Yoo Chun Young soon became baffled. Still, Yi Ruda was dropping his gaze at him. He moved his lips that had a crooked smile on it and spat something like a sigh. Yi Ruda then took a step behind.

Smiling quietly, he said, “Oh, are you wondering how I knew that? Well… I don’t like physically harsh activities, but I had to get trained since when I was young for some unavoidable reasons.”

“Then those who get trained from a younger age could figure that out?”

“No, I’m just different from others,” with those remarks, Yi Ruda’s eyes turned narrower.

When a chill air flashed across Yi Ruda’s blue eyes, Yoo Chun Young encountered a reversed sight. Raising his body in a flash, Yi Ruda flipped back Yoo Chun Young while pressing Chun Young’s shoulders. Pow! As soon as Chun Young’s body dove into the bed, something solid hit the spot beside Chun Young. A pair of black trousers in the school uniform… it was Yi Ruda’s knee.

A black shadow soon blocked Chun Young’s sight. Yi Ruda’s blond hair, reflecting the ceiling light, was waving right in front of Chun Young’s forehead.

It was a sudden subdual.

Yi Ruda, who easily threw down Yoo Chun Young, stood still while putting his one foot on the floor and the other knee on the bed. His hands brutally pressed down Yoo Chun Young’s head to the bed, and he bent his head to face Yoo Chun Young right in front.

Yi Ruda’s lashes fluttered for a moment then the blue eyes below them gently curved into an arc-like shape.

It was difficult for Yoo Chung Young to find out what Yi Ruda was thinking. For a moment, he turned violent like a beast, and for another moment, he acted like a kid who had his favorite candy in his hand. At some point, he looked like a child who ripped his disliked friend’s doll while the adults were out of sight. Yi Ruda kept an innocent yet a heartless expression at the same time.

While Yoo Chun Young had those thoughts in mind, Yi Ruda, who closely put his lip to Chun Young’s ear, whispered gently.

“Don’t mess with me. I can knock you down without a punch.”

“You seemed to kill time earlier…”

“Or else Donnie will get sad to see I beat you up to death. Do you know how hard it was to control my strength?”


Before continuing the conversation, Yoo Chun Young raised his blue eyes to glance upon the ceiling. He then said nonchalantly, while showing no signs of agitated feelings in mind.

“I don’t know what your game is.”

“Game? Interesting…”

“Why are you being so desperate about Ham Donnie?”

“Desperate? Do you think I’m being desperate?” When Yi Ruda asked back, he swept around his lips with his finger.

Yoo Chun Young’s voice, following along, was still cold-hearted.

“What you said in the bathroom earlier sounded quite logical, but the motive you had was wrong from the beginning. It meant that I should stay away from Ham Donnie. What do you gain from that?”


“Do you want to monopolize her?”

“Well, it’s true that it’s a win-win when you guys stayed away from Donnie. I just wanted to let you know the truth because it’s heartbreaking to see Donnie undergoing her inner struggles alone and…”

Putting a twisted grin on his face, Yi Ruda, whispered in a lowered voice.

“Isn’t it possible to win somebody over to be in a relationship with them, especially between a man and a woman? Am I wrong? Why are you talking negatively like monopolizing her is bad? Donnie isn’t public property, you know?”

Yi Ruda’s words made Yoo Chun Young’s face suddenly change frigidly.

He replied, “What you said sounds like you have a crush on Ham Donnie?”

Yi Ruda laughed at Chun Young’s response. He then answered back in a warm voice as if he was rewarding Chun Young with a prize.

“You have some sense compared to how you look, but isn’t it also you who’s being desperate about her? Who’s the guy constantly sticking up for the person who never opened her heart for the last three years?”

Yoo Chun Young’s cheek turned pale. At that very moment, the nurse’s office door opened with a creaking sound.

Lifting himself halfway up from the bed and still facing Yi Ruda in a close distance that their bodies were almost attached, Yoo Chun Young turned his head to look at the door.

A brown-haired girl just shoved herself into the door and said, “I spoke with Eun Hyung outside. You have a photoshoot today…”



When Ham Donnie spat a perplexed sound from her mouth, Yoo Chun Young and Yi Ruda then realized their postures. Yi Ruda, almost looked like he was riding Yoo Chun Young and even had his nose closely attached to Yoo Chun Young’s. ‘Oh, lord…’ Both of their faces turned pale like a sheet of paper. ‘No way…’ When they both thought the same, Ham Donnie stepped back while putting a forced smile on her face.

“I… don’t have any stereotypes…”

‘What stereotypes?’ They wanted to ask like that but nothing came out of their mouth. Almost frozen like ice, they both became at a loss of words. They all just stared at Ham Donnie. Then the door closed without a sound.

As if nothing had happened, it was silent around the closed door again. Yoo Chun Young gazed at that empty space for quite a while then, at last, gathered back his senses.

“Ham Donnie!!! Where are you going!?” He yelled in surprise.

As soon as Yoo Chun Young screamed out loud, Yi Ruda also shrieked while recovering his consciousness.

“Donnie!! Donnie, no!!! You’re getting it wrong! We’re not like that!!! Come back!!!!”

Yi Ruda screamed while standing still then he dashed out of the nurse’s office. Yoo Chun Young, who sprung himself up from the bed, ran after. Both their faces were crazily in a hurry.

After a few seconds, they finally caught Ham Donnie with each of their hands.

* * *

Feeling crestfallen, I touched my hands hesitantly. Yoo Chun Young and Yi Ruda, who were both standing in front of me, looked dark and stiff. ‘Someone please explain why they both have those serious faces…’ While I said this to myself, Yoo Chun Young pulled out a chair for me to sit on and glanced at Yi Ruda. He then perched on the bed.

Yi Ruda asked, “Why is there no chair for me?”

“You can sit on the floor.”

“Never mind, I’ll sit on the bed, too.”

Yi Ruda then put her butt right next to Yoo Chun Young’s. It surprised me to see Yoo Chun Young having an annoyed look in his eyes, which I rarely saw, to give a sidelong scowl at Yi Ruda.

She would be the first one to draw this much attention from Yoo Chun Young in such a short time.

As if the bed was hers, Yi Ruda, crossed her arms comfortably and spoke to me, “First, we both looked weird in the bed, right?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Yoo Chun Young said in an unusually hurried tone as soon when Yi Ruda broke the ice. Yi Ruda and Yoo Chung Young looked at each other with hate in their eyes and soon turned their heads to me. Both seemed to be truly desperate.

Yi Ruda continued, “It’s not really what you think. It’s that… anyway, you’re getting it wrong.”

“True. It’s not what you think.”

They looked so serious in trying to emphasize their words that it made my jaw drop out of perplexity. ‘I mean, what are they thinking about me?’

Let’s clarify this out. Earlier, Yoo Chun Young and Yi Ruda roared at each other; however, they successfully made out enthusiastically. Isn’t this obvious that they are the couple-to-be in a web novel?

Law of the Web Novel Article 9. In the novel, the female protagonist would end up as a couple with the person she first kissed. The first guy she made out with was the real protagonist and the other guys in the novel were all there to serve supporting roles.

To specify what a supporting role is… it’s a guy who becomes tearful when the female protagonist says, ‘I can’t say yes to you because my boyfriend and I will be in love for a century!’ He would then respond, ‘would you then come to me after a century…?’ and dreams of a romance in his next life.

I imagined how Yoo Chun Young and Yi Ruda would react afterward.

At first, Yoo Chun Young and Yi Ruda had quarreled, but after they made out, strange chemistry buds between them…

Yoo Chun Young: You’re a boy… but why am I being so confused?

Yi Ruda: (Heart throbbing)

Yoo Chun Young: Let me hug you to figure out this feeling.

Yoo Chun Young would then hug Yi Ruda like a man. The tickly feelings filling his chest confirmed that this was love.

Yoo Chun Young: I don’t care if you’re a guy!

Yi Ruda: I’m actually a girl.

Yoo Chun Young: What? Did you trick me? Do you know how much I agonized about this!? But… this is good.

Yi Ruda: LOL

Yoo Chun Young: Let’s get married.

Yi Ruda: Ok

Oh, lord. This imagination of mine made me blush. Such thoughts made me cover my face out of embarrassment.

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