Xia Zhinian froze as he was about to leave.

He felt a piercing stare from behind him. His neck hairs bristled and he shivered involuntarily.

He was in a dilemma. He couldn't leave or stay.

If he left to find someone, Yan Ci would think he was faking his sleep in the cellar. If he stayed to help him, Yan Ci would think he was afraid of exposing the cellar incident and trying to appease him.

How wicked!

Xia Zhinian lost his expression. He glared at him with his apricot eyes and pouted. He racked his brain and quickly said: "What are you talking about? I don't care about you. I just don't want you to ruin Brother Chu's banquet."

Yan Ci smiled. "So Classmate Xia, are you going to find someone or come back to help me?"

Xia Zhinian: "..."

Forget it. Neither. You can stay there by yourself.

The boy's lips tightened unhappily. He lingered for a while and slowly walked back.

Yan Ci smiled, and a glint of pleasure crossed his dark eyes. “Why did you come back? Did you give up on finding someone?”

Xia Zhinian kept in mind his important role in the story and thought for a while. "How do I know if you are just acting pitiful to get Brother Chu's attention?"

Yan Ci's smile faded.

He felt a sharp pain in his fingertips, as if his nerves were being ripped apart.

He laughed lightly, and the faint scar at the corner of his eye revealed a trace of aloofness in the dim light.

"You always think of Chu Qingjian."

Xia Zhinian looked up abruptly, and stopped like a startled animal. His heart pounded hard. He raised his head to see Yan Ci's face.

Yan Ci smiled at him, as gentle as ever, a refined gentleman like jade. He held out his hand with his palm up.

"Just give me a hand."

Xia Zhinian froze for a few seconds on the spot, seeing his smile unchanged, he reluctantly walked over slowly. "I'll help you."

Xia Zhinian tugged at his sleeve, but the suit was custom-made and the sleeve length was perfect. He couldn't pull it down. He hesitated for a moment and ignored Yan Ci's outstretched hand. "Don't you have OCD? I'll hold your arm."

Yan Ci had to put a piece of clothing on him when he knocked him out in the cellar. Now he reached out his hand, who knows what he was up to.

He glanced at Yan Ci and carefully pressed a few fingers on his arm through his clothes. He didn’t use any force and watched his expression, afraid that this clean freak and black-hearted big shot would suddenly lash out and hit him on the back of his neck again.

Fortunately, Yan Ci just looked at him meaningfully. After a while, his slender fingers curled up naturally and retracted into his palm. He smiled kindly. "Thank you, Classmate Xia."

Xia Zhinian helped him walk like an old man crossing the road. Yan Ci walked one step and stopped three steps, dawdling endlessly, earning Xia Zhinian's fierce glare.

"Can you hurry up?"

Yan Ci sighed. "I have no strength. You are helping me like I'm porcelain. You don't use any force."

"...Then why don't you walk by yourself?"

"No, I have no strength."

"..." Xia Zhinian stared at Yan Ci, and his teeth clacked together, showing what it meant to grind one's teeth.

Yan Ci smiled silently.

Xia Zhinian: "..."

Forget it, he couldn't afford to mess with the black-hearted big shot.


Xia Zhinian took a deep breath and turned his head to look forward. A tall and handsome boy was walking towards him, holding his phone and texting someone impatiently.

"Brother Chu?"

Xia Zhinian's eyes lit up and he let go of Yan Ci's arm. He took a few steps forward and raised his smile with surprise. He called out repeatedly, "Brother Chu, Brother Chu, Brother Chu!"

Protagonist top, take away your little bottom!

Yan Ci stood alone and saw Xia Zhinian almost jumping a few steps. He stopped and stood in place. He tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled more politely.

Chu Qingjian put down his phone and only then saw the two people in front of him. Xia Zhinian's eyes sparkled and he waved at him like he saw a savior. Yan Ci smiled as usual, surrounded by a dark pressure.

"..." Chu Qingjian was expressionless. He picked up his phone again and stared at the screen. He ignored everything outside the window and focused on his phone screen. He turned around and went back the way he came.

Xia Zhinian: "..."

Xia Zhinian: "........"

You are such an old gong that you can't find a partner.

Xia Zhinian watched Chu Qingjian turn a corner and disappear from his sight. His temples throbbed.

If he left Yan Ci now and ran after the protagonist gong without caring... would Yan Ci hold a grudge and trouble him?

In the original text, it was Chu Qingjian who taught the original owner a lesson for Yan Ci. Now that the gong x shou relationship was not in place, would Yan Ci... do it himself?

Xia Zhinian slowly turned around and looked at the person behind him with his round eyes.

Yan Ci stood where he had thrown him off. His smile became more pleasant.

"Classmate Xia, did you see Chu Qingjian and didn't want to help me anymore?"