"Lin Yan, you have defected the Heavenly Palace. In the Heavenly Palace's stead, we'll take you down today."

Lin Yan, who had just taken Teng Gang and others away and escaped from the hands of the former Heavenly Emperor, was immediately blocked by another group of immortals on the way.

Moreover, these immortals hid their aura, making it impossible to tell who they were.

Lin Yan was suspicious when a group of strange immortals blocked the way, but the next moment, his face became unsightly as he felt a strong Extraterrestrial Devil's aura from these immortals.

"You are in the Immortal Realm yet you are colluding with the Extraterrestrial Devils?" Lin Yan asked with a grimace.

Hearing Lin Yan's words, an immortal among them burst into laughter, "Lin Yan, so what if we are working for the Extraterrestrial Devils? If it weren't for them, we would never be able to make a breakthrough to the Sage Realm and reach the Immortal Realm."

Several other immortals around also nodded.

These immortals had gained no small benefit for working for the Extraterrestrial Devils.

A breakthrough from Sage to Immortal Realm was the most challenging hurdle for many top cultivators as they had succeeded in the divine fusion of heaven and earth. However, many couldn't succeed, so they fell at this level.

With the help of the power of the Extraterrestrial Devils, these immortals in front of him had a breakthrough from Saint Realm.

Therefore, not only did they fear the Extraterrestrial Devils in the slightest, but they were filled with gratitude and worship.

"Stupid. They're so stupid."

Looking at these immortals working for the Extraterrestrial Devils in front of him, Lin Yan's expression turned cold.

Being a member of the Devil Hunter Squad for so many years, he naturally learned about these Extraterrestrial Devils.

They possess a dense evil qi. As long as one was infected with this, though they reap some benefits initially, in the long term, as the evil qi gets stronger, the host would be affected and begin to turn into a puppet with no humanity.

The Extraterrestrial Devils would then control them as puppets.

This puppet would start to lose consciousness and sanity.

Working for the Extraterrestrial Devils was similar to asking a tiger for its skin. (TL: Asking a tiger for its skin = Doomed)

The immortals that showed up before Lin Yan were so enchanted by the power that they had forgotten how fearsome the Extraterrestrial Devils were.


Lin Yan didn't even bother talking to these immortals who had gradually lost themselves. He wanted to kill each one of them, unlike earlier when he only fought with the Immortals of the Heavenly Palace.

He intended to kill these immortals in a flash without the slightest reservation now.

Seeing Lin Yan kill an immortal and extract the Extraterrestrial Devil from him, the rest fled in a mess.

Before Lin Yan could breathe, several more Extraterrestrial Devils emitting a strong evil aura surrounded him again and were killed by him in no time.

Such a scene happened in the following month almost every day.

Even though Lin Yan was strong, under the continuous siege by these Extraterrestrial Devils and their puppet immortals, his aura began to weaken as days passed.adv*ncechaptersareavailable

(Inside Lingxuan Continent)

"So there was still so much to go through then?" Teng Gang looked up with disbelief as this was so different from what he remembered.

On the other hand, it was evident that the other cultivators of the Lingxuan Continent

had already discovered something unusual.

"Ten thousand years ago, there were actually so many high-ranking cultivators in the Lingxuan Continent working with the Extraterrestrial Devil. They deserve to die."

"Everyone knows how fearsome the Extraterrestrial Devils are but there are still cultivators who cannot resist the temptation and choose to collude with the Extraterrestrial Devils."

"From the point of view of eliminating the Extraterrestrial Devils alone, the Heavenly Emperor has done a lot for the Lingxuan Continent."

"Don't you guys find anything strange? The Heavenly Emperor has been running away for a month, but no matter where he goes, those Extraterrestrial Devils are able to pinpoint him precisely. How could that be?"

Lin Yan disrupted the laws around himself and deliberately hid his aura, making it already very difficult to find him.

Even the Heavenly Palace's Heaven Observation Mirror couldn't find him easily.

But those Extraterrestrial Devils showed up before him as if they were following Lin Yan's tracks.

As long as Lin Yan stopped, they would immediately appear before him.

This odd scene confused many people.adv*ncechaptersareavailable

Even the ordinary cultivators watching the scene could find these Extraterrestrial Devils abnormal.

Lin Yan naturally also found something wrong long ago.

These Extraterrestrial Devils knew too much about his whereabouts.

No matter where Lin Yan hid, they could find him on the first attempt.

Because of this, Lin Yan was forced into this current appearance of weakened breath.

After all, even if he was strong, he couldn't fight Extraterrestrial Devils without a break.

"Could it be that these Extraterrestrial Devils mastered some kind of powerful tracking technique that I've never heard of? Do the Extraterrestrial Devils even have that ability?"

After fleeing from a group of Extraterrestrial Devils again, Lin Yan made calculations in his heart.

Suddenly, his complexion changed slightly, and he seemed to think of something.

After a big movement and landing on a mountain, Lin Yan released the four people he had stored in a separate space on his body.

Teng Gang and Zhao Ling'er were still in a state of deep sleep.

Lin Yan's gaze kept sweeping over them, and at the same time, he began to run the Devil Tracking technique slowly.

With the help of the Devil Tracking technique, he began to sense the Extraterrestrial Devil aura on Teng Gang's body.

"He finally began to suspect us." Looking at the screen above, Teng Gang couldn't help but sigh.

Earlier, seeing Lin Yan save them all without hesitation and even saying in public, 'I am their big brother. If even I don't trust them, then who will?' and such, he was moved.

But at this moment, seeing Lin Yan beginning to doubt them, Teng Gang felt pained.

It seems this big brother of his had never really trusted them even in the past.

Seeing Teng Gang's face turn ugly, Lin Feng shook his head and said, "Big brother Teng Gang, the Heavenly Emperor is actually suspicious of you guys and that is something that is inevitable. Don't take it to heart… What's more, your innocence has long been confirmed."

Other cultivators around began to comfort Teng Gang.

Teng Gang's complexion turned much better after hearing these comforting words.

"Those who are innocent will be innocent. Back then we were indeed wrongly accused, there is no doubt about that." Teng Gang nodded slightly.adv*ncechaptersareavailable


(Within The Screen In The Sky)

At this moment, a sudden change occurred.

Just when Lin Yan scanned Teng Gang and rest, he detected an Extraterrestrial heavenly Devil aura.

Teng Gang and Zhao Ling'er opened their eyes at the same time.

"Big Brother."

Zhao Ling'er had a pleasant smile on her face.

After calling out to Lin Yan, she slowly got up and walked toward him with a smile, and half of her body was leaning on him, "Big Brother, where are we?"

Zhao Ling'er's voice was sweet and cloying.

Feeling the softness coming from Zhao Ling'er's body, Lin Yan's face began to turn odd.

Just now, he didn't find the slightest aura of the Extraterrestrial Devil on Zhao Ling'er and Teng Gang, but there was something wrong with Zhao Ling'er's current demeanor.

In the past, Zhao Ling'er was playful and cute, but the current Zhao Ling'er exuded a sense of demonic charm.

"Ling'er, have you not recovered yet?"

Lin Yan looked at Zhao Ling'er and was about to ask a few questions, but his face changed drastically.

Lin Yan abruptly turned back, and what appeared in front of him was Teng Gang with an evil smile on his face, holding the heads of Zhuo Yang and Xu Jingtian.

Lin Feng: "..."

Other cultivators of the Lingxuan Continent: "..."

Teng Gang: "..."

This wasn't right.

Something was very wrong.

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