Chapter 105 The Golden Surprise (R-18)

Name:The Omnistore System Author:

"Why's she stripping?" Keith muttered, perplexed, as she watched Lydia disrobe in the middle of the forest. She glanced at Kevin, who was setting up a small drone camera, and asked, bemused, "And why are you filming this?"

Kevin shot her an amused look and quipped, "You seriously can't guess?" He shook his head at Keith's baffled expression and let out a sigh. "No wonder you haven't scored anything with the ladies. Think about it. Why'd she come out here all secretive, then start taking off her clothes? There's definitely a reason she doesn't want anyone to catch her in the act. Now, picture this: I record her and give her a heads-up that I've got her little show on tape. What do you think she'll do? She'll probably try to talk me out of it or plead with me not to share it with anyone, and she might be open to doing some favors in return." Kevin's grin widened, showing his mischievous side.

Keith shot Kevin a look of visible disgust and fear. "How could you stoop so low just to have sex with that old hag?" she exclaimed.

Kevin shrugged, his eyes still fixed on Lydia as she continued to undress. "Age is just a number. Look at her body; it's in great shape. I bet her breasts and butt are softer than yours. Plus, who knows how experienced she is in pleasing a man?" He continued to observe Lydia's actions with an intrigued expression.

Lydia started by taking off her simple t-shirt and ripped off her lower garments that clung to her body. As her shirt came off, it revealed her brilliant but slightly saggy breasts with pink nipples that seemed to be perking up, even from Kevin's distant viewpoint.

Kevin glanced at her expressions and noticed her smile widening with a touch of excitement. It did seem kind of strange.

To get a better view, Kevin steered his small drone closer to her, capturing the scene with crystal clear clarity. He watched the live feed on his watch's screen, trying to figure out what was going on.

Keith also peered at the live feed on Kevin's watch, now visible to her as well. She wondered aloud, "Why is she smiling like that? Her smile seems a bit...perverted."

Kevin remained silent, both of them observing as Lydia removed her lower garments, revealing her supple thighs and a surprisingly round butt for a lady of her age.

"Her body is quite impressive," Keith commented, and Kevin nodded in agreement. She then leaned in, looking at the drone's footage more closely, and playfully suggested,, "Focus on her pussy for me."

Kevin continued to observe Lydia's actions through the drone's feed. He couldn't help but notice the differences in grooming practices in this world, particularly the abundance of pubic hair on women mainly on her vagina not anywhere else.

'Guess they have their own style here,' he mused to himself. 'Brows and head hair kept neat, but everything else... au naturel.'

Lydia, meanwhile, was putting on quite the show, squatting down and spreading her thighs with a wide grin. Kevin focused on capturing every detail through the drone's lens.

Kevin had no idea that his drone could be picked up by a simple smartwatch if it got too close to someone, but fortunately, Lydia wasn't wearing any such gadget, so they were in the clear for now.

His drone's camera continued to capture all the details, including the moment when Lydia used her fingers to spread her vagina, revealing its inner folds with a darker shade of pink. Kevin noted that it appeared a bit drier than the vaginas he'd seen before, probably due to her age.

While he observed Lydia's behavior and expressions closely, he couldn't help but notice her smile growing wider, almost taking on a slightly perverted quality. Keith, too, had a similar grin, sharing in Lydia's excitement. Kevin, on the other hand, maintained a relatively neutral expression, his focus primarily on the task at hand.

To his astonishment, what Kevin had initially considered a mere joke about Lydia's secretive forest rendezvous turned out to be true when he witnessed a stream of golden liquid flowing from her hairy nether regions.

"Whoa, what on earth is she up to?" Kevin blurted out, utterly surprised by the sight of a golden stream emanating from Lydia's hairy nether regions.

Maintaining her peculiar smile, Keith chimed in, "Send me the recording, dude." Her response didn't do much to alleviate Kevin's sense of astonishment.

He wasn't weirded out by the fact that she was urinating; what truly surprised him was the revelation that this was Lydia's fetish. Furthermore, it seemed that Keith had a fetish for watching someone indulge in this act, judging by her aroused expression.

'What the hell? Am I the only normal one here?' Kevin wondered to himself, observing Keith still fixated on Lydia's pissing display with an aroused smile.

While Lydia was almost reaching a climax simply from relieving herself, he couldn't help but thank herself for having developed such a healthy fetish.

"Alright, I've seen enough of this," he muttered under his breath.

Keith, on the other hand, was seemingly more captivated by the scene than Kevin had anticipated. She looked at him with a curious yet excited expression, clearly not in a hurry to leave.

"Seriously, Keith? You're into this?" Kevin asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Keith, with a playful grin, responded, "Hey, you never know what can be intriguing until you see it, right?"

Kevin decided it was time to move on and casually said, "Let's go," stepping out of his hiding spot and approaching Lydia, who was still releasing the golden stream, indicating she had been storing it up for quite some time.

Keith, driven by her own curiosity and arousal, also emerged from her hiding spot, albeit with hesitation. She asked, "Where are you going?" but found herself strangely drawn to Lydia, who was still deeply immersed in her unusual act.

Kevin couldn't resist making a teasing remark, and with a smirk, he quipped, "Hey, Grandma Lydia, relieving yourself in the open, must be quite liberating, huh?"

His unexpected comment took Lydia by surprise, and she quickly closed her thighs, abruptly ending the stream of liquid from her vagina.

"Don't stop midway; it might cause some problems. Just let it flow," Kevin suggested, feigning concern in his voice as he encouraged Lydia to continue. Keith, walking behind Kevin, felt a bit disappointed that Lydia had stopped and nodded along with Kevin's statement to encourage her to resume.

Lydia stammered in shock, "Wh... Wh... What are you doing here?" She looked at Kevin and the short-haired girl behind him with fear in her eyes.