major sects.”

“This business is completely monopolized by our Heavenly Origin Sacred Land. No matter how much we charge, they have to accept it. If you don’t buy it for ten high-grade spirit stones, there are plenty of others who will. My friends at the Nascent Soul Realm certainly won’t be stingy.”

“Those families and forces will definitely purchase them in bulk for their core direct disciples.”

Everyone was discussing, all thinking of selling at a high price.

After all, the material cost of the communication rings was, at most, one low-grade spirit stone.

Low cost, high profit – it was a huge moneymaker.

Surpassing the annual profits brought by the Immortal Peach Tree was not a difficult task.

However, Ye Chen shook his head at the elders, “The price that you have mentioned is too high!”

Hearing this, the elders were taken aback.

Was this too high?

Their product was one of a kind and had unprecedented features.

The rarer an item, the more valuable it was.

Selling at this price seemed perfectly reasonable.

Ye Chen shook his head.

The elders’ way of thinking about making money was still too outdated.