Delicious Wind Goose rushed home, panting.

Annan’s call time was 5:30 p.m. On the other hand, Old Goose was at the place farthest from home for his morning run. Thus, he darted back, and it only took ten minutes to get back on his bed.

He did not take a bath and skipped breakfast.

But, it was not much of a problem.

He had watched the new promotional video.

Like the first promotional video, it was a mix of insane footage. Although the players had no idea what Annan’s spider thread was about, more information was provided than in the first promotional video.

—The first Boss-level opponent had appeared.

Although according to Delicious Wind Goose’s speculation, there was a high probability that they still could not harm this Boss.

Even though a few players had already advanced to Silver Rank, they still had 80 Bronze Rank in the end.

The only good news was that the 40 new players had completed their Advancement and become transcenders.

Eighty transcenders… They could partake in this turmoil as long as the infinite resurrection was available!

It was a long-awaited adrenaline surge that pumped him up.

It was reminiscent of making a party in adventure games back when he was young.

And now, he was already a leader among Mist Continent’s closed beta players.

This was also related to the many strategies he uploaded during the exploration of “Nightmare: Gallery”, as well as his success in sneaking into Noah and completing the secret mission.

“Don’t start yet. Wait for me…” Delicious Wind Goose grumbled, closing his eyes quickly and entering the Mist Continent.

After he went online, he got the teleportation ritual directly.

The ritual was simple — Tap anything that makes a sound thirteen times in a row, say “Praise the Divine Transporter”; blink at the light source seven times in a row, and say “Reverence to the Divine Transporter”. With that, the player would teleport to the previous checkpoint.

He had seen from the forums that there was only one teleportation waypoint at the moment… the Swamp’s Black Tower.

According to the information that Lin Yiyi inquired from Annan, the players only need to use this ritual at a teleportation waypoint if they want to teleport to other places.

A teleportation waypoint was not a “coordinate”, but a designated “region”.

The teleportation would proceed in a general area instead of a pinpoint coordinate.

Those who teleport would randomly appear within the field of vision of an “acquaintance”. If there were enough acquaintances in this place, then the location which the ally teleported could be roughly influenced.

The teleportation destination would be unreliable if no allies were at the target location.

“In this case, we have to arrange for someone there to guard the teleportation waypoint in the future.” Delicious Wind Goose muttered in his heart. Then, he performed the teleportation ritual quickly and accurately.

He should now be the one who understood the ritual most among the players.

After blinking at the lit candle seven times in a row, Delicious Wind Goose chanted in a low voice:

“—Reverence to the Divine Transporter.” The next moment, he felt the candle flame suddenly expand and spread.

A bright and dazzling light quickly spread from the center of Delicious Wind Goose’s field of vision to the surroundings.

The whole world turned into light.

A mysterious power spread from his eyes to his whole body. After enshrouding him, an immense “soaring feeling” came about. It was as if he had risen to a higher realm.

“You’re late, Old Goose.” Lin Yiyi’s voice sounded from the side, “Everyone is waiting for you.”

She smiled gloatingly, “Does it feel good to teleport?”

“I thought I would faint and teleport.” Delicious Wind Goose acquiesced to her ridicule. He said helplessly, “Isn’t this the typical pattern?”

No wonder there is a fee for teleportation…

He raised his head and looked around, “How many people are here?”

“—Everyone is here.” It was Annan himself who answered Old Goose.

When Delicious Wind Goose looked at Annan, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment.

The thin white robe, the short shoulder-length hair like snow, and the scales on the neck made Delicious Wind Goose instantly think of the dragon character in Final Fantasy 14.

But his hair is too short in comparison.

If it can grow to the waist, it should be stunning… I think adding a pair of dragon horns should also look fantastic.

When such thoughts popped up in Delicious Wind Goose’s mind, he suddenly thought of someone.

He immediately turned his head to look at Citalopram in the crowd.

Unsurprisingly, Citalopram’s eyes were locked on Annan, focused.

“Thank you very much.” Annan looked at the players with complicated eyes.

He also thought that many players should be participating in this large-scale event.

After all, players like to join in the fun. He had expected about 50 people, given his confidence in the players.

As long as there were more than 30 people, Annan could establish a safe area to outflank the enemy.

If fewer than 20 players came, Annan had to launch a heavy assault to get inside the Black Tower while avoiding being attacked by the enemy from his rear.

But Annan never imagined that all the players would come together.

Most of the first batch of players were streamers. So they had plenty of time, which formed the central power of Annan’s forces.

The second batch of invited players included students, executives, and bosses. Each had their life and life difficulties.

However, they left their respective lives behind — choosing to answer Annan’s summon without getting any real benefit.

Even though they could not even be considered friends.

Nearly half of these players had never met Annan, let alone establishing a connection with Annan.

What happened here had crossed cultures, civilizations, and even worlds. It signified the connection between “people”.

For a while, Annan was inexplicably moved.

He finally confirmed where he and Bernardino were similar but different.

Like himself, that “Spiritual Monk” snowballed more and more powerful “helpers”. The souls and the players were considered the same aspect.

However, the difference was that the spirits of Bernardino were silent, lacking a mind and lacking freedom.

On the other hand, Annan’s players rely on their free will to decide their behavior.

They explored, saved the world, fought the evils, and did it just because they wanted to — without anyone forcing them, ordering them, or enslaving them.

This was not a game where death arrived if they disobeyed Annan’s orders.

Annan did not disregard the players’ state and summoned them directly — although he did have such authority.

But having it did not mean that Annan had to use it.

Players came chatting and laughing with each other, with no pressure, no fear, and no absence.

They sincerely and earnestly wanted to save everything — destroy the bad, keep the good, avenge the evil in the name of justice, and do whatever they wanted in the name of freedom.

They were unrestrained souls.

These were the players.

They followed Annan like a pack of wolves following their king.

You all taught me a lesson too.

Annan’s lips moved slightly, speaking silently.

He looked up at the burning Swamp’s Black Tower.

It was as if he sensed Annan’s killing intent — many transparent spiritual bodies emerged from the sky and came over.

That was the spirit legion in the number of thousands Bernardino had collected over the years.

In the high-intensity confrontation with Hugo, they had no room to make an attack.

But for Annan and his players, every spirit was an experienced and powerful “elite monster”.

Players were not afraid at all.

They were like wolves with green eyes, looking at the spirit bodies flying towards them with unprecedented enthusiasm.

After they came to Mist Continent, they had never seen such a high density and number of elite monsters!

Annan’s only one sentence of pre-war mobilization came at this time:

“Here, I give you the power of infinite resurrection—” He had no plans of ​​continuing to hide his authority.

Players had received prompts that the resurrection would not deduct their level for the time being.

This thoroughly boiled the players’ enthusiasm to another level.

Annan drew his long sword and pointed forward.

He pointed it to Swamp’s Black Tower, which was haunted by undead.

His eyes were bright, and his voice was inspiring.

“My warriors!”

Annan was the first to rush forward.

A sonorous cry resounded through the sky.