Ch. 03 Your fingers are beautiful.

In the novel, Bai Yexi’s life experience is extremely tragic. He was abducted when he was young, and was only able to able to escape the traffickers after putting his life on line, but because of the withdrawn personality cultivated by his distorted experience, he was increasingly excluded by others.

But Shi Qingning knew that he was an out-and-out genius.

Bai Yexi learned the piano music that ordinary children would find difficult to learn just by eavesdropping outside the window. No matter how complicated the piece was, he could silently compose the score by listening to it just once. Among the newly gotten memories, Shi Qingning easily found the scene where the protagonist shined the brightest——

It was Bai Yexi’s first performance.

The applause in the huge concert hall lasted for a long time that day, and the audience paid the highest respect to this extremely young newcomer musician. It was not until Bai Yexi performed three consecutive encores that the performance finally ended amid the audience’s reluctance.

That was Bai Yei’s first appearance on stage.

And also his last.

The author arranged three suitors for Bai Yexi in a row. It looked as if the protagonist was the favored son of heaven, but in the end, Bai Yexi was ruined by the first man who chased after him, and was forced to sleep on streets by his second suitor.

And finally, he was killed by the third suitor.

Yes, this novel is about how a few scumbags ruined the life of a genius.

Shi Qingning thought.

A group of advanced Jian Ren.

Scumbags that take joy in forcing people to act according to their wishes.

Now, the novel has become a reality, and is no longer just a few words written on a paper, but words, which have become a person’s real destiny.

Shi Qingning has congenital heart disease, and knows the preciousness of life better than anyone else.

He can’t just sit and do nothing even after knowing the ending.

What’s more, Jian Ren finding fault with the protagonist this time is also related to him. Shi Qingning didn’t remember there being such a scene in the novel, it was most likely his actions that affected the plot.

One more reason for him to not ignore the protagonist and his current situation.

While Shi Qingning was making up his mind, Jian Ren over there had already pushed through the crowd and walked in front of Bai Yexi.

The anger that was evident on Jian Ren’s face just now disappeared, as he looked at the silent young man expressionlessly.

“Did you bring the guitar?”

Someone on the side seemed to want to help explain, but was stopped by the manager who followed behind, and after being given a warning look, he could only keep silent.

But in fact, Jian Ren didn’t intend to listen to anything at all.

He slowly raised his chin and looked at Bai Yexi coldly, as a faint smile appeared on his face.

“On purpose, huh?”

The manager trembled in fright, and hurriedly apologized. Jian Ren also knows how scary he looks when he gets angry.

He was waiting to see the long-haired boy apologize to him in trepidation.

Being stepped into the mud by him, and crying bitterly.

But even after a long time, Jian Ren did not hear the apology that he was waiting for.

Because the man being threatened didn’t even look at him.

The boy was about fifteen or sixteen years old, a little too young among the people present. Most children of this age have babyish and soft appearances, but because of his extreme thinness and indifference, his facial outline is sharp making him look very handsome.

The boy’s eyes went straight past Jian Ren, as if there was only a cloud of dirty air in front of him. He didn’t know where he was looking, but this attitude was enough to blow Jian Ren up.

Jian Ren snorted, stepped forward and pushed the person in front of him.

“I’m talking to you, are you deaf?”

The boy is tall and slender, and looks like he can break at the touch of a finger. Jian Ren didn’t pay attention to this guy at all, but for some reason, his push didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

But this time, the boy finally took his eyes back and looked up at Jian Ren.

Jian Ren was even more annoyed.

This person in front of him made Jian Ren feel extremely disgusted. It is reasonable to say that his handsome face should make people like him, but when Jian Ren faced him, it was like facing a cloud of cold mist, suffocating and lifeless. The cold and calm look in his eyes when he looked over made Jian Ren even more irritable.

And his eyes.

After being so close, Jian Ren realized that the other party’s eyes were not the usual black or brown, but an extremely rare dark green.

That color gave people a strong sense of ominousness, as if they suddenly saw the eyes of a demon.

In this crowded and noisy bar, a chill crept up behind the people’s back for no reason.

Jian Ren was extremely annoyed, but before he could get angry, he saw the light reflecting from the boy’s green eyes. From a certain angle, those dark green eyes reflected a light color, and suddenly looked like ‘Forest of Dreams’.

Forest of Dreams.

Thinking of the set of sky-high priced diamond accessories, Jian Ren came back to his senses.

The young master was still here.

Jian Ren exhaled, reminding himself not to put the cart before the horse [1].

What’s more, it’s not good if it spreads everywhere that young master Jian ended up beating someone in his own birthday party.

“Third Lin,” [2] Jian Ren called someone of his own to come over, and waved his hand, “Take him down first.”

He then said slowly, “Let’s not spoil everyone’s mood.”

Anyway, after the end, he will still have time to deal with this person.

After Jian Ren gave his orders, he turned his head and looked in Shi Qingning’s direction.

He saw that the other party was talking to the bodyguard beside him. After listening, the bodyguard nodded, straightened up and said a few words into the Bluetooth headset.

Then, second young master Shi himself stood up, and actually began to put on his coat.

Jian Ren frowned.

He really wants to go?

Shi Qingning put on his coat and covered herself tightly again. Although he decided to save him, he didn’t plan to come forward himself.

With the experience of the waiter just now, Shi Qingning knew that the more he showed concern for the protagonist, the more Jian Ren would find fault with the protagonist.

So, he only let his other bodyguards secretly protect Bai Yexi, and didn’t do anything himself.

Putting on his coat slowly, Shi Qingning turned around and was about to leave, when he heard a voice behind him.

“Shi Qingning.”

Jian Ren stopped him coldly.

“You really want to go?”

Shi Qingning turned around.

Jian Ren’s face was gloomy, and his lips were tightly pursed into a straight line.

Under the bright light, the man’s face was cast with a shadow so thick that it could not be dispelled.

Although he spoke slowly, his words sounded extremely cold.

“Go out of here, and I’ll never see you again.”

Young Master Shi paused, and the color on his face seemed to fade a bit.

His eyelashes trembled slightly, and his voice was a little vague, “What did you say?”

Jian Ren looked at the young man’s slightly stunned expression, and spoke, word to word.

“If you go today, I will never see you again.”

There was a pin drop silence in the hall, just at this time the background music also stopped playing, and everyone looked at the two in silence.

Then they saw the young master turn his head, his voice calm and light.

“Is it recorded?”

The bodyguard beside him nodded, “It’s recorded.”

Record what?

Everyone was puzzled, after which the bodyguard opened the mobile phone, and clicked to play the video.

——Jian Ren’s face appeared on the screen.

“If you go today, I will never see you again.”

Those words repeatedly echoed in the hall, lingering in everyone’s ears.

Shi Qingning patted his palms, “With so many people present and the video as evidence, I hope Mr. Jian will remember to do what he said.”

He then politely said to Jian Ren, “Farewell. Forever.”

Then second young master Shi looked around, showing a light and shallow smile, and said goodbye to everyone politely.

“Have fun everyone, good night.”

Before everyone could react to his words, they blushed from his smile and stared blankly at this extremely beautiful young master leaving the hall gracefully.

This series of actions was done very smoothly, and when he walked out of the hall, Shi Qingning’s bodyguard couldn’t help but praise him.

“Second young master is really amazing. That Jian Ren was so stunned that he couldn’t even speak up, even his face turned green.”

Second young master Shi was tying his scarf while walking, it seemed that what happened just now was not as important as keeping himself warm.

“It was not just to annoy him.”

After the scarf was tied firmly, Shi Qingning said.

“I wanted to completely fall out with him, so that he will no longer entangle himself with me in the future.”

The bodyguard froze for a moment before realizing the truth.

The young master deliberately embarrassed Jian Ren just now in front of everyone, not because he was venting his anger out of revenge, but to let everyone know that the two of them would never be in the so-called rumored relationship.

In this way, no matter how much Jian Ren regrets it in the future, he will not be able to get back together with second young master Shi again.

At a banquet at someone else’s home [3], Shi Qingning was able to plan so thoughtfully and also perfectly execute it.

“It’s really…” the bodyguard sighed, “You really deserve to be the Second Young Master.”

Shi Qingning smiled, “I’m young, if there is something wrong, I need to ask brother Sun and everyone to take care of me.”

He spoke very seriously, not just out of politeness.

The original young master was only fifteen years old when he died, no matter how coquettish, self-willed, and at odds with his family he was, he shouldn’t be killed by a scumbag.


Shi Qingning understands how precious this word is.

He didn’t know if the original young master would come back, but since he borrowed the other’s body now, he will help him take care of it.

After he came back, he can continue to live normally.

“Sometimes I may be self-willed and make mistakes, thank you for looking after me.”

There was a shy smile on the boy’s lips.

“Brother Sun worked hard just now.”

The bodyguard felt a tightness in his throat, as if something was stuck there and a trace of stunned expression appeared on his always serious face.

Before coming here, he had heard too many rumors, even until just now, he was not without worry.

But now that Sun Ming looked at the young boy in front of him, he thought of his own sister. That child is immature, playful and mischievous, and when she shows her temper, he really wishes he could pick her up and beat her.

But when he hears the call of ‘brother’ from her mouth, he still can’t hold back the smile on his lips.

The bodyguard shook his head, “It’s not hard work, it’s my job.”

The corners of his eyes gradually softened, and his voice was low but firm.

“Second Young Master, we will definitely take good care of you.”


When Shi Qingning left, he didn’t go through the main entrance. He was led to the side entrance of the bar by a bodyguard, which is where the protagonist Bai Yexi was escorted to leave just now.

Jian Ren’s people had already been dealt with. Not long after Shi Qingning walked out of the hall, he saw Third Lin and the others who were thrown at the corner of the corridor. Their limp postures looked like some kind of trendy showpieces.

According to the plan, Bai Yexi should have been taken to the parking lot by now, but as soon as Shi Qingning walked out of the side door, he saw two parties who were silently confronting each other outside the door.

Three tall and strong bodyguards in black suits, and Bai Yexi standing alone with his back to the door.

Shi Qingning was surprised, “What’s wrong?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the originally tense atmosphere suddenly relaxed.

The long-haired boy with his back to the door paused slightly.

He then slowly loosened his tense body.

The bodyguards opposite him were a little more vigilant than before, and one of them even took half a step forward, blocking the possibility of the boy turning around and attacking the person standing in front of the side door.

“Second Young Master.”

Several bodyguards greeted Shi Qingning in a low voice, but their guard against that boy did not decrease at all.

Shi Qingning didn’t notice the undercurrent between the few of them, he only felt doubts, and the cold wind after walking outside.

After all, it is winter.

Shi Qingning asked, “Why are you standing here?”

A bodyguard stepped forward and explained what happened after they left the hall.

To put it simply, Bai Yexi did not agree to go with them.

It didn’t take much effort for the bodyguards to deal with Jian Ren’s people, but they accidentally kicked the iron plate [4] with this thin boy who seemed weak enough to get blown away by the wind.

It is still the kind of iron plate with terrifying thickness and coating on both sides.

Shi Qingning quickly realized that, after all, the protagonist in the novel has a withdrawn personality and is extremely defensive, so it is not difficult to understand why he would refuse.

As for the fighting strength, Bai Yexi had been bullied since he was a child, and all kinds of beatings and scolding is a common thing for him. He fought his way out by himself, and his fighting skills were all practiced punch by punch during the bloody fights.

That’s why he is so fierce.

But that doesn’t mean he will take the initiative to attack others.

So Shi Qingning took the initiative to smooth things over and said, “This should be a misunderstanding.”

“Sorry, did I scare you?” He said to Bai Yexi, “We don’t mean any harm, we just don’t want those people to hurt you.”

The side door of the bar is quite remote, and there is no one around. Because of the light on top of the door, Shi Qingning’s face could be clearly seen.

It was a cold winter night, and the corners of the boy’s eyes were slightly reddened by the wind, which contrasted more clearly with his slightly pale complexion. His eye contours were already exquisite enough, but now that they were smeared with a red glow, he looked even more dazzling.

As if in the desolation of this late winter, a lone flower was blooming.

The person being questioned paused for a few seconds, and it took a long time before he uttered a single word.


Although his words were short, but they were very firm.

Bai Yexi’s voice was low, mellow and cold, perhaps because he had just been frightened, it was still slightly hoarse at the moment, with a magnetic aftertaste, which was very pleasant to hear.

But when he said “no”, he slowly took half a step back.

Shi Qingning: “…”

Is he that scary?

Shi Qingning touched his face, thinking that because of the cold wind, he might look a little pale. Seeing this, the bodyguard at the side said in a low voice, “Second young master, the person has been rescued, and it’s too cold outside, why don’t you go back first.”

Shi Qingning interrupted him, “Wait a minute.”

He turned to Bai Yexi again, “May I ask for your name and contact information?”

Bai Yexi paused again, frowning slightly, his voice deep and cold.


Half of his face was hidden in the dark shadow, making it difficult to see his expression clearly.

It was clear that Bai Yexi was guarding against him.

Several bodyguards became more wary because of his attitude, but Shi Qingning just kept looking directly at him.

This kid is too skinny.

Shi Qingning thought.

The protagonist looks like he is at most fifteen to sixteen years old, he really is just a child. His figure was extremely thin, and at this moment, the long black hair was hanging down from the side of his cheeks, slightly covering his pale and thin face, making him look even thinner.

Second young master Shi was thin because of his congenital heart disease. No matter how good his lifestyle is, he couldn’t grow any flesh. Bai Yexi’s figure actually looks somewhat similar to that of Shi Qingning’s, except that he is half a head taller than him.

Coupled with his slightly hoarse voice, it makes him look very malnourished.

Don’t know how much he must have suffered in his daily life.

And his hands.

Shi Qingning saw Bai Yexi’s hands hanging by his side. Those hands were thin, straight and slender, with clean and tidy nails. When his long fingers are clasped together, there will be a nice little dimple at the base of the thumb close to the wrist.

It was a pair of hands naturally suited to play the piano.

Thinking that the protagonist can’t afford the piano, because of which he can only practice secretly with the cardboard by drawing keys on it, and always uses such beautiful hands to fight with others.

Shi Qingning really wanted to take him to play the piano right now.

Shi Qingning also knew that he had just attended Jian Ren’s birthday party, and the protagonist would definitely be wary of him, so he explained patiently, spreading his hands to show that he did not have any malicious intentions.

“I’m not with that Jian Ren just now.”

In order not to let the other party misunderstand that he also came to find trouble for fun, Shi Qingning found a very good reason.

“I want to find someone of my age to practice piano with me. I talked to Jian Ren because of his pretty fingers.”

“Now I find that your hands look better and are very suitable for playing the piano.” Shi Qingning asked, “I want to hire you as my piano partner, is that okay?”


Author has something to say:

Don’t praise his fingers… I’m afraid, you will regret and cry later.