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I don’t know how Mir got here and noticed what was going on.

But, at least in this situation, I could see that she had come to help me.


Goddess Abne attempted to unleash the gathered magic towards Mir, but she swiftly struck it with her fist, causing it to shatter effortlessly.

I can sense the power building up, causing the air to stir and vibrations to ripple through the surroundings, creating a potent wave of magic.

“Hmm~… I guess you’re not as weak as I thought~…”

There were no events or scenes in which the gods fought directly in the game.

“But it’s not beyond my imagination~”

That’s why I’m afraid.

The power of the gods is beyond common sense, especially when it comes from a goddess who’s called to be the most intelligent in the world, with a calm smile on her face.

She uttered those words and continued to unleash her magic, firing off spells relentlessly.

However, there were some unfamiliar and threatening spells that were not part of the game.

To be precise, it felt like witnessing the embodiment of familiar yet unique magic, a higher version that surpassed anything I had encountered in the game.

And since Mir was in her human form, she skillfully crushed the magic with techniques different from her dragon form.

At first glance, it may seem like an evenly matched battle, but for some reason, my heart rate intensifies, filling me with anxiety.

Even though Mir keeps deflecting Abne’s attacks…

She’s only on the defensive.

Since the beginning, Mir has been focused solely on blocking the relentless onslaught.

She couldn’t land a single counterattack, and even when she attempted to strike, the relentless magic left her with no opportunity to catch her breath.


Abne suddenly pauses, her hand resting on her chin in a surprised gesture, as if she’s taken aback by something instead of continuing her attack.

“It’s strange~, aren’t you much weaker than I thought?”

Then she mumbles a shocking statement under her breath, leaving me wondering if I heard it correctly.

Weak? Not as she thought …? What…?

“It’s a little disappointing to be struggling with this level of firepower, right~?”

Then I realized it only after closely observing Mir.

She’s trying to regulate her breathing, attempting to conceal any signs of exhaustion.

“Feeling a bit anxious, huh~? Cheeky lizard, did you think I didn’t notice you trying to regulate your breathing~?

Abne, the goddess with the ability to peer into the depths of one’s being, sensed Mir’s emotions and taunted her with such provocative words.



Upon hearing those words, whether it was a desperate attempt to deny reality or a loss of rationality, Mir’s anger flares up, and she charges towards the goddess Abne.

“Dragons are so stupid~.”



Then the indigo chain that appeared from the air grabbed Mir’s ankle and caught it, causing her to lose focus and stumble.

“Oh, are you so upset over some petty curse words that you’re charging at me like this~?”

In the meantime, Abne, seizing the opportunity, unleashed a barrage of magic, striking Mir and causing her to be pushed back.


Mir, after being struck by the powerful magic, was forcefully pushed back towards the entrance. With great effort, she fought against the pain and managed to regain her footing and stand up once more.


With an expression of resentment, this time, Mir tried to cast dark magic.

“So weak~.”


Compared to the first time, the magic seemed weaker, and it shattered and dispersed without any lingering energy.

“No matter how much time changes everything, how can you be so weak~? It’s strange~”

Then Abne murmured with a puzzled expression for a moment, but she quickly shrugged it off and resumed her smile.

The chains coming out once again, Mir recognized it and desperately tried to avoid it…

shudder! shudder!

“Ugh!! You!”

The chains moved with increasing speed, swiftly binding her limbs and rendering her unable to move, dragging her to her knees.

Mir desperately struggled to free herself from the chains, but-



Abne relentlessly fired magic at Mir, not giving her a breath.

“What’s this~? You’re so weak~. Really~, what is this? I’m so disappointed, it’s almost offensive to be this weak~.”

There was nothing more for Mir to do as Abne drew a massive magic circle, preparing for a grand finishing.

Without hesitation, Abne unleashed a torrent of powerful magic, small and large, like a cascading shower, filling the air around us.


Mir screamed in agony as she tried to withstand the onslaught of magic, but the sheer firepower was overwhelming. The relentless assault left her devastated, and she collapsed to the floor.



Mir lay motionless on the ground, her face pressed against the floor.

“Mir! Are you okay?!”

It was so absurd that I shouted out of reflex, but Mir remained unresponsive.

“Mir! Hey! Wake up!

As I was also bound by the chains, all I could do was pray earnestly, begging for Mir to wake up.


Even so, Mir remained motionless, lying down in a miserable and lifeless state, like a puppet with a broken cord.

“It’s refreshing at least~.”

As Goddess Abne proclaimed the end of the battle with her words, a heavy silence filled the room, enveloping us in its oppressive weight.

“…shit…. Mir…”

I desperately tried to avert my gaze, denying the reality before me, but the sight of Mir’s motionless body rendered me unable to keep my eyes closed for long.

It felt as if my heart was being twisted and contorted by the sight, refusing to let me look away.

“Well then~!, now that the annoying insect is gone~, shall we proceed~? I will make you my knight, Harold~.”


Then she proceeded to perform the ritual once again, summoning the pledge orb from my chest. With a focused gaze, she infused it with her indigo color, taking control over it.

“Is your heart broken~? Or … have you given up~?”

she sneered.

“Well, it doesn’t matter~. Your resistance is feeble~, so this will all be over soon~.”

With a twisted smile, Abne looked at me as if she had just claimed a victorious prize.

Her satisfaction and delight were evident in her expression, as if reveling in the spoils of a triumphant battle.

To be honest, I didn’t know if Abne was right.

After everything that had transpired, there was no sign of a rescue like before.

Both Eleanor and Mir, my last glimmer of hopes, seemed to have vanished from the scene.

Maybe I should just give up on resisting…

“Yes~, yes~, why don’t you just accept me already~? Your life will be sooo much better~, Harold. I don’t understand why you’re resisting~… It’s quite difficult for me to grasp your feelings, but that’s okay~!. I’ll make you see the light eventually~.”

In the midst of those words, I could see the pledge orb rapidly darkening, with almost all of it turning indigo. The transformation seemed to be happening at an accelerated pace compared to before.

The moment when I was going to just give up-



Abne looked at the place where Mir was in bewilderment.

I too felt a strange aura and turned my gaze in the same direction…. What caught my eye was-

“Ugrh… ugh!!”

Mir, emitting an dark and evil aura, stood still.

However, the atmosphere around us has completely shifted, filling me with an indescribable sense of fear.

Despite knowing that Mir doesn’t harbor any hostility towards me, the intensity of the situation makes my skin tremble with unease.

“Oh~? After all… Were you hiding your power?”

As if she anticipated the shift in mood, Abne quickly regained her composure and started gathering magic once again.



“Huh..? What..?”

Goddess Abne, for the first time, lost her relaxed smile and looked at her hand in disbelief.

No matter how hard she tried to cast a spell, it would soon fail.

The magic she summoned was engulfed in darkness, consumed before it could even manifest.


I tried calling out to her, but she remained silent, her teeth grinding together in anger.


Then, as she raised her head and lifted her eyes, I immediately felt a sense of alienation.

The once vibrant red eyes had now turned into a void of darkness, staring at us with a pale and eerie hue.

 “Grrrr… Rahh!!!”


With a sudden sound resembling a battle cry, she propels herself forward by kicking the ground with great force.



I can’t keep my sanity…

Harold almost get taken by another woman…

The madness and darkness that had been silent until began to run rampant.

I can’t… stay calm… I shouldn’t use the power of darkness to the fullest…

If I use it carelessly, I might really lose myself…

But… to protect him, to fight the gods, there’s no other way…

Despite knowing it was not a wise decision, I couldn’t resist the urge to recklessly charge towards Abne.

However, my efforts proved futile as I lacked the power to match the one-sided violence unleashed by her.

My attempts were nothing more than a display of powerlessness.

Even in the face of such overwhelming odds, I managed to barely maintain my composure.

If I were to lose control and unleash the power of darkness fully, I could defeat the goddess, but at the same time, I could also endanger Harold.

I don’t want him to get hurt…


I don’t want to lose my beloved ones anymore..

I shouldn’t use the power of darkness… I want to overcome it with my own strength…

If Harold was by my side and support me, I could control myself enough even if I use the darkness

I don’t know why or how, but perhaps it was love at first sight.

It could be, but something is different…

The feeling that I missed, even though it was the first time I experienced it…

Just having Harold by my side, not only my heart, but my body also reacts, and my mind feels warm and at ease.

But now, he was being restrained by a goddess and subjected to a strange ritual as something is taken out from his chest.

I thought that he could resist it, but the fear that his mind might be taken away intensifies my mental breakdown.


In the end, I was easily defeated by Abne… I succumbed to the overwhelming firepower.

My vision, as I lay on the floor, became blurred and hazy, but I didn’t seem to be dying.

Darkness power...

‘Am I going to die now? What will happen to Harold if I do? Will she take him away?’

‘Harold.. will be taken away…?’


At the same time as that thought, the suppressed darkness within me surged forth and took control of my mind.

‘….I have to use it.… this is the only way…Harold…’

In the end, if I die, everything will be lost. I will vanish without a trace, and Harold will be taken away from me.

Instead of that happening…

.. I’ll just embrace the madness.


Mir, who seemed to have lost her sanity, charged forward with an indescribable frenzy.


Abne who is bewildered and tries to cast magic somehow, but-


The magic that had gathered dissipated, consumed by the engulfing darkness, vanishing before it could reach Mir.

“Ugh?! Stay down!! You damn lizard!!”

No matter how much she summoned a giant magic circle and attempted to attack Mir, her efforts were in vain.

The magic dissipated before reaching its intended target, much like sugar melting into the vast sea, unable to reach the depths of the abyss.

Abne’s attempts to cast magic proved futile as it was swiftly absorbed into the darkness, vanishing without leaving a trace.

Mir remained unscathed, unaffected by the futile attacks.

As the power of darkness enveloped and shattered the magic circle Abne summoned, she found herself cornered with no means of launching an attack.




In the end, she is beaten by Mir and stuck on the floor of the temple.

The room trembled as the floor distorted, cracks spread across the walls, and the ceiling caved in. In the chaos, the chains that bound me shattered, and I was thrown against the wall by the force of the impact.


‘ hurts..‘


Mir, having defeated Abne with a single devastating blow, showed no signs of stopping.


I endured the bitter pain and tried to call out to her, but she ignored my words and climbed on top of Abne.

Her actions were fueled by an intense desire that seemed to surpass reason.


Then, she let out a chilling scream and mercilessly began to beat the defeated goddess Abne.

My body moved instinctively, driven by a mix of fear and desperation, as I tried to intervene and stop her in her ever-increasing madness..




“Calm down! Mir!!”

What kind of courage did I have? I threw myself at an insane dragon without thinking. Only after I took action did regret flood over me.

Shit.. what the hell am I doing?


She turned her gaze towards me, baring her teeth in a grimace that resembled a hungry beast. It felt as though she had shifted her target to me.

“Mir?! No- wait-!”



She forcefully knocked me down to the floor, pinning me beneath her with her overwhelming power.

I was completely helpless, unable to resist.

“W-wait a minute! Mir!! Please, come to your senses! It’s me, Harold!!”

I tried to calm her down somehow, but it seemed that she had already lost her mind and I couldn’t reach her.

Shit… if I get hit by her just once…


In a desperate attempt to escape, I struggle against the grip that holds me tightly, but my efforts are in vain.

Mir, lost in her madness, approaches me with an animalistic growl.

Fear courses through me as I realize she doesn’t recognize me anymore. She raises her clawed hand, poised to strike me with a crushing blow.


As I braced myself for the impact and prayed that I somehow won’t die-


Instead, I opens my eyes in surprise at the soft touch I feels on my lips.


Though I couldn’t utter a sound due to our lips pressed together, the desperate plea in my eyes spoke volumes.

If only I could use my voice, I would have screamed with all my might, desperately begging her to stop.

“Mmmhh… nnhaa… mmh.. nh…slurp..♥”

She makes a strange moan and snatches my lips away.

Our tongue interwined, and the sticky and obscene sound of waves hits my ears.

After a while I get dizzy at the sensation of stimulation I experienced for the first time in my life.

“Nhhnn…mmh.. Harold…pwah♥”

The saliva between our lips forms a glistening thread as she parted her lips-

As if she had finally regained her senses, her eyes returned to their usual ruby-red color, and she gazed at me with a mix of emotions.


I was at a loss for words, my mind frozen by the sudden turn of events.

I could only stare at her face, unable to process what had just happened.

!! …Oh!.. ohhhhh!!!

After a while, my mind began to regain its clarity, and I turned my head to face the reality that had just restarted.

In that moment, my face began to heats up with the unfamiliar sam-jeong.

[In Korean, “Sam-jeong” (삼정) is a term that refers to a state of being flustered or embarrassed. It describes a feeling of blushing or turning red in the face due to a sudden or unexpected situation.]

In the end, as my senses returned, only a single thought appears in my mind…

It was taken away….

My first kiss!…just like that! Keuk!

A sense of helplessness and emptiness, combined with frustration, washed over me, bringing a temporary calm to my racing mind.

The heat that had filled my face gradually dissipated as I let go of any further thoughts, embracing the silence that enveloped me.

“Haah… ♥… Harold, I’m glad… I didn’t lose you… It would have been truly unbearable without you…”

Yes… yes… but I lost myself because of you!…

I wanted to argue, but the warmth of the moment left me speechless, making it difficult to voice my thoughts.

“I’m sorry for stealing your… lips… But if I don’t feel you, I’m afraid I will lose my mind again…”

Realizing what she had done, Mir also blushed..

“Harold… When I’m with you, my mind that was consumed by darkness calms down… I want to continue feeling safe and at ease with you.”

Why is she so obsessed with me in the first place? We just barely known each other…

“…why me? Is it because of my power like you said before…? But…I-“

“It’s not like that.”

I tried to express my thoughts, but she cut me off.

“It may seem strange…, but there’s something about you that just resonates with me… It’s like a mix of love at first sight and a deep sense of familiarity… Being with you brings me joy and a sense of comfort that I cannot quite explain….”

It makes me want to shake my head as I listen to her words that are difficult to understand.

“What …?”

“Honestly.., I don’t know…”

What is this… I had no idea what she was trying to say.

“But this is certain..

, I need you.”

I wanted to ask so many questions, but I knew that speaking further would only bring more confusion, so I reluctantly accepted it in silence.

“uh… I don’t understand what it is.., but it’s not good to stay in this place for now, so let’s get out quickly-”


Before I could finish, she gently reached out and lifted me up in a princess carry.

I could only stay silent and accept it.

Ugh.. this is embarrassing…!

I feel embarrassed by her sudden action… or perhaps things have become more serious than I realized.

In line with that, I also recall the burning memories, and my heart beats once more.

It’s really bad for my heart to run wild like this every time…

With these worries weighing on my mind, she swiftly carries me towards the exit, rushing through the chaotic temple filled with unconscious believers of Abne.