It's lively.

It's really lively now.

The underworld first appeared, and now the Immortal Continent also appeared. This time it was really lively.

It is impossible for these big figures to appear for no reason. They must have deduced something and know what will happen next, so they will appear at the same time.

Lin Mu's feeling before was not wrong. The reason for his enthusiasm was that a glorious era was about to begin.

The entire Immortal Continent has entered the God Realm.

In this world, they will be bound by the laws of heaven and earth, but when they arrive in the God Realm, maybe there will be no such constraints, and everyone will be able to come out at that time.

Almost all the saints in the four great immortal realms have already entered the god realm.

As for the Demon Realm, they entered the God Realm as early as 20,000 years ago. There should not be many saints this time, so the gate of the Demon Realm has not been opened.

"Almost, let's go in too."

Emperor Luohu said, although they don't know what the God Realm looks like yet, since everyone has entered, they have nothing to worry about.

"go in."

Lin Mu said, and then he walked in first, entering the gate of the God Realm.

He saw a dazzling golden light, and then saw a huge gatehouse, guarded by divine soldiers and generals on both sides, guarding the gate of the God Realm.

There is no need to doubt the strength of these divine soldiers and generals. Since they are here to protect the God Realm, even a Hunyuan Saint should not try to act wild here.

Lin Mu strode in, and felt the power of a higher law while he was still on the way.

He could no longer see clearly the situation behind him, and all he could see now was golden light.

there's not even time here

Concept, he didn't know how long he walked, and finally walked out of this golden area.

In front of him, a tribe appeared, which seemed to be a wild tribe.

He looked back, and behind him was an endless primeval forest, with towering ancient trees and vines entwining them, like dragons.

"This is the God Realm!"

Lin Mu was very surprised. He had imagined the scenes of the God Realm countless times, but he never thought that the God Realm would look like this.

It doesn't look like the God Realm in front of me. It looks like a wild and undeveloped world. In front of it is a tribe with simple houses and simple people. They even wear animal skins.


Lin Mu suddenly discovered the difference, that is, none of these simple things are simple.

Their houses are all made of top-grade materials, and they look like a patchwork house of holy soldiers.

As for the animal skin clothes they wore, they were all the fur of holy beasts.

This can be said to be the most expensive fur.

The reason why it is so simple is because there is no refiner who can refine holy weapons, so these materials can only be used in such a simple way.

Wanting to refine holy weapons is not something that ordinary people can do. In the whole world, there will never be more than one person who can refine holy weapons.

From the situation in front of us, it can be seen that there are very few people who can refine holy weapons. Otherwise, they won't be able to use such a simple and simple use of so many top-level materials. They must be refined into holy weapons. to put

The value of these materials is maximized.

The appearance of trees attracted the attention of the entire tribe, and several young men and women greeted them.

They look very young, but each of them is very powerful, and they have all entered the realm of saints. It seems that even a dog in this world is a holy beast.

This is a normal thing. In this God Realm, there should be countless small worlds. If you have not reached the Saint Realm, you can only stay in the Small World. Only when you reach the Saint Realm can you come to this God Realm to survive.

"Welcome new friends. We are from the Liu family, a branch of the Shennong family. I don't know your name?"

One of the young men asked, with a sunny smile, looking very hospitable.

"Hi, I'm a saint who just entered the God Realm from the Immortal Realm. My name is Lin Mu. I don't know what happened. I appeared here after entering the God Realm."

Lin Mu truthfully replied that he is very unfamiliar with this God Realm now, he must first make a few friends sincerely, and then inquire about the situation in the God Realm.

"It turns out that you came from the fairy world. This is a normal thing. The place where everyone appears is random. You are lucky to appear in our tribe. If you appear in the wild forest in the distance, there are countless holy beast, that would be dangerous."

"I entered the Divine Sword Realm from the Immortal Realm, and almost all of them perish in the wild forest and become food for various holy beasts."

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Liu Ye, and I am the young patriarch of our branch. This one is called Liu Qing, and she is my younger sister."

Liu Ye is very hospitable, after confirming the identity of Lin Mu

, he suddenly had an idea.

That is to want to recruit Lin Mu into their Liu family.

In this God Realm, there are dangers everywhere, and the population of their branch is too small, not even more than 100.

This is not the number of everyone in the Liu family, but the number of saints.

It just so happened that his younger sister Liu Qing didn't have a man yet, and Lin Mu seemed to have good potential in front of her. If she could marry into their Liu family, it should be a good choice.

"No way."

Lin Mu was taken aback again, most of the saints who entered the God Realm would die first, this is a saint, can you show some respect.

Is this too exaggerated, this is the wild forest around, is it so scary? Then how did they, a wild tribe, survive here.


Lin Mu suddenly thought of a more important question, and immediately asked, "Looking at you, it seems that you didn't ascend from the lower realm. Could it be that there are original residents in this God Realm?"

"Naturally, we are the original residents of the God Realm."

Liu Ye replied, thinking that this is very normal, there is nothing strange about it.

But Lin Mu felt that it was abnormal. With such a God Realm, why didn't he open up a bridge with the Four Great Immortal Realms earlier, and wait until now to give them such a world where they can continue to live.

Liu Qing looked at the trees curiously. She was also wearing fur. This was white fur. I don't know what kind of holy beast's fur it was. The whole body was white, covering important parts and exuding a mysterious beauty.

Judging from their clothes, they are all relatively open, with almost all their hands, feet and stomachs leaking out.

when a

When people dress like this, some people will find it strange, but when everyone wears it like this, it will be strange if someone doesn't wear it.