Chapter 351 - Chapter 351: Chapter 194: Preparations for Making Golden Cores_2

Chapter 351: Chapter 194: Preparations for Making Golden Cores_2

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“When I ascend to the Upper Realm in the future, I will be able to show my true body what a good disciple I have chosen for him.”

“You should prepare carefully, understand the process of making Golden Cores that I explained. Originally, I could transmit my memories and some of my realizations to you.”

“However, this was a failed attempt at Alchemy, so I’m afraid it might affect you. So I will only explain to you. The rest, you need to comprehend on your own.”

“Thank you, Master.” Lin Yi bowed and slowly walked out of the Alchemy Room. Standing at the top of the mountain, he also saw the rivers converging from the Five Elements Region, and he remembered a previous idea and quickly returned to the Alchemy Room.

Zhang Dao Xuan, looking at the returning Lin Yi, couldn’t help but ask: “You’ve rushed back so quickly, have you changed your mind?”

Lin Yi coughed once, hesitated and then said: “Cough, Master, I just had an idea I forgot to mention. When making Golden Cores, can I use the elements from the Five Elements Region as materials, combine them with my Wind and Thunder Elements, and make a Seven Attributes Golden Core?”

Zhang Dao Xuan’s eyes widened slowly, he was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed out loud, “You really are a snake trying to swallow an elephant because of your greed, wanting to create a Seven Attributes Golden Core. You might as well incorporate the Dao into it and directly become an Immortal through Alchemy.”

“Cough, Master, it isn’t impossible,” Lin Yi said in a low voice. If he could feel the laws of the Dao, he really wanted to incorporate them. Unfortunately, his current Cultivation levels didn’t even allow him to touch the hairs of the law.

“What did you say?” Zhang Dao Xuan was somewhat speechless. Where was his cautious and careful disciple, and why had he become so bold now?

Lin Yi quickly said with a bow: “Master, this is just an idea of mine. One can’t always go step by step, this was what you said.”

Zhang Dao Xuan sighed lightly, pointed at Lin Yi, and said: “I have to admit that I’ve underestimated your courage. Alchemizing your own Golden Core isn’t as simple as alchemizing a pill where if you fail you could just clean the Pill Furnace.”

“This is related to your own Cultivation path. The things you have can be incorporated into it without any major harm. However, if you incorporate foreign objects like you said, it will become an uncontrollable risk.”

“As the saying goes, no one is perfect, and every path of the Cultivator isn’t perfect either; they are all gradually perfected in the process of cultivation.”

“A Seven Attributes Golden Core is indeed tempting, but think about whether you can handle such a risk.”

Upon hearing Zhang Dao Xuan’s words, Lin Yi had an epiphany, bowed deeply again: “Thank you for pointing out, Master. I understand. I won’t chase the perfection that is like a mirage.”

He was indeed a bit arrogant, thinking that with the Title Effect and the Minor Blessing State, he would be invincible.

Now, he doesn’t even know if he can make a Golden Core, yet he is thinking about integrating the Five Elements into it.

“That’s good, go.” Zhang Dao Xuan nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand.

Lin Yi thanked him respectfully, then left the Alchemy Room, stood on the top of the mountain, and looked at the lake below, his heart gradually calming.

After leaving the Dan God’s Cave Mansion, he came to the Giant Spirit Tree Herb Garden. At this time, the Golden Ape and Zhi Ling seemed to have had enough fun, sitting quietly in the garden to cultivate.

Zhi Ling sensed his arrival in an instant, opened her eyes, and ran over joyfully. She was just at a distance a second ago, but in the next second, she was right on top of him, her speed as a Lightning Mink was incredibly fast.

No wonder in the Cultivation World, Monster Beasts of other species often become Spiritual Pets, but Lightning Minks are rarely captured.

The Golden Ape also opened his eyes and ran over happily, “Lin Yi, you’re back. I’m hungry, give me something.”

Hearing this, Lin Yi shook his head helplessly. This Golden Ape was like a child. The three Guardian Beasts of the Giant Spirit Tree Herb Garden really had different personalities.

The Golden Ape was straightforward, the Green Python was cold, and as for the White Deer, it was like a great immortal, a transcendent existence.

He took out some food and started to eat together with Zhi Ling and the Golden Ape. After that, they each began their cultivation.

Zhi Ling, who previously was leaning on the Golden Ape while practicing, came to his side instead. The Golden Ape imitated and tucked tiny Zhi Ling in between them.

Lin Yi sat cross-legged in the medicine garden, trying to recall and digest the process of making Golden Cores, as explained by the Pill Immortal Master.

At the time when the Master was making his own Golden Core, he hadn’t created the Piano-refining Alchemy Technique yet and had used a different method, which was somewhat inferior to the Piano-refining method.

However, the Master had shared the entire alchemy process with him, including some precautions to take. Using the Piano-refining method would only yield better results.

The Piano-refining Alchemy Technique involves infusing each material with piano strings, sensing their condition within the pill furnace, and controlling them in such a way that they can perfectly condense into a pill.

If this method is used to refine the Golden Core of the self, it would be necessary to infuse the piano strings into the spiritual liquid in the Dantian. However, it’s not feasible to refine all the spiritual liquid at once. Like alchemy, they need to be divided into a certain quantity and refined separately.

Of course, the Thunder and Lightning Element within the spiritual liquid in the Dantian, including the Wind Element integrated within the physical body, must also be infused into the piano strings. Use the alchemical fire for refining, finally merging all the spiritual liquid together and condensing it into a pill.

Before making Golden Cores, in addition to understanding and digesting the process explained by the Pill Immortal Master, Golden Sword Peak also needs to be arranged in advance.

Because refining the self’s Golden Core takes hundreds of times longer than refining the Golden Elixir.

Under normal circumstances without the effect of a title, refining a Golden Elixir requires about ten days, however, when the Pill Immortal Master tried it before, it took a full three years from the beginning until the pill was condensed.

The spiritual liquid within the Dantian, which was relentlessly compressed and refined during the Foundation Building Realm, isn’t easy to refine again.

Although in theory, refining the self’s Golden Core falls under alchemy as well and should have some title effect, he feels it’s a bit uncertain. There’s a world of difference in concept between making ordinary pills and refining one’s Dao Golden Pill.

The only certainty is that the [Face Difficulties Head On] and Little Luck states will definitely have an effect.

Lin Yi cast aside all the distracting thoughts in his mind, scrutinizing the Pill Immortal Master’s process bit by bit and simulating it in his mind.

Under the effect of the [Grain Wisdom from One’s Mistakes] manner, even if he fails in his mental simulations, he can still gain the chance of enlightenment.

If a failure occurs during the actual process of refining his Golden Core, it might not have a big impact in the early stages. However, a failure in the later stages would be equivalent to blasting the furnace during regular alchemy.

His own cultivation levels and even his foundation will be greatly impacted. The lighter outcome would be a setback in his cultivation level, while the more severe outcome would be damage to his foundation.

If it were normal condensation of a Golden Core, even multiple failures wouldn’t matter. He can use the opportunity of enlightenment from each failure to slowly condense the Golden Core, virtually risk-free.

In the following time, Lin Yi began his formal preparation process. The alchemical fire rewarded by the title was more durable than he expected.

He had previously used two strands of alchemical fire to refine two different types of pills; one was the Gathering Yuan Pill and the other was the Golden Elixir. At that time, he had cast them into the pill furnace without using any other kind of flame.

Although these two strands of alchemical fire did not last for the same duration depending on the heat during alchemy, they both lasted at least two days before gradually extinguishing.

This was the case when a large amount of material was needed for refinement at the earlier stage. If each strand of alchemical fire could persist for two days while refining his own Golden Core, according to the Pill Immortal Master, it took him three years from the start to the final condensation of the pill.

Then, over the course of three years, a little over five hundred strands of alchemical fire would be enough. He currently had around a thousand strands, more than sufficient.