Chapter 754: I’ll Pronounce You As Count Frostwind

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Chapter 754: I’ll Pronounce You As Count Frostwind

Luckily, there was Lockpicker Jacob setting up the group teleportation ritual.

Annan and his party did not return to Viscount Ostoff Dolgoruky to clean up the meaningless mess but teleported back to Frostwhisper Province.

This actually saved them the time of taking the subway back to the Grand Duke’s Residence.

Most importantly, before Celecia and Saint Alfonso arrived, Annan had to find a tailor to quickly alter the clothes.

Annan, now wearing a white robe that was light and soft, could reveal the cursed rune on his shoulder and relax a bit when he was alone with the players.

Endymion gifted a curse with a high priority to Annan.

Among all the curses Annan had mastered, except for “The Last Work: David” by the Man in the Mirror, “Endymion” had the highest priority.

Annan originally had a curse that ignored pain. He simply dressed himself properly and had Jacob transport them back, then personally arranged for Jacob’s induction into the Winter’s Hand... Despite so, Annan then began to feel a slight burning sensation in his left shoulder.

Fortunately, the intensity was not too severe, akin to the sensation of dipping one’s hands into warm water after returning from the cold outside. In fact, this level of warmth was quite comfortable, even warming up his entire body...

However, only three hours had passed.

If Annan covered the rune for 13 hours, it might become a “scorching pain”.

That definitely would not do. It was already similar to the curse “Lost Eye” that Annan rejected before, which would disturb Annan to a great extent.

However, non-Persistent Type curses generally had ways to release them.

For example, the “Butcher’s Knife” curse that Annan obtained at the beginning could no longer hinder him. Only in the beginning, when Annan was still at Freezing Water Port, was he worried about how to resolve this curse.

Starting from Roseburg, Annan no longer lacked enemies.

Although from the beginning, Annan had made a plan to use players to resolve the curse. However, Annan didn’t resort to that in the end.

After he had succeeded to the throne of Grand Duke, it was even easier for him to do things.

Each month, the Duke personally executed a death row inmate, and this was done publicly. Although it might sound somewhat cruel and bloodthirsty, seemingly having a negative impact on the reputation of the young Duke... Therefore, Zoya did not immediately implement it.

However, Annan believed that this plan should be positive for his current reputation needs—

Grand Duke Ivan was famous for his benevolent governance.

Of course, the Austere-Winter Dukedom’s benevolent governance had its limits.

However, Ivan did suppress many conflicts, but these conflicts were not fundamentally resolved. It was only because of Grand Duke Ivan’s charm and his outstanding governance methods that they were temporarily resolved.

But now, it was Annan’s turn.

Annan had only turned 15 a few days ago.

He did not need to follow Ivan’s path and continue to implement benevolent policies. He did not have the intimidating authority of Ivan, and would only turn into a puppet if he continued on the benevolent path.

On the eve of the Frost Maul Disaster, they acquired part of the technology to replicate the Austere-Winter bloodline.

Although both Annan and Ivan knew that they were indeed the bloodline of the Old Grandmother, in the eyes of these nobles, this solid truth was a one-way claim to consolidate their rule.

After all, Grand Duke Ivan had been frail and sick since he was a child. Many Austere-Winter family members had died due to assassinations and curses, and there were also Grand Dukes who were killed in the winter years. If they were the blood of the Old Grandmother, would the Old Grandmother just sit back and watch?

Since no one had cared about it before, why would they care about Annan’s murder now? Worse still, Rotten Man had already visited a few years ago. He had attacked Annan, but he was still alive and well.

Old Grandmother had been sleeping for nearly a hundred years, how could she suddenly wake up after Annan was killed?

After decades had passed, the truth would be blurred.

Moreover, the Austere-Winter family also had Maria and Dmitri. Killing Annan did not count as exterminating the Austere-Winter family — after all, the news of Dmitri’s loss of fertility had not spread.

It was a clever misunderstanding.

It could be said that these nobles were smart.

However, Annan didn’t have the time to resolve it.

He would eliminate them all.

Annan had talented individuals at his disposal — players who were fully monitored and had exceptional qualities made for an excellent choice.

These territories can’t be left ungoverned, after all.

Well, Suuankou has a pretty sharp mind, and so does Longjing Tea and Delicious Wind Goose.

How about finding a player later and appointing him as Count Frostwind?

Annan thought.

If everything goes well, I just need to pick a group of players who don’t like fighting and solving puzzles very much and let them switch careers to engage in city-building and simulation management games in the northern region.

...I’m going to be so busy.

I have to install my men in Winter’s Hand, the northern region, the underground world...

Sooner or later, the entire Austere-Winter will be replaced by Annan’s men.

By then, it might be possible to unify the five countries.

After all, Endymion seemed to really have the ability to rebuild and unify the Great Barrier. Although those were one-sided words, the specifics need to be verified separately.

However, if Endymion could really do it... Annan could at most unite with the Noah Kingdom and the Papal Kingdom. If the players were distributed well, the underground world could also join this faction.

At that time, I cannot let those who have done nothing (specifically the United Kingdom) take advantage for free.

Annan thought this and walked into the living room.

Celecia had already left the subway, which meant she was almost here.

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