Yan Ci let go of his arm, Xia Zhinian wanted to lean on the table, a hand suddenly stretched out from his waist, firmly clasped through his clothes, making him tremble all over, followed by his knees tightening, his whole person was pulled up a notch!


Xia Zhinian's eyes widened, he subconsciously grabbed something, his voice raised slightly, "Yan Ci!"

They made a bit of noise, and the people in the front rows turned their heads to look over. Yan Ci stood up, holding his butt like a child, and grabbed his two thin wrists with the other hand.

"Yan Ci, what are you doing? Put me down." Xia Zhinian was held in Yan Ci's arms, his eyes round, his attention was drawn away, he felt that his stomach was not so painful, and tried to struggle down.

Did the protagonist shou go crazy?

Isn't he a germaphobe?

Lao Qin stopped lecturing and was also surprised. "Class leader, what are you doing?"

Yan Ci easily held the restless boy in his arms, who felt like a rice cake dumpling. He pressed him firmly and calmly said, "Teacher, Classmate Xia is unwell. I'll take him to the infirmary."

Lao Qin: "Oh oh, then go quickly. Don't delay."

"Thank you teacher."

Yan Ci nodded gently and carried him straight to the door. Xia Zhinian faced the classroom door with his back to it. He faced the astonished eyes of the class. His ears turned red. He suddenly caught a glimpse of the protagonist gong who also turned his head to look over.

Xia Zhinian's eyes lit up. He twisted his body and whispered, "Brother Chu!"


Take care of your little shou!

Chu Qingjian had been looking at Xia Zhinian with a look of wanting to say something but stopping himself lately. His expression was strange. He looked at him for a while and pursed his lips without saying a word. He turned his head back and became addicted to his phone again.

Xia Zhinian: "?"

"Brother Chu?!"

What are you doing!

Yan Ci was close enough to hear the two low-pitched but hopeful "Brother Chu" clearly. He tugged at the corner of his mouth and chuckled casually. He walked to the door and half of his body came out of the classroom, just blocking the eyes of the people in the class.

"Snap" a crisp sound, with a bit of rebound.

Xia Zhinian's thigh went numb. His eyes widened instantly. His expression was stunned. His hair on top of his head exploded. His whole face was red and hot like fire. He glared at the culprit.

"...Yan Ci!! You, you hit me, hit me..."

"What did I do?"

Yan Ci closed the door and completely cut off his sight of other people. His voice was casual. "Be good, Classmate Xia. The door is closed. You can't call anyone."

Xia Zhinian: "!!!"

Xia Zhinian's eyes were round and he glared at him without blinking. He opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly felt a pain in his stomach that made him hold back his voice.


He trembled slightly and pursed his lips. The dry lips oozed a few strands of blood.

Yan Ci paused slightly and reached out to pat his head gently. He walked out with long legs. "I heard from Meng Chen and Yuen Long that you ate a lot of barbecue at noon. You might have eaten something bad. Go to the infirmary and have a look."

Xia Zhinian's temples throbbed and his stomach ache affected the nerves in his head. He wrinkled his face and struggled. His voice was light and airy. "I'm not going. Let go of me."

Yan Ci had already heard him say many times that he didn't want to go. Last time he had a fever he also said he didn't want to go. He stopped walking. "Then go to the hospital?"

Xia Zhinian tried to get out of Yan Ci's arm and slid down with shaky legs. "No, I didn't eat anything bad. It's just that my stomach is not good. I'll go back to the classroom and lie down for a while and I'll be fine. I don't want to go anywhere."

He couldn't let the protagonist shou accompany the villain.

That would mess things up.

Yan Ci's face was faint, his eyes were slightly cold, and he didn't say anything.

Xia Zhinian shrank back a bit, his amber eyes were clear and gentle, and he quickly changed his mouth. "...Or, I'll go by myself, you go back to the class, or else as you just said, find Brother Chu?"

Anyway, less dealings with the protagonist shou.

"Brother Chu?"

Yan Ci's long eyelashes drooped slightly, looking at his pale face and blood-stained lips, his teeth itched, and a hint of fierceness flashed in his eyes. His tone was low but his voice became softer.

"I changed my mind."

"Classmate Xia, my patience is running out. I suggest you be good and don't say anything I don't like to hear."

The black sesame dumpling was more gentle and more trouble. Xia Zhinian stiffened all over and tensed up. "I-"

"Be good."

Yan Ci smiled and interrupted. "If you talk again, I'll have to knock you out again."

Xia Zhinian: "..."

Xia Zhinian opened his mouth and held it back. He flattened his mouth and hummed sullenly.

His stomach had been hurting for a while. He started to feel pain not long after he came back from eating. He wanted to endure it, but after tossing for a while, he felt his stomach churn more and more. He wilted badly.

Yan Ci held him, but he always kept his clothes on and didn't touch him directly. He was tall and long-legged, and walked very steadily. Xia Zhinian gradually relaxed a bit. His crow-like eyelashes fell and covered his eyes. His head slowly moved to the side.

Yan Ci looked down at him, let go of Xia Zhinian's wrist, touched his fluffy head, and put it on his shoulder.

The stomach problem was troublesome to check. The infirmary did a preliminary examination and judged that it might be gastritis. They prescribed some medicine and told him to rest well and find time to go to the hospital for a comprehensive check-up.

There were other people in the small bed in the infirmary. The school doctor suggested taking a leave of absence and resting at home.

Yan Ci glanced at the boy in his arms. His porcelain-white skin had no blood color. He closed his eyelids and unconsciously pursed his lips. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.

He looked very well-behaved and very fragile.

He nodded and took him away.

The room was dark and the doors and windows were closed. A few faint lights passed through the dark blue curtains and reflected a deep blue color in the room.

The boy lay on his side and curled up on the bed. His hand was casually placed on one side, his fingertips naturally curled up, his collar was messy, and a small piece of delicate collarbone was exposed. His tender and weak neck was exposed to the front without any cover.

Yan Ci sat on one side, leaning slightly, his eyes slowly swept over the boy's face, his long eyelashes, his small lips, and...his fragile throat and neck.

Yan Ci reached out, his slender and jade-like knuckles bent slightly, and he approached the small throat very closely.

The pain and itch that pulled the nerves surged, and the surface of his body seemed to have countless bugs biting, drilling into his skin, drilling into his heart, and giving birth to countless irritating desires.

Yan Ci's expression did not change at all, he was faint, slightly hooked his lips, and stopped his hand at the edge of Xia Zhinian's throat.

For a moment, the boy on the bed unconsciously pursed his lips, his throat moved slightly, and he rubbed his fingertips very quickly, lightly flashing past.

But that small piece of skin's pain and itch, like the night sky in the early morning.

It dissipated when it met the light, and it eased in an instant.

Yan Ci bent his mouth corners with pleasure, retracted his hand, and stared at Xia Zhinian with interest.

It was strange, his face was exactly the same, but when Xia Zhinian met him before, he felt that he was as dirty as everyone else and unbearable.

How did it become an indispensable panacea in a short time?

It seemed that... After the car accident, things were a bit different.

Yan Ci looked at Xia Zhinian's face with great interest, trying to find something different from before, but failed. He raised his hand and looked at his fingertips.

He didn't mind Xia Zhinian's touch, but his skin hunger was only temporarily relieved, and the effect was not long-lasting. It wouldn't take long for it to surge back more violently.

But Xia Zhinian... Seemed to dislike skin contact with people.

If he touched him when he was awake--

Yan Ci remembered the time when he was bumped into by the injection needle in the hospital, and covered his eyes with his palm.

--The boy would tremble slightly.

Yan Ci raised his lips, withdrew his sight without getting close, picked up a bottle of medicine from the table, poured out seven or eight pills and swallowed them with water.

When Xia Zhinian woke up, it was completely dark outside. The curtains were tightly drawn, and the room was silent. Only a dim night light was on the table.

The room was not big, with two single beds and a desk in the middle.

Xia Zhinian sat up and looked at the completely unfamiliar environment for a moment. His eyes fell on the opposite bed that only had a mattress.

The slender man lay flat on it, with both hands on his abdomen, very peaceful.

...Yan Ci?

Xia Zhinian's memory slowly came back. He touched his stomach that didn't hurt anymore, and looked at the clean and soft bed under him. Two question marks popped up over his head.

Did the protagonist shou take him back to his dormitory?

And let him sleep on the bed?

Xia Zhinian pursed his lips and felt something was wrong.

He saw his phone on the table. It was originally in the classroom. It was probably taken by Yan Ci. He opened it and saw a few unread messages.

Xia Zhinian looked at the time, hesitated for a moment, and quietly took his phone and walked to the door.

He pressed his hand on the handle, wasn't able to open it, and turned the anti-lock switch below. The door still didn't open.

...This was a door locked from the inside with a key.

There seemed to be a breeze brushing past his neck. Xia Zhinian rubbed his neck with his fingertips and suddenly felt something strange. He clenched his hand and held his breath.

He turned his head abruptly, and a pair of ink-black eyes hit his sight unexpectedly.

Yan Ci's black eyes stared at him, his lips habitually curved, his voice was very light, with a hint of hoarseness.

"Good evening, Classmate Xia, where are you going again?"