Chapter 647 The Goddess Star Palace (3)

Old Reverend Beiyuan was soon taking Ji Yuan and his group through the dark spatial space; they were indeed moving very fast, way faster than the speed in the Hollow World.

Ji Yuan asked weakly as his head began to feel wobbly, "We are now traveling at a 100 times faster than before?"

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed jovially, "Not really. While it looks like a 100 times faster in the great void but actually it is not real space that we are moving. Otherwise, we won't be reaching the next star no matter at this speed."

Ji Yuan laughed curiously as he looked at Shui Xisi, the Lovely Empress, Yun Chi and Bai Qianfeng, "I am a little confused."

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed, "I am twisting this spatial space with my godly immortal profound power in a distorted space. This is how the Godly Immortals travel in the dimensions. This is beyond your understandings. But the other two will be able to understand."

Bai Qianfeng nodded, "This is how our Ancient Fortress is able to travel from the Desolate Divine Realm to attack the Immortal Divine Realm. Ji Yuan, I will explain to you next time. When you have ascended to be an immortal in the future, you will be able to understand the dimensions of space much better."

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, "Haha… I can't even fly you know…"

Yun Chi laughed, "Say, Old Reverend Beiyuan. You didn't answer if you are going to give us some immortal tips to reach the 10th immortal positioning."

Old Reverend Beiyuan began to laugh jovially, "Hohohoho! It all depend on your predestined ordinances. I can't help you much."

"Just like you have become a disciple of your great mistress?" Bai Qianfeng asked curiously.

"How did you become a disciple of your great mistress?" The Lovely Empress was also curious as she asked.

"Or are you afraid to share with us?" Shui Xisi playfully smiled as she pulled a reverse psychology on Old Reverend Beiyuan.

This time round Old Reverend Beiyuan began to loosen his tongue and laughed, "Well, I am actually not the first. Before me, there was actually an immortal that got the chance but he screwed it up."

"How did he screw it up and who is he?" Yun Chi asked curiously.

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed, "Hohohoho. He called himself the Lord of the No Boundaries. My great mistress had put a test for him to kill an evil immortal or to cripple him. He had chosen to cripple that evil immortal and my great mistress did not make him her disciple. Hence he had lost the chance to cultivate beyond the 10th immortal positioning."

The Lovely Empress asked with a perplexed look, "This only shows that he is a kind person. What is wrong with this choice?"

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed jovially, "Hohohoho. He is just suggesting that my great mistress is an unkind God Immortal. Anyway, that evil immortal soon manage to cultivate back to his original cultivation realm and he had killed the Lord of the No Boundaries and all his loved ones."

Ji Yuan and his group: …

"I would have killed that evil immortal too." Ji Yuan began to mutter weakly.

"Then how did you become a God Immortal?" Shui Xisi asked curiously.

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed, "I am smarter than the Lord of No Boundaries. I choose to kill that evil immortal. Hohohoho."

Yun Chi smiled weakly, "This sounds like the correct choice. But this doesn't answer how you have managed to attain to the 10th immortal position, right?"

She was trying to find out the secrets of becoming a Divinity.

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed jovially, "I actually don't know. I am always at the 10th immortal positioning. I've thought that you are asking how did I become my great mistress' disciple?"

Ji Yuan and everyone: …

Bai Qianfeng smiled weakly as she asked, "Then how did Grand Holy Saintess Qi Yuexing become a disciple of the Great Beyond Goddess?"

Old Reverend Beiyuan began to ponder, "Well, this is a very long story…"

"You can tell us the shorten version." Ji Yuan bitterly said.

"Hohohoho." Old Reverend Beiyuan seemed to think for a while before he answered, "Well, I actually don't know. She isn't too fond of talking with me."

Ji Yuan and his group: …

Ji Yuan almost fainted as he asked with looks of disbelief, "And this is the shorten version?!"

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed jovially, "Actually I wanted to tell you how boring she is…"

All of a sudden they seemed to have stopped for a little while; it was because they could suddenly see the Grand Holy Saintess Qi Yuexing in a battle with a dark abyssal monster.

This dark abyssal monster had a hundred eyes and dozens of tenacles that were lashing against the Grand Holy Saintess Qi Yuexing and it was enveloped in a dark animus.

As for the Grand Holy Saintess Qi Yuexing, she was enveloped in a brilliant golden light and even her skin was a metallic golden.

The battle between them were fierce and earth shaking; the entire space seemed to be shaking as they fought with their profound powers!

Old Reverend Beiyuan said to them, "Good! She is being slowed down now. Let's go!"

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"Wait a minute!" Ji Yuan frowned. "You are not helping her?!"

Old Reverend Beiyuan laughed jovially, "Well, she won't die so easily. If she really dies then this is her bad luck and her destiny."

Ji Yuan and everyone were stunned: …

Ji Yuan said with a big frown, "I don't care what you are thinking. I am going to help her now!"

Shui Xisi was also indignant, "Yea, same here! She is in our party and we share the same goal…"

"It is pointless to help her." Old Reverend Beiyuan pointed out with an amused look, "That dark abyssal monster is beyond your means to defeat it…"

"Let's go to help!" Yun Chi had interrupted Old Reverend Beiyuan as she began displayed her profound aura to envelop her party.

At the same time, so did Bai Qianfeng as she expanded her profound aura to envelop everyone.

They had enveloped their profound animus around Ji Yuan, Shui Xisi and the Lovely Empress as they did not have the ability to move through the spatial space.

Without a word more, Ji Yuan, Shui Xisi, the Lovely Empress, Bai Qianfeng and Yun Chi had departed from Old Reverend Beiyuan's profound animus as they flew hastily toward the battle.