Chapter 433 - Chapter 433: Separation

Chapter 433: Separation

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After leaving the palace, Mu Yangling sent Li Jinghua to the carriage. When she turned around, she saw Qi Feng glaring at her with a livid expression. Mu Yangling raised her eyebrows and looked straight at him.

“You, you…” Qi Feng was furious when he heard Qi Haoran say faintly from behind, “Uncle, your carriage is over here.”

Qi Feng’s anger was instantly exposed. Looking around, he realized that everyone seemed to be looking in his direction. He could only swing his sleeves and get into the carriage, planning to discuss it with them when they returned. Madam Xia tugged at Qi Haoran worriedly and hesitated for a while before saying, “Why don’t you and your wife stay at my place for two days?” Qi Haoran refused. “Aunt, I won’t disturb you since it’s the New Year. Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

Frowning, Fan Siwen said, “Up to you, but you have to manage Madam Mu too. You have to teach her well what she can and can’t say. After all, this is the capital, not Xingzhou Prefecture.”

Fan Zijin sneered. “I don’t think Sister-in-law said anything she shouldn’t have.”

When Fan Siwen saw his son’s mocking gaze, he was instantly furious. He glared at him and flicked his sleeves before leaving. Madam Xia hesitated for a moment before pulling her son away. “Why do you always make your father angry? It s the New Year. Hurry up and apologize.”

Fan Zijin waved his hand nonchalantly and said, “Mother, you can leave first I want to talk to Haoran.”

Seeing that her husband’s carriage was about to leave, Madam Xia could only instruct her son to catch up.

Fan Zijin looked at his mother’s back and turned his head. “If only my mother had half of Ah Ling’s boldness.”

Qi Haoran grinned and said proudly, “How many people in this world can compare to Ah Ling?”

Fan Zijin pursed his lips. “However, it’s indeed time for you to restrain Ah Ling. This time, he only let her off because he’s in a good mood. If she still talks to the ruler like this next time, I’m afraid things could end in a huge disaster.” Qi Haoran’s expression darkened slightly. “She was helping me fend off the disaster.”

Fan Zijin did not want to see him so emotional again. When he turned around, he whispered in his ear, “When we go horse racing on the third day of the Lunar New Year, remember to ask her to hide her strength. Her ability is our trump card.”

Qi Haoran nodded.

Mu Yangling’s background was not difficult to investigate. She came from a hunter family and had gone hunting in the mountains with her father since she was young. In addition, she was stronger than ordinary people and knew how to ride a horse. Also, her archery skills were also not bad.

However, she was much stronger than ordinary people. Other than Qi Haoran and the others, even Shu Wanniang and Xiuhong didn’t know the details even though the latter was often by her side. Furthermore, good archery skills could mean a lot of things. Managing to shoot a rabbit or a tiger were both considered ‘good archery skills’.

She had to grasp this degree well.

Qi Haoran returned to Mu Yangling’s side. Seeing her tense expression, he thought that she was worried about his father’s words just now, so he held her hand and said, “Don’t worry. With me around, he won’t dare to do anything to you.”

It was only when they were holding hands that Qi Haoran realized that her hand was cold. Frowning slightly, he pulled her into his embrace. He felt her body and realized that her entire back was drenched in sweat. For a moment, he was angry and heartbroken. He scolded, “I thought you were so bold. But ’ you’re actually so frightened. Let’s see if you still dare to show off in the future.”

As he spoke, he took out all the handkerchiefs on her body to wipe the sweat off her back. Mu Yangling leaned weakly in his arms and only then did she feel fear. She whispered into his ear, “It’s said that accompanying a king is like accompanying a tiger. I’ve finally experienced it today.”

Qi Haoran hugged her with heartache and said, “Don’t be like this in the future. It’s impossible for him to issue an imperial edict, and I can still reject his verbal request. At most, I’ll just be fired.”

“Won’t he kill you?” Mu Yangling asked curiously.

Qi Haoran shook his head. “I don’t think so. Emperor Jingyan rarely kills ministers. Back then, Shu Guang was merely exiled for his crime which was punishable by death, and the Emperor even pardoned him two years ago. All I did was argue back. He won’t do anything to me. It’s just that Big Brother might be in a difficult position.”

So, they were making trouble for his big brother?

Mu Yangling smiled in his arms. Qi Haoran tapped her nose and said, “Big Brother would rather have this than let me marry Minister Qin’s daughter. It’s not a good thing to be related to Minister Qin.”

“By the way, will we offend Minister Qin by rejecting the marriage on the spot today?”

Qi Haoran pursed his lips nonchalantly and said, “Unless I accept the marriage, we’ll offend him no matter how we go about it. No, even if I accept it, I’m afraid we’ll still offend him. We can’t fathom his treacherous thoughts, so we just have to do our job well.”

“Didn’t they say that it’s better to offend a gentleman than a villain?”

Qi Haoran said domineeringly, “Be it a gentleman or a villain, I’m not afraid.”

Mu Yangling patted his chest with a smile and praised, “Good job.”

The gloominess of the palace banquet was swept away by the two of them, but their good mood only lasted until they got off the carriage. Qi Feng, who had arrived home early, was actually waiting for them in the courtyard.

The moment they got out of the carriage, they met Qi Feng’s gloomy gaze. Qi Haoran helped Mu Yangling down nonchalantly and bid farewell to Qi Feng patiently.

Qi Feng said coldly, “Follow me to the study.”

Qi Haoran was impatient. Ah Ling’s back was drenched with sweat. She had to quickly shower and change on such a cold day. Otherwise, no matter how robust her health was, she would probably fall sick. How could he have the time to deal with Qi Feng?

Hence, Qi Haoran said impolitely, “Father, if there’s nothing urgent, I’ll bring Ah Ling back first. Her health isn’t good to begin with, and her condition’s been made worse by the wind today. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

“Unfilial son!” Qi Feng couldn’t help but stomp his feet and point at his nose as he scolded, “Why are you still protecting such a jealous woman? Hurry up and divorce her. She actually offended the Emperor, Minister Qin, and Official Lu in one night. I’ve long said that one should marry a virtuous wife. You and your Big Brother seem to be afraid that I’ll harm you. All of you chose to marry someone from that place where even birds don’t sh*t©. Divorce her, divorce her!”

Li Jinghua, who had been standing at the side obediently listening to the lecture, could not help but turn serious. Where even birds don’t sh*t?

When had the Guanzhong region ever been described like this?

Mindful not to humiliate her father-in-law, Li Jinghua did not retort. But Mu Yangling, who was leaning against Qi Haoran, had no problem speaking her mind. “This is the first time I’ve heard of such a description. It turns out that the ancient capital, Chang’an, which has always been a place where warlords always fight over, is actually a place where even birds don’t sh*t.”

Qi Haoran said irritably, “Father, although I don’t study much, I know that the Guanzhong area was once a prosperous place. Perhaps you have no idea because you’ve been an official for too long. Go back and read some history books. I’ll go back with Ah Ling first.”

Qi Haoran turned around and instructed Wen Cui and the rest. “Help your eldest madam back and serve her well.”

Wen Cui glanced at the sullen-faced Qi Feng and responded. Then, she went forward to support Li Jinghua and left.

Qi Haoran ignored the furious Qi Feng and carried Mu Yangling back to his courtyard, leaving Qi Feng roaring like a trapped beast. “Unfilial son, unfilial son, I want, I want…”

After stuttering for a long time, he failed to come up with what to do with Qi Haoran.

In the past, he could have arrested his son and beaten him up, cut off his allowance, or locked him up.

But now, Qi Haoran was completely out of his control. Not to mention anything else, with the 15 guards living in the outer courtyard, could he defeat Qi Haoran and capture him?

Cut off his allowance?

Five years ago, Qi Haoran no longer needed his money. Qi Feng was a little dejected. It was only now that he truly felt that his two sons had completely broken free from his control.