Chapter 1230 The Great Goddess Celestial Alice

Chapter 1230 The Great Goddess Celestial Alice

It was still dark outside when Ji Yuan had followed the white bearded man and Shui Xisi outside.

Along the way and when they were flashing up the mountain paths, Ji Yuan asked from behind. "You are really the Great God Pangu? The Creator God of the Three Known Realms?"You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

The white bearded man laughed as he said to Ji Yuan, without turning his head back. "You can say that. But I am not the original Great God Pangu.

Ji Yuan was startled, "You are not the original Great God Pangu?"

"I am merely the 4th reincarnation of the Great God Pangu. Your celestial myths did not lie to you. The original Great God Pangu had indeed died after creating the Three Known Realms and banishing the Ancient Fortress of the Desolate Immortals out of the Nine Heavens." The white bearded man answered.

Ji Yuan asked curiously, "Then you can remember your past life as the Great God Pangu?"

The white bearded man laughed heartily, "Not exactly. Only the first reincarnation like yourself can remember even half of it. It gets lesser and lesser with every reincarnation."

"You know about me?" Ji Yuan asked with a look of surprise.

The white bearded man said, "When you had defeated the Great Demon God, quite a number of our immortals that excel in divinations began to perform an augury on you. You are not only the True Devil God's reincarnation but you have also taken our Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for yourself. Are you screwing everyone on purpose? How are the celestial cultivators going to take the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth from now onward? You have severed the destinies and lucky occurrences of thousands of geniuses."

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, "I didn't want to take the artefact soul of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. But Jiajia told me to take it. You can't really blame me. Also, the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth has also chosen me as well."

Shui Xisi giggled to the white bearded man, "Papa, don't listen to this little rascal. He is fond of finding excuses and he never says a single truthful word. You know that he is the True Devil God, am I right? He is evil in his heart for sure!"

Ji Yuan: ...

Hello Sisi! Which side are you on? I am the one that banged you, you know...

The white bearded man laughed jovially, "You don't have to hide it from us. We have already known that the two of you are together."

Shui Xisi was startled and she had become flustered while stammering to ask, "Who... says so?! Rubbish! Crap! I will like this little rascal? Impossible!"

The white bearded man took a look at Shui Xisi and grinned, "Your mother consort had said so. Your chastity mark is tied to her soul and once you had lost your chastity, she would know. This is also for your own protection."

Shui Xisi turned to look at Ji Yuan with affectionate eyes but it was also a woeful look; it was because sooner or later, she had to leave the Celestial Realm to continue her immortal cultivation or else she would be a weak immortal ruler.

The Great Goddess Alice said gently, "Sisi, since you are now the heiress to the Nine Heavens, it is time for me to impart to you my Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill."

Shui Xisi was startled, "I am not like Sister Fan Yuqing. This immortal divine skill needs me to open the Heaven Eyes of the fifth heavenly position. I am incapable of using this immortal divine profound art."

The Great Goddess Alice sighed softly, "Yuqing is my personal disciple. But she... doesn't want to become the immortal ruler. Indeed no one is more suitable to inherit my Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill than her. She can be said to be the number 1 genius cultivator in the Celestial and the Immortal Realm. In the future, she will surely be a true divinity."

Then she said, "Sisi, follow me. Today, we will help you to open your Heaven Eyes forcefully."

"We?" Shui Xisi was startled. "Who else is here?"

The Great Goddess Alice smiled, "The Great Goddess Fan Tian and the Heaveness are both here as well. Follow me."

Shui Xisi was startled as she stammered, "Holy crap! The Great Goddess Fan Tian and the Heaveness? I am doomed today... you guys really come at great expenses today? Why don't give you some of your immortal wealth..."

The Great Goddess Alice had already disappeared and her profound voice could be heard lingering, "When did you learn to talk so much? Come."

Shui Xisi reluctantly flashed ahead but not before she took a forlorn look at Ji Yuan, "I'll be alright... don't worry for me."

"It isn't that," Ji Yuan protested immediately. "I wanna to look at the Great Goddess Fan Tian and the Heaveness."

Shui Xisi stared coldly at Ji Yuan, "Go and die, Ji Yuan!"

Then she had disappeared.

The white bearded man laughed as he turned to say to Ji Yuan, "Now, it is only the two of us. Why don't we have a little spar instead?"

Ji Yuan blinked his eyes and said weakly, "Senior. Or should I call you the Great God Pangu instead. How is it possible for me to be able to stand against you?"

The Great God Pangu laughed heartily, "You want to obtain my daughter as your dao cultivation partner then shouldn't you let this old man beat you up a little?"