Chapter 218: Lesson (3)

Chapter 218: Lesson (3)

The missing Tower Master was running rampant.

Hoyeol and Marcelo.

The two chiefs noticed that and took action.

Nevertheless, the reason why the Elder Mage Yugwid and the senior members of the Mage Tower came out of the tower was simple. The Tower Master was the one closest to the pinnacle of magic.

Hoyeol just recently formed a circle.

On the other hand, the Tower Master had formed his circle long ago.

That was why Yugwid made that decision.

Even though Hoyeol became the existence of oddity.

He couldnt overcome the difference in experience.

Of course, it turned out to be a huge mistake.

Banglet stuttered.

I-Its too one-sided!

Hoyeol was one-sidedly pushing out the Tower Master.

As if the status was different.

No matter what super high-level magic the Tower Master displayed.

Hoyeol showed no sign of panic.

Yugwid inadvertently laughed.

I dont know how many times Ive been surprised today.

Hadnt she really become an old woman?

A mages duel was different from a warriors battle that used a sword and a shield. There was no such a thing as an equal match.

Magic came from mana. This meant that the outcome was decided by the stronger magic devouring the weaker magic.

As expected of the Tower Master. That level of fire magic!

Senior mage of fire magic, Bensch William.

One of the magics that revealed the nature of magic better than anything else was fire magic.

The reason why the Bensch was reluctant to face the Fire Dragon, Karimjeva, was because fire tended to ride on larger fire.

But if its Chief Lee.

If it was Hoyeol who defeated Karimjeva.

He expected that fire magic would be used to counter fire magic.


Ice magic!?

His doubt didnt last long.

Thats ridiculous. He used the opposite compatibility of fire to overpower the Tower Master?

It wasnt just once.

Every time the Tower Master manifested a certain magic.

Hoyeol responded back by manifesting magic that was the opposite of that magic.

It was as if

Senior mage of spirit magic, Peiyan, opened her mouth carefully.

Doesnt it look like hes kindly teaching us?

Teach us what? Senior Peiyan?

That what we know is not everything.



The magic manifested by Hoyeol seemed to be really speaking.

Straighten your back and look down at everything.

It felt as though he was saying that.

What you know isnt everything.

That alone was shocking, but.

Matis knew.

The fact that Hoyeols talent was not limited to mere magic.

An unrivaled level of right mana.

Hoyeols definite talent for black magic.

It was more than that.

So he could say confidently.

I can guarantee you.

What do you mean, Senior Matis?

Even at this moment, Chief Lee is not giving his all.

Are you serious?

Have you ever seen me joking around?


Well, there was a saying in the reality.

Extremely advanced science is no different from magic.

Maybe I could add those words here.

Extremely advanced magic.

Its destructive power was no different from oddity!

Truly, it was an incredibly powerful magic manifestation.

Even if we both had the circle, the time spent in that circle was different. If my magic manifestation power increased by 1,000 percent due to the effect of the circle, it felt like the Tower master was pouring out magic at least 2,000 percent output.

In that regard, Im proud of you, Hoyeol.

Fortunately, were equal in terms of magic.

Starting from growing bi-herbs to cultivating elixirs and forcibly forming circles. If I hadnt gone through all that trouble, I wouldnt have been able to counter that incredibly high-level magic.

By the way

There is no such thing as a fixed path for answers.

Could you please stop talking like its really a class, Grandfel?

I was chattering while neutralizing all the super-high-level magic pouring out of the runaway Tower Masters body. In the first place, why are you talking when the Tower Master is unconscious?

Magic is no exception.

No, even if you say that, he cant hear you from over there.

Magic compatibility? Dont confine yourself to the limit.

The word impossible didnt exist in my dictionary.

He poured out words similar to those famous sayings.

It really sounded convincing.

Arcanains might get deceived by words I made up.

Well, I was adding credibility to my words by countering the Tower Masters magic. Perhaps that was why the exclamation mark didnt disappear from Jessies pupils.

Dont confine yourself to the limit! Ill keep that in mind!


Even if the world didnt know.

I knew what I was talking about.

The oddity I was manifesting was actually very simple!

Thats not the truth, isnt it?

Watching Hoyeol.

Marcelo came to realize that.

So, he was able to shout at the Tower Master.

Is this truly the ending you wanted!?

The Tower Master didnt turn his head.

He just exchanged magic with Hoyeol.

Nevertheless, Marcelo shouted, the veins on his neck rising.

Have you really not regretted a single moment? I regretted every moment. Why didnt I realize my shortcomings when you were awake? I thought I could finally prove myself in front of you!

The Tower Master still didnt respond.

You had to deceive me like this!

Marcelos shout reached everyone.

Jessie bit her lips.

This was the first time she knew of this.

It was as if everything happened because of him, the archmage.

She felt uneasy.

The Tower Master simply remained silent.

Among them, Belliere gently clenched her fist.

She couldnt imagine the sense of loss Marcelo must feel.

The only thing that was consistent was Hoyeol.

He didnt care about Marcelos screams.

He constantly exchanged magic with the Tower Master.

The body of the Tower Master that couldnt understand anything.

It was as if he was really trying to teach it.

Yeah, to some people, it looked foolish.

And to some, it looked cold.

To someone else, it might look unbroken.

However, from the systems perspective, it looked the same as always.

You still dont understand?

Even if he had to walk the most difficult path.

The [Noble] put everything right.

Such nobility was what brought about change.

[A small change occurs due to the effect of Noble.]

Then the Tower Masters lips twitched.

I didnt want it to end like this.


Youre late.

Hoyeol heard that voice.

But its good enough that you finally realize it.





I was waiting for those words

It was wrong from the start, wasnt it?

If I had to explain it in magic terms, the exploration process was wrong from the start.

Why do you need to risk your life to get to the oddity in the first place?

More than anything, do you think Grandfel will just watch those who risked their lives enter the realm of oddity? Yes, archmages. I am talking about that one.

I looked at the flashing quest goal.

Dispose of the body of the runaway Tower Master. (In Progress)

Tower Master.

If you thought I would quietly follow your plan, you were sorely mistaken.

I was not taking the path suggested by the quest goal.

I just learned of the existence of another path.

Countless mana particles flew around.


The mana particles became threads that wrapped around Jessies pointed hat.

Yeah, this was the other path.

This was the ending presented by [aesthetic] that had reached the upper state.

I had to use what I had learned on time so that I didnt forget it.

So I didnt hesitate.

I reached for Jessies pointed hat.


I explored the pointed hat, more focused than ever before.

A magic that forcibly separated the body and the consciousness.

I counted the traces of the Tower Masters magic that would naturally have soaked up the pointed hat.

I identified the structure of magic from the magic trace.

Then I opened my mouth.

Jessie Heinness.

Yes! I cant raise my head, but Im listening!

Maybe I hit the pointed hat too hard; I felt bad but I didnt apologize. It was already difficult to ask the opinion of the person concerned following the procedure.

Can I have your teacher back from you?

When you said my teacher, do you mean the consciousness of the Tower Master?

Thats right.

A reply came immediately.

Absolutely! I think thats the correct procedure!

As expected, no matter who taught you, it was important to be polite.

Now that a quick agreement had been reached with the two parties.

I immediately raised my mana.

I manifested reversal magic.

At the same time, my vision flashed.

Dispose of the body of the runaway Tower Master. (Fail)

What the message meant was simple.

Youve grown a lot, little Chief Marcelo.


And I am greatly indebted to you. Chief Lee Hoyeol.

The consciousness of the Tower Master had returned to his body.