The Kim twins walked passed me by as closely as they could and whispered, ‘See you tomorrow.’ When they exchanged nods with Shin Suh Hyun, who sat across, Yi Ruda then stood up from her seat at last. However, from the look on her face, she had no intentions of leaving the classroom; instead, she strode to the window with an anxious expression and stood right in front of it.

Why was she standing so close to that window facing the schoolyard? Hold on, did she realized that Ban Yeo Ryung was threatening her life? I began to feel afraid of these people. Was the author also setting this female cross-dresser to possess clairvoyance?

I hesitated for a second but walked closer behind her. No matter what she was thinking, I should, at least, bid farewell since we’re assigned to sit beside each other. It was at that moment when I stepped closer to her with that thought in my mind did it happen.

As I turned my head to look at where her eyes were on, there I found three limousines blocking the entrance of our school.

What were all those limos…? I came up with the memory of Eun Jiho and Woo Jooin riding a limo on their way to school, but they were no longer doing that anymore.

Then for whom were the limos for…? As soon as I had that question in my head, the car door suddenly opened. At the same time, a group of men wearing black suits and sunglasses came out of the car. My face stiffened, looking at the overall situation. What the hell was going on?

While I was dropping my gaze at them, leaning myself on the windowsill, somebody beside me placed his shoes on top of it.

When I turned my head to see who it was, the first thing that came into my sight was the sun-shed leather of a black shoe.

What the…? While I was about to think like that, I saw Yi Ruda’s body falling out of the window.


A moment after, I found Yi Ruda’s shiny blonde hair running across the schoolyard. It was not only me who blankly stared at her getting far away from my sight. A few kids inside the class also watched Yi Ruda putting her feet on the windowsill and leaping over to the schoolyard.

They soon uttered their exclamations with a blushing face.

“Wow! That was incredible!”

“He jumped from the 2nd floor; gosh, that was lit!”

I watched them talk with excitement then shook my head.

Okay, there might be a chance in life that a group of men in black driving limos could chase a person. To escape them, she could jump off from the 2nd floor, of course.


Come on, no matter how positively I tried to think about it… why were these high school kids just shouting how cool she was and had no other reactions as to how dangerous his actions were? She jumped off from the 2nd floor to escape for crying out loud!

Besides, the black limos were blocking the school entrance and the men in black were streaming out to find her. Why though? Why was no one interested in that dangerous and surreal situation? Seriously, why!?

After standing motionless for a moment, I heaved a long sigh and muttered out the words.

“I really hate this…”

This damn school.

As I got out of the classroom, Ban Yeo Ryung, who was scowling with a demonic expression, strode toward me.

She then asked, “Where is that yellow-haired boy?”

Yi Ruda? Your enemy?

“She jumped off the window.”

The response I made was enough for them to misunderstand; however, Ban Yeo Ryung and the Four Heavenly Kings showed no signs of change in their faces. My answer was short as I felt tired but since no one responded, that reaction also weighed on my mind.

I asked, “Um, don’t you want to ask if the person is okay?”

“What? Who would get hurt by jumping off from the 2nd floor?”

Ban Yeo Ryung asked me back in surprise. Beside her, Woo Jooin was looking at Kwon Eun Hyung with curious eyes.

He then asked him, “Didn’t you also jump off from the 2nd floor sometimes?”

“That’s… when I don’t want to fight, but someone’s guarding the back door of our classroom. It’s not what I want to do, you know?”

Eun Hyung replied to Jooin shyly. His ears flushed as red as his hair. Oh, yeah… maybe I was the strange one who would break, at least, an arm or a leg after jumping off from the 2nd floor. It was Eun Jiho who flung a question to me this time.

“Dude, what did he do to you in the teacher’s office that makes everyone react so weird? Especially, Ban Yeo Ryung.”

He then tapped Ban Yeo Ryung’s head, which made her pissed off immediately, demanding him to get his fingers off of her.

While looking at the two quarrelling again, I swept my tangled hair back and strode along the hallway. As I kept on walking down, Ban Yeo Ryung soon followed me with the sound of his rushing footsteps.

It didn’t take long for her to catch up to me as she pulled my arms. Then there was another one who came closer to us. It was Woo Jooin.

He bent his big brown eyes with a cheerful smile.

“Mama, why are you going ahead?”

“Never mind, you guys are terrible.”

When I answered a bit hysterically, Woo Jooin’s eyes were filled with surprise. It looked as though he barely found knew anything as to why I became upset from our previous conversation.

A part of my heart grew heavier. Never mind. As I moved my steps while shaking my head, this time, something started weighing on top of my head. I frowned my brows and raised my head to see who it was. Eun Jiho was there stretching his arm on me. He then dropped his gaze and asked.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“You guys were… just asking about who that person is; I mean, Yi Ruda… only asking about… geez.”

“What? Dude, that’s because…”

Eun Jiho tried to respond, but I turned off his water.

“Never mind. What else I can do, but just to understand you guys?”

Anyway, I could accept their interest in Yi Ruda without a blink or qualm. When regarding their excessive enthusiasm for Yi Ruda as a flow of destiny inside this novel; it was nothing difficult to understand. What could they do if the author set the plot like this?

However, there were moments sometimes that I felt afraid. Due to how this story develops, I fear what would happen if the day would come when I left to go far away from them. I fear if the flow of destiny inside this novel would take them to a glorious or a tragic place unreachable to me.

Every moment I felt the development of this story going beyond my power, it filled me with dread, making me unavailable to even move my fingertips. When it happens, such thoughts occupy my mind as if it were a natural step.

Oh, come on. Just let it go. When I swept my hair a few times with that thought, it seemed that Yoo Chun Young and Eun Jiho were staring at me with a look on their face to indicate their confusion on the absurdity of this situation.

I stretched my hand out to grab Ban Yeo Ryung’s arm. Soon she grabbed my hands back shaking them with a bright smile.

The Four Heavenly Kings tried to rearrange their hair like a fish out of water but bent their steps, following our backs.

It was two in the afternoon. The sunlight was too strong for us to walk across the schoolyard with my eyes opened; however, I found the black limos still blocking the entrance of our school. It looked as though they did not catch Yi Ruda yet. As I glanced at the car, I wondered why Yi Ruda went to a Korean high school, pretending to be a female cross-dresser.

Was it because a conglomerate president ordered, ‘I will inherit our company to you, so before you succeed the business, get dressed like a boy to find a good and suitable Korean bridegroom in school’? Or would it be something like she had come to take an act of bloody revenge for her twin brother who died as an innocent victim? Maybe she had to take over a huge gang business, and until then, it was inevitable for her to hide her identity against the threat of assassination.

Oh, what a smart brain I had! I opened my mouth wide in admiration. I could ignore none of these possibilities. As I stared at the limo for quite a while, Ban Yeo Ryung shook my arm.

Her sudden motion made me turn back to look at her in surprise.

She then said, “Oh, there was something I forgot to tell you, so, you know, the reason why you shouldn’t go out with that blonde boy…”

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