(Within The Screen In The Sky)

"Young Master Lin Yan, if you have time in the future, you can come visit the Imperious Mountain Peak where I live."

Lin Yan and an older man with grey hair talked about a few things, and then the latter bid farewell with a smile.

When the old man left, Xiao Yanran, whose eyes had long been glazed onto Lin Yan, immediately rushed towards him, "Big Brother, the one just now is an immortal, right?"


Lin Yan nodded his head.

Although Lin Yan was living in seclusion, his name was well-known.

So, many immortals in the Lingxuan Continent, after knowing Lin Yan was living here in seclusion, came over to visit him on their initiative.

Before Xiao Yanran, his sister, returned, many immortals had already taken the initiative to visit him.

Meanwhile, the cultivators in Saint Realm were too embarrassed to come to Lin Yan due to a huge gap between them.

"The Immortal took the initiative to visit you..."

Xiao Yanran gazed at Lin Yan, "Big Brother, why is this immortal so polite to you? Could it be that Big brother's cultivation level is that of an immortal?"

Xiao Yanran's face was full of disbelief.

A few days ago, although Xiao Yanran had gradually discovered that Lin Yan's cultivation level seemed no weaker than hers, she didn't know how strong her big brother was. She didn't ask him in detail either.

But, later on, an immortal personally came to visit and looked so polite in front of her brother.

Obviously, Xiao Yanran was stunned to see an immortal as she was only in the Dao Attainment Realm.

Not to mention the Immortal Realm, even the Sage Realm, was a supreme existence in the cultivation world.

But such an Immortal who was considered supreme seemed so humble before Lin Yan.

This naturally stunned Xiao Yanran.

"No, I'm still quite a bit short of an immortal." Lin Yan shook his head.

Lin Yan was now in the Half-Step Immortal Realm, and although he had recently gained some insight on making a breakthrough to the Immortal realm, his combat power was far beyond that of any Immortal expert.

But without a breakthrough into this realm, one was not considered a true immortal.

When Lin Yan wanted to tell Xiao Yanran about his cultivation realm in detail, he suddenly felt a familiar aura not far away.

"Yanran, go get ready, a guest is coming." Lin Yan smiled and admonished Xiao Yanran.

With a curious expression on her face, Xiao Yanran asked, "Another guest has come to visit my brother. Could it be another immortal? Quickly tell me the name, I'll see if I know it."

"It's the Heavenly Emperor of the Heavenly Palace." Lin Yan nodded slightly.

At this moment, the aura Lin Yan felt was none other than the former Heavenly Emperor of the Heavenly Palace.

Seeing the figure of the former Heavenly Emperor appear in the distance, Lin Yan took the initiative to walk in his direction.

However, Xiao Yanran was left alone, frozen in place.

"T-The-e Heavenly Emperor…?! The Heavenly Emperor of the Heavenly Palace ?!... Even the Heavenly Emperor had come to visit my big brother personally? What exactly happened in these hundred years?" Xiao Yanran was dumbfounded; her mouth gasped in shock.ad*vancechaptersavailable!

(On The Lingxuan Continent)

The many cultivators around Xiao Yanran couldn't help but look toward Xiao Yanran.

Before this, fairy Yanran gave them the impression of being cold and arrogant. However, gazing at the screen over their head now, they couldn't help but think, "Back then, Fairy Yanran didn't seem that smart."

Xiao Yanran herself was blushing at this moment.

In the past, she was indeed a bit silly.

Xiao Mei, beside Xiao Yanran, was staring deathly at the screen over her head.

Every time her father came to see Lin Yan, she knew.

But this time, she didn't know at all.

(Within The Screen In The Sky)

The former Heavenly Emperor's figure appeared in the distance. However, Lin Yan's expression changed slightly as he got close to the Heavenly Emperor.

The former Heavenly Emperor's aura was much weaker than in the past as if he had just experienced a great battle.

"Your Highness, what's going on with you? Could it be that you have just fought with someone?" Lin Yan walked up to the former Heavenly Emperor and asked.

The former Heavenly Emperor forced a smile and waved his hand, "Recently, I caught a lot of Extraterrestrial Devils, and it took a bit more energy to refine them."

Not waiting for Lin Yan to speak, the former Heavenly Emperor interrupted, "Lin Yan, I'm here today to make a deal with you."

A deal?

Lin Yan looked at the former Heavenly Emperor with suspicion.

With a solemn expression, the former Heavenly Emperor said, "Haven't you been investigating the news of the Seven Star Sect? I found it for you."


Lin Yan's face instantly changed significantly, and even his body trembled slightly.

-The Seven Star Sect.

-The cultivators wearing Seven Star Daoist robes had slaughtered his parents and Xiao Yanran's parents' family.

All these years, this scene had kept appearing in his dreams countless times.

Moreover, Lin Yan had joined the Heavenly Palace in the first place and sat in the Heavenly Palace's Book Collection for a hundred years for this sake.

It was to find information about the Seven Star Sect.

But he never found the relevant news.

Unexpectedly, the former Heavenly Emperor today brought him the news.

"Where is the Seven Star Sect …?" Lin Yan's face was fierce as he uttered each word.

The former Heavenly Emperor shook his head, "Don't be hasty, listen to my other conditions. As long as you promise me that you will marry my daughter in the future, I will tell you the news related to the Seven Star Sect."

The former Heavenly Emperor's condition caused Lin Yan to be stunned.ad*vancechaptersavailable!

(On the Lingxuan Continent)

Everyone around the palace had envious expressions plastered on their faces.

In the previous scenes, they had long seen the appearance of the former Heavenly Emperor's daughter, the Heavenly Palace Princess.

She could be described as a heavenly beauty with a matchless face.

Such a stunning beauty wasn't often seen even among cultivators. But now, the former Heavenly Emperor took the initiative to marry his daughter to Lin Yan.

If it were them who came across such a good thing, they would have agreed to it without hesitation.

At this moment, Xiao Mei looked dumbly at the screen above, and her eyes revealed despair in her eyes.

"So, even our marriage was exchanged by my father with conditions…."

These last ten thousand years, although Xiao Mei hated the Heavenly Emperor for killing her father, deep in her heart, there were many times when she thought that the Heavenly Emperor liked her, and that's why he wanted to marry her in the first place.

But now, watching the Heavenly Emperor's memories, Xiao Mei understood everything.

"The deal …? Haha hahaha …. It turned out to be just a deal." Xiao Mei's strength, at this moment, seemed to be drained cleanly, almost collapsing limply.

In the end, it was Xiao Yanran, who was next to her, who held her up.

Looking at Xiao Mei's desperate appearance, Lin Feng, on the side, was moved and originally intended to take the opportunity to say a few words to console her. Still, thinking of every time he spoke before, the result would be entirely wrong. So, he decisively closed his mouth.

'Anyway, it's almost time for the Heavenly Emperor to begin his evil deeds. It's best for me to remain silent now. When he kills Sister Xiao Mei's father in public, Sister Xiao Mei's heart will be broken… then I'll console Sister Xiao Mei and her heart will turn to me.' Lin Feng thought to himself.

(Within The Screen In The Sky)

Lin Yan and the former Heavenly Emperor stood opposite each other.

Facing the conditions proposed by the former Heavenly Emperor, Lin Yan closed his eyes and was silent for a moment. He opened his eyes and said, "Your Highness, I'm sorry, I can't agree to your conditions."


The former Heavenly Emperor's face showed disappointment. "My daughter's affection for you is obvious to anyone. Her looks are not bad either. She has always been extremely good to you, and has helped you many times …Why do you still refuse my conditions?"

Lin Yan said calmly, "It is because of this that I cannot agree to your conditions."

Looking up at the former Heavenly Emperor, Lin Yan added, "Her Highness has always been extremely nice to me and has helped me many times, so in my heart, she is already like my sister. Even if I really want to marry her, I should take the initiative to propose marriage. It must not be because the former Heavenly Emperor proposed to make a deal."

"Forgive me for saying this," Lin Yan's tone slightly aggravated. "Using Sister Xiao Mei as a trading object is an insult to her."

Looking at Lin Yan, who had a determined face, the former Heavenly Emperor stared in surprise.ad*vancechaptersavailable!

(On The Lingxuan Continent)

Xiao Mei, powerless and filled with despair, was also completely frozen at this moment.

At this moment, it was as if she had completely forgotten that the Heavenly Emperor was her father's enemy.

The only thing that remained in her mind was Lin Yan's words, "This is an insult to Sister Xiao Mei."

So, back then, he cared a lot about me.

Xiao Mei's hands trembled slightly, and large teardrops rolled down her eyes.

"But why? You obviously cared so much about me yet you killed my father."

Xiao Mei shouted hoarsely at the screen above her head as if to ask a straightforward question.




The sound of why and Xiao Mei's tears rolled down as if she had vented all her resentment and grievances over the past ten thousand years.

Why did he do it?

Xiao Mei collapsed to the ground, hands covering her face, sobbing in a low voice.