What on earth is happening? Was she really a special agent or something? What surprised me more was the way Yi Ruda moved.

Another guy with a black suit was getting closer behind us, and on the opposite side, one man in black was confronting Yi Ruda.

As soon as Yi Ruda’s feet stepped on the ground after giving them a flying kick, she jumped into the man again to strike his side. Then she tried to hold him in her arms but gently flipped him over!

It was so amazing to see how she refused to yield at all in this fight even though her body was so slender, but now, she was completely overwhelming the men who were after her.

When Yi Ruda turned back to dust off her hands, it was then did Yeo Ryung and I gathered our senses. So did the man in black standing behind us.

As Yi Ruda strode toward him with fiery eyes, he stepped backward and quickly touched his ear. It was then when I saw the earpiece in his ear. He then yelled with a stumbling voice.

“Damn, I got fired up since he was the boss’ son, but what kind of creature is he…? All down, we need backup!”

Yi Ruda stopped her steps as she heard the words ‘back up’. Her back was shining bright under the streetlamp.

She did not approach the man anymore but murmured, ‘shit,’ in a low voice instead. Then she turned back and held each of our hands, yelling out, “Run!”

“W… hat?”


As Ban Yeo Ryung questioned in wonder, she took her hands off from Ruda’s grasp then began to run at the speed of light–according to the Law of the Web Novel Article 8, There is Nothing a Protagonist Inside the Web Novel Can’t Do. They Would Have a Minimum Grade of A in Physical Education–as soon as she sped up, she ran ahead of Yi Ruda who had my wrist in her hand.

I knew Ban Yeo Ryung was such a good runner! She should be in the Olympics with that flash-like speed.

Yi Ruda mumbled to Ban Yeo Ryung, “Are you a regular person?”

“How do you define ‘normal’?”

Ban Yeo Ryung asked back, but she ran consistently with an unbeatable pace. The surrounding scenery moved far from my ears with a shifting noise; however, I could hardly keep up with both of their speed.

Well, I was not a bad runner though. If there were 18 girls in my class, I ranked about 5th in running, which was way above the average. Despite all that, running after them made me so breathless that my heart was about to pop out.

These two… were crazy. They excelled in running at an unbelievable rate! Not even a track and field athlete could run as fast as they could!

As if they felt something abnormal in my breathing, Yi Ruda and Ban Yeo Ryung glanced with a concerned look on their faces. Yi Ruda’s blue eyes on me suddenly exhibited a serious glare. She then stretched out her arms towards my body out of the blue. OMG! As she did so, I saw my vision lifting up as if I were levitating.

I shrieked, “Ahh!! What the…!”


Yi Ruda’s face was filled with wonder as well, but she lifted me in her arms nonetheless and ran at full speed.

I, at last, realized that she was running faster compared to her speed earlier. However, Yi Ruda, who had me in her arms, still ran as fast as lightning that her legs seemed invisible.

Everything around me was like a moving blur. Only when we began to pass through the dark sidewalks did things around me slowly brightened into something more comprehensible. Suddenly, a light came through as if a curtain had been unfolded

Honk! The bus passed us by with the sound of a horn. Yi Ruda suddenly stopped as she almost bumped into other people who were standing close to each other.

As for Ban Yeo Ryung, when I turned my head to look for her, she was looking behind us, unbothered at the length in which she ran through with maximum speed.

How could she not be breathless when she ran at the same speed as Yi Ruda did? Did she also have a secret about her heredity she was not telling me about or something? As soon as I had that thought in my mind, I saw Ban Yeo Ryung inhaled deeply for a second before speaking to Yi Ruda.

“I don’t see them anymore.”


Yi Ruda replied, bending her body with a deep exhale. Her breath reached my forehead, tickling my hair. She then put me down at last.

As I felt my feet touching the ground, I finally realized how Yi Ruda just accomplished a spectacular chase straight out of an action flick with me in her arms.

She never lowered her speed in the entirety of the chase while I was in her arms. Instead, she even sped up at some point. It was unbelievable, considering how my current weight was… On second thought, I shouldn’t be thinking about things like that.

There were crowds of people standing in front of the crosswalk. Some wore suits, some had backpacks; others had nice hairstyles and had dull faces reflected in the passing lights of a car’s headlights. Looking at them made me feel a sense of reality.

Yes, so this place was apparently Seoul station in Korea. We had a chase with the men in black who appeared from nowhere. At some point, I started feeling like I jumped off from reality and was transported into a Hollywood movie.

Well, at least I was inside a web novel, I murmured. When I opened my palm, I saw it drenched in the late winter season. I turned to look at Yi Ruda, thinking of how she carried me back to safety on her own hands.

Yi Ruda’s blonde hair was attached to her marble-like white forehead which was drizzling in sweat. Her neck was also wet from the chase.

She wiped the sweat on her chin roughly with the back of her hand. Then she looked at me and Ban Yeo Ryung with her striking blue eyes.

The traffic light changed at that moment. Once we crossed the crosswalk, we saw the entrance to Seoul station. We would then descend through the stairs, entered with our metro cards, and took the subway to each of our directions, we bid farewell to Yi Ruda.

Yi Ruda was the first to take a step forward to the crosswalk. Ban Yeo Ryung also moved a step, biting her lips tightly. I, who looked at them back and forth, shoved my hands into my pocket and followed them in a hurry.

It was bright everywhere, as we went within the station. Under the exposed ceiling, a puff of steam was coming out from a toast shop.

|Since she did not have a metro card yet, Yi Ruda bought a single-journey card then came back to us. She remained silent for a while.

The one who broke the ice was Ban Yeo Ryung.

“Who were those people?”

She knitted her pretty black brows a little, looking cautious to ask.

Her question was quite surprising to me. Usually, Ban Yeo Ryung was outgoing like other female protagonists but was considerate enough after going through many troubles compared to how one would otherwise view her. Therefore, she was rarely inquisitive about others. Especially, when it comes to a boy.

Well, but I could understand Ban Yeo Ryung’s concern. I also had the same qualms as her.

Yi Ruda, who was dropping her gaze at the floor, seemed as if she was having a hard time to answer her question, but she finally raised her eyes and detached her lip.

“They are chasing me.”

“I can see that.”

Well, shucks, I did not think of that; I said to myself. As I mentioned before, Ban Yeo Ryung was smart enough to grasp things quickly except for things related to romance.

Anyway, I knew what Yi Ruda meant. She was trying to say, ‘they are chasing me, so they won’t follow you guys once we diverged paths,’ so in other words, she’s reassuring us that we would be safe.

Ban Yeo Ryung, however, frowned her brows again, thinking that Ruda’s response was not enough for her. Yi Ruda swept her hair hesitantly and looked at me. It was then when she tried to explain what was going on.

“So, my mother…”

“It’s okay.”

I cut his words adamantly on purpose. At the same time, Yi Ruda’s blue eyes and Ban Yeo Ryung’s black eyes moved towards my direction. I inhaled shortly out of anxiety and said to Yi Ruda with a timid smile.

“You don’t have to explain. Ban Yeo Ryung, let’s go.”

I then stretched out my hand to Ban Yeo Ryung. She held my hand but her face seemed to show a sign of bitterness. Ban Yeo Ryung lowered her head to me and spoke in a whisper.

“But Donnie, although he’s good at fighting, if this situation continues…”

She did not finish her words but stared at me with her big black eyes. Yeo Ryung was revealing to me that she wanted to help Yi Ruda even for a little bit if we knew her situation.

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