Chapter 2495: Go back (end of the book)

This is the best opportunity!

Jiang Ning took a deep breath, tried his best, roared, he looked like a madman, his eyes were splitting, desperately urging the white light in his dantian.

"Come out!"

Suddenly, Baimang trembled suddenly!

Jiang Ning's fist was instantly wrapped in white light!

He felt that the power of his body was instantly hollowed out!

But Jiang Ning didn't care about this, he roared, immediately waved his fist, and rushed to the greedy wolf: "Die!"

And how can the greedy wolf sit and wait for death?

He also exploded with the strongest strength, violently shaking the triangle formation, the old naughty boy and Yumeng's mouth and nose, constantly spurting blood, and their bodies were crumbling!


The old naughty boy yelled, "Quick! Quick!"

He can't hold on anymore.


The triangle is broken again!

The old naughty boy and Yumeng were directly shocked, and they were instantly enveloped in black air, like a gossamer.

And the eyes of Greedy Wolf were full of madness: "You all have to die!"

He watched Jiang Ning's fist attack without any fear, and even took the initiative to punch, with a terrifying black air, and hit Jiang Ning's fist that wrapped the white mans hard!


The earth is shaking!

Baimang-constantly dissolving black energy!

Greedy wolf's face changed drastically.

Jiang Ning didn't care about this at all. He knew that the old naughty boy and Yu Meng would not survive. With this punch, he must kill the greedy wolf!

He must be killed!

At this moment, his brain was blank, only the fist, as he moved forward, he didn't even see it, his fist was covered with array patterns!



Bai Mang is constantly dissolving the black energy, crazy!

Greedy wolf wanted to break free, but found that he couldn't break free at all!

How is this going?

What's going on!


It was like a huge sucker that had sucked him in, the white glow was still dissolving the black energy, and even...touched the arm of the wolf.


Greedy wolf's arm, like glass, was broken.

The white light on Jiang Ning's fist was even more terrifying than black air.

He directly melted the greedy wolf half of his body!


Greedy wolf fell to the ground, screaming in pain, he wanted to struggle, but he couldn't even stand up.

The wound is repairing, but it's too slow.

What the **** is that?

What are the white glows on Jiang Ning's fist?

"You're done."

Jiang Ning shook his body and stood up, exhausted to the extreme, as if he had been emptied.

He walked to Greedy Wolf step by step and muttered: "You're done..."


The greedy wolf yelled, "You can't kill me! You can't kill me!"

Jiang Ning ignored him, and walked slowly over, watching Greed Wolf’s wounds being repaired, but he didn’t pay any attention to it. He raised his fist and slammed it on Greed Wolf’s face!


Splashing blood!

This punch was pure brute force, and Jiang Ning had only these strengths at the moment.

Greedy wolf's nose is broken!

?Shi Yi Shan Ai Lu Zhe Ai Xi? Bang!



He hit with one punch, no matter where he hit, he even blurred his vision and couldn't make it clear, but his fist kept going.

Greedy wolf screamed, but couldn't avoid it. Jiang Ning could only hit his head with one punch.

One punch, two punches...

Jiang Ning didn't know how many punches he smashed, and when the greedy wolf lost his voice, his brain was full of blood, and he could not see clearly what his face looked like.

Greedy Wolf lost his voice, even his breath, his head had long been deformed, but Jiang Ning's fist still kept on.




His fist was also **** and bloody, and his finger bones were exposed, but it still kept going.

After a long time, Jiang Ning tilted his body, fell down, and fell into a coma.

I don't know how long it took before he woke up slowly.

Beside him is the corpse of Greed Wolf.

he died!

Greedy wolf is dead!

He was abruptly smashed to death with his fist!

The souls are all in ashes!


Jiang Ning opened his eyes and was exhausted, feeling that all his bones were falling apart.

The old naughty boy and Yumeng died.

But they have been.

He didn't know how to tell Jiang Yao that her master was dead, she would definitely be very sad.

But this, she wants to know sooner or later.

Jiang Ning dug a few pits with his bare hands, buried the bodies of the old urchin and Yumeng, and built a stone grave. On this small island in the deserted mountains, there was no way to do more.

"It's over, it ended in this way..."

Jiang Ning said, "Thank you."

Without the sacrifice of the old naughty boy and Yumeng, it would be impossible to kill the greedy wolf.

Even so, he was seriously injured.

But everything returned to peace, anyway, it was over.

Jiang Ning turned his head, as if seeing Lin's family in the East China Sea, Lin Yuzhen and the others were waiting for him at the door, his eyes were a little dazed, and he turned around with a smile on his face.

Step by step, towards the direction of the East China Sea...

(End of the book)