Chapter 1325 Capabilities

Name:The Martial Unity Author:Lord_Streak
Chapter 1325 Capabilities

He had already decided.

It was a more alluring option than approaching any conventional intelligence organization, or states and other organizations with intelligence divisions and departments.

"There are many publically known channels to reaching the Beggar's Sect, actually. Locations where it is said that one can approach them."

Rui frowned. "That doesn't sound like hiding in plain sight."

The deputy director shook his head. "Trust me, you'll understand if you actually visit those places. For now, I can prepare a list of public channels to meet. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind if you do decide to go for this option."

"Ok..." Rui listened carefully.

"Firstly, they're going to identify you as a Martial Artist long before you step into that place. I am aware that you have remarkable disguising ability based on your covert operation in the Graheria Kingdom, but it is far from sufficient to fool the eyes of the Beggar's Sect. It is best if you do not try too hard to fool them because the only thing you will accomplish is informing them that you want to deceive them. That does not leave a good first impression. They are very distrusting people."

Rui expected as much. He highly doubted Mind Mask would be anywhere near sufficient to fool them into thinking he was just an ordinary person. Just suppressing his aura wasn't enough.

They had most likely mastered the art of observation to the highest degree humanly possible. It was their only means of gathering information, after all.

"One more thing to keep in mind is that they are not purely a commercial intelligence organization," The director told Rui. "They are an organization that is comprised of ordinary people, by ordinary people. Naturally, their agendas lean toward the common folk as well. They lend their intelligence capabilities to forces whose interests at the very least do not conflict with the common folk. That means if the reason you want the information you seek is against the interests of common folks, then they will not only find out but also refuse to cooperate with you."

"Interesting..." Rui's eyebrow rose.

Thankfully, he did not intend to harm the interests of common folk. Taking Chairman Deacon was probably in the interests of common folk. He had formed an oligopoly in the esoteric supply and esoteric technological manufacturing sector that not only aggressively crushed smaller competitors run by more ordinary people but also squeezed the maximum utility out of his laborers and workers for as minimal of compensation as he could get away to maximize profit margins.

Although he didn't cross the boundaries of illegal, what was legal in a country as libertarian as the Shionel Confederation was probably considered unethical everywhere else, including the Beggar's Sect.

Thus he highly doubted that they would be displeased to learn that he was targeting Chairman Deacon. if anything, they would be pleased to deal a heavy blow to the Shionel Confederation if possible.

"And you do vouch for their ability to gather the information I seek?" Rui raised an eyebrow. "If they can't do that, then there is no point. If they can, then I am willing to accommodate a lot of things in exchange for the intelligence I need."

"Oh, there's no doubt that they're capable of that. There are many times that they have proven themselves. The most recent being their operation regarding the Kandrian Empire of the far East."

"...Can you elaborate on that one?"

"Well, you don't know, but there is a conflict brewing in the Kandrian Empire." The deputy director continued blissfully. "It is known as the Kandrian Throne War in political and intelligence circles across the continent. With the current emperor in visible decline, a civil war between the princes and princesses vying for the throne will most likely break out within the decade. The Kandrian Empire is so powerful that this is an issue that affects everybody, and thus everybody has been trying to influence it by supporting more desirable candidates or sabotaging less desirable candidates."

"And the Beggar's Sect was involved too?" Rui narrowed his eyes.

"Of course," The deputy director. "They recently sabotaged Princess Raemina who seeks to implement a nationalistic communist program that essentially exploits the citizens for the sake of the nation. They managed to infiltrate into her faction and got their hands on the entirety of all of her plans for political expansion, before selling them to another prince who used it to shut her down. An incredible feat that impressed the entire intelligence community."

"..." Rui didn't even know what to make of that.

This was the second time the Throne War had popped up in a conversation in recent times, and it gave him an ominous feeling. It appeared that the Kandrian Empire was truly in for a storm that could very well tear the entire nation apart in a decade.

He shook his head inwardly.

Now was not the time to worry about that. Chairman Deacon was definitely number one on the list of priorities. If anything, Rui ought to focus even more attention on killing the man sooner so that he wouldn't be bogged down by him if the Kandrian Empire did undergo tumultuous times.

"Alright, if they can do that to a Kandrian princess then that means that their espionage capabilities are at the highest level," Rui concluded. "They are certainly capable, probably willing, and definitely not going to lead to the chairman being aware of my intentions. I'll choose to reach out to them, please give me all the relevant information on them."

"Most certainly, Senior Falken." The man bowed his head. "Rest assured that they do not have access to any intelligence on this island. Due to the lack of technology and Martial Art. Physical impossibilities like reaching this island are actually the best ways to hamper the Beggar's Sect."

Rui nodded. That was also good news. It meant that they most likely had no cognition on Squire Falken, and certainly none on Senior Falken. It meant he wouldn't be at an intelligence disadvantage.