Chapter 414 - Meeting the Monkey

Chapter 414: Meeting the Monkey

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On this trip, Ye Qiu traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, searching for his own Dao in the forbidden abyss and lands.

In the end, he had some comprehension and found himself.

Ye Qiu had even obtained the refinement technique of the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill from the peerless woman on the Jade Platform. He had searched thousands of mountains and rivers to find the secret formula.

Now was the time for him to enter seclusion.

As long as he refined the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill, he could consider breaking through to the Supreme Perfected Immortal realm.

“I hope you won’t disappoint me too much this time.”

Ye Qiu turned around and looked at the heavy snow in the Northern Region. He finally turned around and left. He had already done what he should and shouldn’t do. The rest depended on fate.

On the way back, Ye Qiu shuttled through Liyang and saw the suffering of the world. His heart was numb and he didn’t care. As he watched, he saw a familiar figure walking through the mortal world, tasting all kinds of lives and exploring the long night.

That was the monkey who had left the Heaven Mending Sect. After leaving the Heaven Mending Sect, he continued to walk the mortal world to find his true self.

His master asked him to take a walk in the mortal world, but he did not tell him the meaning of walking around this world. He only knew that he should walk down and look around as he walked. Perhaps he could understand his master’s intentions.

Ye Qiu’s heart trembled as he looked at the confused monkey below. He carefully checked his situation and suddenly frowned.

“Hmm… Regenerative bone?”

Ye Qiu was stunned and his eyes became flustered. He didn’t know what had happened while he was away.

Why did the Regenerative Bone in the monkey’s body disappear? That was a Regenerative Bone that could save his life in the final calamity. How could it suddenly disappear?

Ye Qiu was stunned. He anxiously wanted to go down and ask. His figure flashed. He appeared in front of Monkey. Monkey, who had his head lowered in confusion, realized that someone was blocking his path and looked up.


Monkey’s eyes lit up. He was delighted when he saw this incomparably familiar face. He admired Ye Qiu incomparably because of the battle in the Heavenly Palace.

The last time he went to the Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu wasn’t in the mountain. He thought it was a pity, but he didn’t expect to meet Ye Qiu here.

Monkey scratched his head in ecstasy and said excitedly, “Hehe, I didn’t expect to meet you here. Senior, long time no see.”

Ye Qiu looked at his innocent smile and felt a sharp pain in his heart. He forced a smile and pretended to be relaxed, “Haha… long time no see. It’s been half a year since we last met in the Heavenly Palace. How have you been?”

“Hehe, it’s alright, it’s alright. I’ve always made the world my home and wandered the mortal world. I can be considered carefree.

“Some time ago, I even went to the Heaven Mending Sect. Unfortunately, Senior isn’t on the mountain. I thought that I wouldn’t have the chance to meet you again in this life. I didn’t expect to meet you here today. The heavens are really playing with me.”

Ye Qiu’s heart trembled when he heard Monkey’s words.

“You’ve been to the Heaven Mending Sect?”

Ye Qiu was stunned. Why did Monkey go to the Heaven Mending Sect?

Monkey grinned and said, “Hehe, yes, yes. Not only did I go, but I also brought two disciples with good aptitude to your Heaven Mending Sect.”

“Oh? Why are their aptitudes not bad?”

Ye Qiu’s interest was piqued. When did this monkey have such leisure?

When Monkey mentioned this, his eyes immediately became sneaky. He looked around and confirmed that there was no one around. He whispered, “Senior, let me tell you. Don’t tell anyone. One of the two children I sent up the mountain has a Regenerative Bone in his body.”


As soon as these words were spoken, Ye Qiu’s heart trembled and he immediately understood something.

“Regenerative Bone! Could it be…”

Ye Qiu had a vague guess. He looked with his Heavenly Eye and firmly believed that the Regenerative Bone in the monkey’s body had completely disappeared. It was impossible for anyone to dig out the Regenerative Bone in his body with his current strength. Then there was only one possibility. He had dug out this bone himself.

He was also the one who personally cut off all connections with the Regenerative Bone.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu became incomparably worried. He seemed to understand Monkey’s thoughts. He immediately felt a sharp pain in his heart. This stupid monkey knew that he had committed a grave sin and was unwilling to stay in the world, so he gave up his chance of survival?


Ye Qiu shook his head and didn’t say anything. This was the monkey’s choice. He had no right to interfere. All he could do was do his best to save his life at the last moment.

This was probably the last thing Ye Qiu, this irresponsible master, could do for him. However, without the Regenerative Bone, the difficulty of Ye Qiu saving him increased greatly. It more or less meant that plans could not keep up with changes.

Nodding, Ye Qiu sighed and said, “You… gave him the Regenerative Bone in your body?”

When Monkey heard this, he was shocked and looked at Ye Qiu in disbelief.

“This… Senior actually knows that I have Regenerative Bone in my body?”

Monkey was shocked. He had always thought that this was his greatest secret. He was the only one in the world who knew this secret. Unexpectedly, Ye Qiu had always known this secret, but he didn’t expose it, nor did he have any thoughts about his Regenerative Bone, nor did he tell the outside world.

He couldn’t help but admire Ye Qiu even more. This senior’s strength was unfathomable, and his temperament was excellent. If ordinary experts knew about this precious bone, they would probably have already harbored evil intentions. Even if they didn’t need it, they would still dig it out for their disciples.

And Ye Qiu was actually unmoved.

Monkey’s eyes were immediately filled with reverence, and he was no longer jumping around. Only an expert with such a mental state was worthy of his respect.

“Senior, I’m ashamed. I know that my crimes are unforgivable. Instead of wasting this precious bone, it’s better to give it to someone who really needs it.

“I’ve seen that child. He also has a Regenerative Bone in his body, and two precious bones have the same origin. Perhaps he is the true owner of the precious bone. I’m just temporarily keeping it.”

Monkey sighed and said, “That child is kind and innocent. He’s a trustworthy person. I believe that he can definitely control this precious bone.”

Hearing this, Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment.

“Another Regenerative Bone? Could it be him?”

Ye Qiu was shocked. It had been five to six years since the last Heaven Mending Sect battle ended, right? He had no intention of continuing to talk to the monkey. He wanted to go back and see for himself if it was true.

Then, he said, “Monkey, I still have something to deal with. We’ll meet again if we’re fated. When you have time… come to my Violet Cloud Peak.”

“Alright, Senior. We’ll meet again.”

Monkey imitated him and bowed respectfully.

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