* * *

“So the point is calling him out alone…”

“Oh, really? I see that’s the point.”

“… Jesus.”

Eun Jiho drew in his breath in surprise. Something was tickling his shoulder, which turned out to be Ban Yeo Ryung’s purplish-black hair. Since the voice was heard above his head, Ban Yeo Ryung would be lowering her head right on top of him. Woo Jooin then asked with a smile from across.

“Hey, Yeo Ryung?”

“Yeah, what are you guys up to? Hold on, let me guess.”

Ban Yeo Ryung put her index finger on her mouth to stop their talk and frowned her face in thought.

Lier… Eun Jiho pulled a face. He was sure that the quick-witted Ban Yeo Ryung would have already drawn a conclusion.

She basically had sharp eyes but they often seemed to forget that because she was very slow at love-related issues. And as expected, she soon opened her eyes with a twinkle and said to the boys.

“Got it! You guys were planning to kill that fu*k… I mean, that freaking bastard who involved Donnie into the car accident.”

“Wow! Smart.”

Woo Jooin complimented her with a bright smile, which had no signs of a joke. Ban Yeo Ryung stretched out her hand to high-five with Woo Jooin then squeezed herself between Eun Jiho and Kwon Eun Hyung.

Although they laughed out of the silly joke, the aura coming out from Ban Yeo Ryung seemed to be quite grim. Her cold eyes were about to fall out ice. Eun Jiho became intensely anxious.

As she sat between them, Ban Yeo Ryung looked as if she would take part in their plan at any cost. It made Eun Jiho hesitant for a second but try to warn her.



Oh? It was Eun Jiho who called her first but Ban Yeo Ryung looked at him as if she found something to tell him ahead.

What the… Eun Jiho stared at her in wonder then she continued her words.

“Hey, if you’re going to say, girls should stay out because it’s dangerous…”


“There’s something called German suplex that I learned from my bro’s friends. Do you know? It’s grabbing the opponent around his waist from behind and flipping him over onto his back.”


“You know that I’m very athletic? I do perfectly on what I learn.”


“Hope you get the point. Haha.”

Ban Yeo Ryung replied with an imposing laugh and tapped Eun Jiho’s back, which was quite threatening.

Eun Jiho became a straight face. This was obviously burying one’s head in the sand. From what Ban Yeo Ryung just said, she would have implied the following to him.

If you disturb me revenging on that fu*king bastard – she would have meant this but refrained herself on account of Kwon Eun Hyung – I would do the German suplex to you. Since I’m perfect on what I learn, you’ll get served with my flawless German suplex.

What an impeccable threat!

Damn it… Eun Jiho, of course, knew that Ban Yeo Ryung was not just as nice and soft as her appearance. She was surely a monstrous 17-year old girl.

However, when they proceed with that plan, it will be necessary for them to face the school gangsters, which becomes uncomfortable to have Ban Yeo Ryung in that situation.

Eun Jiho sent a sign of a backup to other boys but Yoo Chun Young just heaved a sigh, which implied that it would be impossible for them to keep her off from their plan. Kwon Eun Hyung, who was right next to Yoo Chun Young, also just had an awkward smile on his face.

Woo Jooin smiled brightly than before. His brain would be busy with how to use Ban Yeo Ryung for a better scenario.

Jesus, it’s too late. Eun Jiho scratched his head and spoke to her.

“Ok, ok. Geez, don’t you have any fear?”

“What? You should say I’m faithful, not fearless. Why would I be not scared?”

Yeah. Eun Jiho replied instinctively, which provoked her to smash his back again. She hit him in a flash with a shy face then said with a low voice.

“Hey, your best friend almost got hit by a car and came back looking like that. What a dickhead to just move on? That’s such a coward.”


Eun Jiho also agreed to her point, so he patted his chin and gave a nod. Ban Yeo Ryung rarely used abusive words since she grew up in a happy and supportive family.

As he glanced at Kwon Eun Hyung, who hated curses, he looked serene regardless of Ban Yeo Ryung’s aggressive remarks for somehow.

Yoo Chun Young then lifted his hand and patted Ban Yeo Ryung’s head. She was, again, lost in her thoughts but got surprised by his act.


“Good speech.”

“You know me.”

Yoo Chun Young giggled at Ban Yeo Ryung’s proud-looking face. He then asked Woo Jooin, who remained silent folding his arms.

“So, how’s the plan?”

It was not even half an hour since Jooin began to think of a plan. Yoo Chun Young was, however, convinced that Jooin already set up the overall plan and finished all the details.

Woo Jooin, indeed, began to talk about what he head after a moment.

The living room was dark with the closed curtains. Through the dim lights, Woo Jooin’s brown eyes shined with a smile.

* * *

How long did I have been like this in bed? Maybe I was asleep for a while. When I woke up, surprisingly, it was almost 5 in the evening. So, in other words, I was asleep for 5 hours straight but I remained lying comfortably on the bed.

Did I lay down unconsciously or somebody else laid me down? If it was the latter, it would be a little embarrassing. The thought made me frown my face.

I felt like I was about to puke. Oh, I did try to throw up, so maybe that might have been why I was feeling so unwell.

Outside the window, the sky was turning orange along with the sunset. I felt kind of far-off as if floating on a boat. Soon I was getting dizzy, which made me close my eyes again, but then I heard a noise from the door. Someone was coming inside the room.

Are they still here? Well, they were regarding my house as their 2nd home, so although I was asleep, it would not affect them chilling around.

I tried to wake up naturally opening my eyes, but at that moment, someone touched my hair, which made me lose the right timing.

I couldn’t do anything lying down on the bed. Well, for me, there was nothing special about them touching my hair. The act of touching was closer to the act of ‘tangling or tapping’ in this situation so far.

However, the person was softly patting my hair while I closed my eyes, which felt quite strange. Especially, the weird feeling aroused from the person patting me like it was usually done, selflessly. It made me beware to feel too fluttered of his acts.

How long did I think? I opened my eyes at last. It seemed that this person would pat my hair forever before I bring to a halt.

Through the blurry sight, there came in a black hair with a hint of the orange sunset and the exotic blue eyes. Oh, it was Yoo Chun Young.

He seemed to notice immediately when I opened my eyes. He gently took his hand off from my hair and remained silent for a while. What the… I felt awkward needlessly.

The sky was on fire with the setting sun and the light penetrated through the window. Both of us were surrounded by the warm dark. At that very moment, Yoo Chun Young, in front of me, looked like an illusion. Maybe I was still in my dreamland. The thoughts flew around the air.

Yoo Chun Young kept his silence for a while then pulled the blanket up to my nose for some reason. He tapped my head and said in a whisper.

“Get some more sleep.”

His low voice scattered heavily to the floor. After a gaze, I opened my dry mouth.

“I’m not sleepy.”

“Come on.” He replied, pressing the blanket on my mouth. Is it a sign to stop talking? But his face remained placid, still and expressionless. Yoo Chun Young then knitted his brows a little and spoke something unexpected.

“You’d be very tired.”

“… Not that much.”

How do you know if I’m tired? My question made Yoo Chun Young sigh. He then pulled off my blanket and stretched out his hand to me. Is he asking me to grab and get up?

“Hey, I’m not sick. Why are you being so nice to me?” I said with a smile.

“They say 90% of modern people’s diseases are caused by mental illness.”

“What? You’re saying that I’m depressed?”

“No, you’d have jumped out of your skin… Are you feeling ok? Hungry?”

When he asked me that in concern, I got more surprised than before.

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