“I’ll have to go to the library myself.”

He concluded that he had no choice but to use his position as the Crown Prince to inspect the books in the innermost part of the library.

Tarion spoke up, “Your Highness, I know someone who can a*sist in restoring the ancient method of using mana.”

Kariel looked puzzled at Tarion’s words and asked, “A*sist? Who?”

Tarion responded, “Indeed. I have a friend who is an expert in matters of the flesh. However…”

“However?” Kariel inquired as he tilted his head.

“The issue is that he’s considered a strange character,” Tarion hesitated before adding.

Kariel immediately thought of someone who was obsessed with muscle development, a knight who was a bit insane. “Is it Toto?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s the one,” Tarion confirmed and his expression turned uneasy.

Toto was a weirdo who was obsessed with the study of mana maturation and muscle development. He was a lunatic who exercised every day to the point of resembling the earth’s weightlifters.

“Of course, had he been a mere eccentric obsessed only with exercise, he would not have become famous to this extent. However, he was a powerful figure with exceptional skills in the eccentric field, a talent that was counted among the best in the Empire.”

“I had no idea you were friends with Toto?” Kariel asked.

“We grew up in the same neighborhood when we were young. After I entered the palace, we couldn’t see each other often,” Tarion replied, his expression turning bitter.

As a shadow-born, Tarion had to minimize the number of people who knew him, which meant severing many of his original relationships.

“Well, that’s true,” Kariel pondered for a moment at Tarion’s words, then looked up and said, “If we’re going to get help, let’s gather more people.”

“What do you mean by people?” Tarion asked.

“Yeah, there aren’t many mana ripening experts in the palace, are there? So we have to look for them outside,” Kariel grinned.

Then, he called for paper and listed the people who came to his mind: the fire-crazed magician Arshna, the warrior Eris, and the monster surgeon Bryon.

“They’re all famous eccentrics. Where did you hear about them?” Tarion asked, pointing to the pile of books that Kariel had accumulated.

In response, Kariel simply gestured towards the books.

At that, Tarion let out a heavy sigh.


“Yeah, it’ll be busy, but do your best.”


After reminding Tarion that this was the top priority, Kariel immediately fell asleep.

* * *

The next day, before the crack of dawn, Kariel rode his horse to the palace library.

Thanks to yesterday’s incident spreading, perhaps?

As he entered the library, everyone bowed their waist ninety degrees without any indication of resistance. Kariel left them behind and walked into the noble-only section, then went deeper into the library to the section reserved only for the imperial family.

An old man greeted him as she pa*sed through the area exclusively for nobles.

“Your Highness.”

“May I go in?”

In response to his question, the old man smiled and took one step to the side.

The innermost part of the palace library, reserved only for the emperor and the crown prince. Kariel had come to the palace library for the sole purpose of entering this place.

As the books that Tarion had obtained from the noble’s section with his authority were of no use, this was the only place left to search.

“Thank you.”

“It is my duty, Your Highness.”

Kariel wondered if the old librarian recognized him as the “decorative prince,” but it seemed he did not care about such things as he led him inside.

“Is he from the shadow-born?

The next day, before dawn, Kariel mounted his horse and headed straight to the palace library. Was it because news of what happened at the palace yesterday had spread?

As he walked through the area where nobles could read, Kariel made his way into the imperial library, and even deeper into the section reserved only for the royal family.

There, an old man greeted him.

“I greet Your Highness.”

“May I enter?”

In response to his question, the old man smiled and took a step to the side, indicating that he could pa*s. This was the heart of the palace library, reserved only for the emperor and the heir to the throne, and Kariel had come here directly for that reason.

Since Tarion’s book from the nobles’ section was of no use, this was his last hope.

“Thank you.”

“It is my pleasure to serve you.”

Despite Kariel’s nickname as the “patterned prince,” the old librarian did not seem to mind, guiding him without hesitation.

“Are you from the shadow realm?” Kariel wondered silently, following the hesitant footsteps of the librarian as they pa*sed through several locked doors and arrived at the deepest part of the palace library.

“I’m sorry, but could you help me a little?” Kariel asked, with a tone of respect that was different from his previous arrogance towards the imperial official.

The old man’s eyes lit up at his change in tone.

“That is why we librarians are here. Please feel free to ask for anything.”

“In that case, I have a request.”

As Kariel spoke, he demanded books containing the ancient methods of mana utilization, techniques for enhancing physical abilities, and books on the mana techniques of the ancient Were Wolves.

The librarian’s eyes were full of interest and then vanished.

“If you sit and rest, I’ll come back soon with the books,” the librarian said.

Kariel nodded slightly at the librarian’s words.

As he sat in the palace library, he felt a slight fatigue, but before he knew it, the old librarian had quietly approached him with all the books he had requested.

“Your Highness.”

“Did you find them already?”

Kariel straightened up when he saw the old librarian come in with several old books.

The old librarian put the books down and said, “If you’re looking for the ancient Were Wolf’s mana techniques, they’re right here.”


As Kariel swallowed his dry throat, the old librarian grinned with his wrinkled face.

“You don’t have to worry about your trust being compromised.”

Kariel stared at the old librarian. He was someone he had seen a few times when he was young, but he disappeared after he became Emperor.


Although he instinctively felt that he was not to be trusted, it was not important at the moment. After quickly checking the parts that the librarian had laid out, Kariel smiled.

“I found it.”

Finally, Kariel found what he had been looking for and looked back at the old librarian, who seemed to read his mind and brought out paper and pen.

With gratitude and the important notes hastily scribbled down, Kariel folded the paper and put it in his pocket before rising from his seat.

“I will repay this kindness someday.”

“I have only done what needed to be done,” the old librarian replied, bowing his head.

As Kariel left the library, the old librarian watched him quietly and murmured to himself, “The will of fire will never be extinguished.”