Chapter 693 - Chapter 693: Slashing Someone With a Blunt Knife

Chapter 693: Slashing Someone With a Blunt Knife

Translator: Lonelytree

“Teacher, Qu Guang sent a voice message to me, telling me not to betray him.

” I guess the first lesson is a multiple-choice question. One is to choose betrayal, and the other is to choose to resist betrayal.”

“Betrayal? Resist betrayal?” When An Kai heard this answer, he was stunned.

What was the meaning of this?

Why did he not understand?

Did betrayal need to be defined?

From what An Kai knew, betrayal did not exist.

As long as what he did was beneficial to himself, then what he did was not considered betrayal.

Of course, if his subordinates joined others and violated An Kai’s interests, it would be considered a betrayal.

It was a pity that An Kai had come to this world. He could be said to have failed in other things, but he was very proficient in the loyalty of his subordinates.

It could be said to be outstanding and unique.

Therefore, An Kai had never experienced betrayal.

That was why he believed that betrayal should not exist, because the definition of betrayal was given by others.

It wasn’t given by him.

Standing in the first class of the school, he was told that he had to learn how to betray? Or resist betrayal?

An Kai did not agree with the school’s view.

What was learning betrayal? Did he need it? Everything he did had always been what he thought was right. Even if he betrayed, it was also a definition imposed on him by others.

So, did An Kai need to learn how to betray?

No need!

Betrayal did not exist for An Kai.

Was he supposed to learn a character that didn’t exist?

As for resisting betrayal, it was even more nonsense.

If betrayal could be resisted, what was the price?

Can the price of betrayal be recovered?

What An Kai hated the most was ” late justice “,” late judgment “, and ” late victory ”

And the late resistance to betrayal.

Why did he let the betrayal happen and then resist it?

Why not solve it at the source and make the betrayal disappear?

“No wonder the Divine Court was destroyed. The things taught in the academy are all so boring.”

At this moment, An Kai’s face was filled with disdain.

Whether it was learning betrayal or resisting betrayal, he was unwilling to do it.

An Kai was ready to try the third option.

[Control Betrayal]!

He had complete control over the betrayal. No matter who it was, whether they betrayed him or not, he had the final say!

Whether he could betray or not, and the method of betrayal, it was all up to him, An Kai.

This was the control of betrayal, changing an uncontrollable event into something controllable.

For others, it might be very difficult.

But to An Kai

It didn’t seem too difficult.

An Kai had a faint smile on his face as he walked to the first bamboo man that had scattered

His palm gently caressed it

A [Gate of Summoning] appeared in An Kai’s palm.

The bamboo man was instantly pulled into it.

Then, he was summoned by An Kai.

All of this was done very secretly by An Kai.

No one noticed his abnormality.

This included Qu Guang, who had been staring at An Kai.

When he made his move, An Kai had already thought it through. He would not be like how Qu Guang did everything. Qu Guang needed to calculate carefully in order to complete the betrayal test.

This was the method of the incompetent.

Going by the book would only lead him down the path of failure as a ‘teacher’!

Knowing that it was a path of failure, An Kai would not step into it, not even one step.

What he needed to do now was to walk a path that the Divine Court Academy had never developed before.

It was also an extremely violent and simple path!

It was also the philosophy of Home of Kindness!

The strong are respected!

They would carry out their powerful powers and privileges to the end.

As long as you have enough strength, I won’t know if you will betray me.

Anyway, as long as An Kai was alive, people would not betray him.

This was the confidence that strength gave An Kai.

At this moment, An Kai pulled the bamboo men into the [Gate of Summoning] one by one and then released them. He was asking them to execute his idea.

In the entire [Divine Court Academy: Betrayal] building, the only ones with attack power were the scattered bamboo men.

These bamboo men seemed to be made of bamboo.

In reality, this was not the case.

In An Kai’s perception, every bamboo person had an existence similar to the [Spell True Spirit].

It was suspected to have been extracted from the chaos space and fused with the True Spirit of the Divine Court.

Therefore,[Gate of Summoning] was also useful.

An Kai trusted his own judgment.

He was especially familiar with the fact that it was suspected to be the true spirit of spells.

An Kai’s plan was very simple. He would take the bamboo man into his bag and then drive the bamboo man to solve all the problems.

Only the living beings of the Home of Kindness were left behind.

In this way, the lesson of betrayal was successfully resolved.

This was because the remaining living beings of the Home of Kindness would never betray An Kai.

Therefore, whether it was learning betrayal or resisting betrayal, it was no longer necessary.

An Kai was like a doctor, checking the condition of the scattered bamboo people one by one.

Qu Guang only took a few glances before ignoring him.

He was still mocking An Kai in his heart, Idiot!

” If you don’t have the means to resist betrayal, you won’t be able to drive them!

“Do you really think this is the Divine Realm? You can’t use any means to drive them!”

Qu Guang’s heart was filled with disdain.

After realizing that ” Hanks ” was just doing useless work, he ignored ” Hanks “.

He heaved a sigh of relief and followed the method taught to him by the Archmage God to prepare to master the means to resist betrayal as soon as possible.

Then, he would control the bamboo man to indiscriminately attack all the living beings here and eliminate those who choose to betray!

Then, with full marks, he would enter the second lesson of the Divine Court!

However, there was something strange.