Chapter 4: I Really Can’t Fly Anymore!

As Elder Zhang’s voice sounded, all the elders present widened their eyes. They didn’t speak, instead watching Elder Zhang, curious to see if they could truly communicate as Ye Chen had described, exchanging words with ease.

Using the communication ring wasn’t difficult. With a shift of his spiritual sense, Elder Zhang accepted Wang Changchun’s communication request. The next moment, Wang Changchun’s somewhat doubtful voice echoed in Elder Zhang’s mind, “It really connected?”

“Elder Zhang, can you hear my voice?”

Elder Zhang immediately responded, “Yes! Elder Wang, where are you now?”

Communication rings allowed for direct spiritual communication or speaking aloud. Hearing Elder Zhang’s words, Wang Changchun’s voice revealed a hint of surprise, “I’m at the Crossed Swords Mountain Range!”

Elder Zhang’s aged face also showed astonishment. Sensing the curious gazes of the surrounding elders, Elder Zhang exclaimed in amazement, “Elder Wang is now at the Crossed Swords Mountain Range!”

As Elder Zhang’s words fell, expressions of surprise appeared on the faces of the elders present.

“The Crossed Swords Mountain Range? That’s tens of thousands of miles away from the Sacred Land!”

“Tens of thousands of miles away, and communication is still possible – it’s as if we’re speaking face to face. This is truly amazing.”

“Leaving other aspects aside, even if this ring can only communicate within a range of tens of thousands of miles, its incredible nature would still be worth dozens of low-grade spirit stones, attracting many buyers!”

“Low-level cultivators who refine sound transmission talismans are going to be in trouble!”

The elders exchanged remarks, marveling at the communication ring in their hands.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen, sitting on the throne, calmly spoke, “Let Elder Wang Changchun try going even further to test the range.

“The effective range of the ring is far more than tens of thousands of miles.”

Hearing this, Elder Zhang nodded seriously and immediately conveyed Ye Chen’s words to Elder Wang.

Floating above the Crossed Swords Mountain Range, where his imposing aura made the demonic beasts in the mountains restless, Wang Changchun nodded. The anger from feeling underestimated had vanished from his face.

The seamless communication despite the vast distance, as if they were speaking face to face, was already proof enough. If they could still communicate at even greater distances, it would confirm that everything Ye Chen had said was true.

But how could that be possible? How could a mere low-grade magical artifact accomplish such an incredible feat? This completely shattered Wang Changchun’s understanding of artifact refining, which he had cultivated over many years.

Waving his hand, a roaring Azure Dragon enveloped his figure, and he flew towards an even more distant location. As he moved, he discovered that his communication with Elder Zhang remained uninterrupted, which shocked him even more.

“Elder Wang has already gone fifty thousand miles away!

“He’s now at the Dragon Immortal Nest, a hundred thousand miles away! We can still communicate normally, with no disruption!

“A hundred and fifty thousand miles…


“Elder Wang has reached Great Seal City!”

Inside the Sect Master’s Great Hall, Elder Zhang continuously reported Elder Wang Changchun’s location. Each announcement was met with gasps of awe.

Finally, Elder Wang Changchun stopped at Great Seal City. This immortal city was located five hundred thousand miles away from Heavenly Origin Sacred Land. Stopping there was partly because Wang Changchun was tired. Even for a Nascent Soul cultivator, flying five hundred thousand miles at top speed in one breath was extremely exhausting.

On the other hand, there was no need to continue outward.

In Great Seal City, communication with Elder Zhang from Heavenly Origin Sacred Land was still normal.

The significance of this was self-evident.

The sect leader did not boast in vain.

The communication ring’s effect was beyond imagination.

Seeing the storage ring’s miraculous effect, all the elders were shocked and couldn’t help but want to experience it for themselves.

After obtaining the contact information of Elder Wang Changchun from Elder Zhang, they tried to connect one by one.

“Elder Wang, you’re really in Great Seal City?”

“Old Wang, it’s Old Cheng. Wow, it really is like face-to-face communication, with no delay at all.”

“This is simply a miracle!”

“Elder Wang, since you’re in Great Seal City, could you help me bring back two bottles of Rejuvenation Pills?”

Each elder was enthusiastic in their conversation.

At this moment, they treasured the communication ring they had once disregarded.

This was simply amazing.

They could communicate with their distant friends anytime, anywhere, without distance limitations.

Even for Nascent Soul Realm experts, this held an unparalleled appeal.

With this ring, they could always be informed of their sect’s situation even when they were away from it.

They could get news about their direct disciples’ situations at any time.

If there were any relics or opportunities, they could be the first to know.

This was simply too perfect.

Compared to this ring, those communication spells and talismans were utterly weak.

At this moment, everyone looked up at their sect leader with unparalleled admiration.

No wonder he was hailed as the most talented genius in the sect for a thousand years.

His own cultivation had progressed rapidly, but that was not all.

He could even produce such a miraculous magical tool.

It was truly admirable.

The previous doubts, dissatisfaction, and even anger had vanished at this moment.

Feeling the gazes of many elders, Ye Chen leisurely raised his hand, “Which elder is willing to go to Creek Secret Realm for a test?”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, an elder immediately stood up, “Replying to the Sect Leader, I am willing to test it and will head there now.”

After speaking, he directly flew towards Creek Secret Realm with a look of excitement on his face.

In the Great Yan Province, there were not many secret realms, but they were not scarce either.

They were more like a small world.

Many opportunities laid within these secret realms.

They were naturally isolated from the outside world, communication was impossible once inside.

If communication within secret realms was possible, then the communication ring provided by their sect leader would be a divine artifact…