274 Simple

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Chu Yi was wearing a purple cloud-patterned robe. The yellow light gently shone on him, adding a hint of gentleness to his handsome face.

He followed behind the Emperor at a leisurely pace. His footsteps were elegant, and as he raised his hand, he exuded an extraordinary noble aura, like a banished immortal from the nine heavens. He exuded a feeling that he could be seen from afar but couldn’t be touched.

When he walked past Gu Yanfei, he smiled at her with a warm smile, like the bright spring sun.

The Emperor and the others went up the stairs and sat down on the second floor of the pleasure boat.

The Emperor said with a smile, “Everyone, have fun. Don’t hold back on this rare banquet.”

At the mention of the banquet, the Emperor was thinking of his son. His mood improved, and his whole face glowed.

“Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty!” Everyone thanked him in unison.

Most of the people attending the banquet were from noble families and had many opportunities to enter the palace to meet the Emperor. Therefore, most of them weren’t restrained. All of them were chatting and laughing. They were either sitting down to drink tea, eating snacks, whispering to each other, or going to the deck outside to admire the lake.

The pleasure boat seemed to be lively and festive. Everyone was chatting happily, but in fact, they each had their own thoughts.

Empress Dowager Yuan sat on the emperor’s left and said casually, “I like these young ladies very much. They’re so lively and happy.”

“Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

Empress Dowager Yuan turned around and specially said this last sentence to the Emperor.

“You’re right.” The Emperor smiled and stroked his beard, deep smile lines appearing at the corners of his eyes. “They are indeed lively.”

As he spoke, the Emperor couldn’t help but glance at Chu Yi, who was sitting to his right. He saw Chu Yi’s eyes half-lowered and full of smiles as he looked straight through the window and down at the deck below. His long eyelashes fluttered happily like butterfly wings.

Following Chu Yi’s gaze, the Emperor indeed saw Gu Yanfei. The little girl was leaning against the railing of the pleasure boat with Wei Jiaoniang with a smile. The two of them were whispering to each other and laughing happily.

The Emperor’s gaze quickly returned to his son. He was overjoyed and wished that these two children would call him Father in pairs now.

He couldn’t let the Empress Dowager ruin his son’s good marriage.

The Emperor thought to himself as he picked up the blue and white porcelain teacup and sipped the tea.

The fast-paced sound sounded again. The storyteller downstairs began to continue his story. After saying that Emperor Taizu had encountered an auspicious sign of a true dragon, he began to talk about how Emperor Taizu had visited the cottage three times to invite the Heavenly Dipper Immortal out of the mountain. Then, he talked about how Emperor Taizu had been seriously injured on the battlefield and was on the verge of death when the true dragon appeared again…

“Emperor Taizu was really a god.” Empress Dowager Yuan sighed slightly. “Not only did he have the help of a strange person like the Heavenly Dipper Spiritual Master, but he was also blessed by the heavens. The true dragon appeared twice for him. Not only did it recognize him when he was young, but it also saved him from danger.”

“With the protection of the true dragon, every time he was in danger, he could avert danger and win all the way. That’s why the current world is so peaceful.”

“Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

Empress Dowager Yuan smiled dignifiedly.

The Emperor smiled and didn’t answer her. He took an orange from the fruit plate on the table, peeled it, and distributed half of it.

An Le took half an orange without a word. An obedient smile appeared on her small face as she peeled the orange threads bit by bit, as if there was nothing more important.

There was no anger on Empress Dowager Yuan’s face at the Emperor’s feigned ignorance. Her gaze shifted to Chu Yi again, and her smile deepened as she asked, “Eldest Prince, what do you think?”

Hearing this, Chu Yi, who was drinking tea, put down the teacup in his hand. With a faint smile, he nodded slightly and said, “My great-grandfather was destined by the heavens, which is why a true dragon descended from the sky to help.”

Chu Yi spoke casually, but Empress Dowager Yuan’s expression changed slightly.

Originally, the main point of her words was that the auspicious omen of a true dragon helped Emperor Taizu build the Great Jin Dynasty.

Chu Yi’s words completely reversed the cause and effect of her words. He emphasized that Emperor Taizu had the ability to found a country, which was why he had the help of the true dragon.

The focus between the two was completely different.

The few princes and princesses at the side seemed to be drinking tea, but they were actually paying attention to the conversation between Empress Dowager Yuan and Chu Yi. They acutely heard the sharpness in their words.

Prince Jing couldn’t help but look at Empress Dowager Yuan’s expression. She was still smiling, but her eyes were like knives as she glared fiercely at Chu Yi’s face.

Empress Dowager Yuan was indeed unhappy. Her gaze was dark, but she couldn’t say that Chu Yi was wrong.

Her lips gradually tightened, and for a moment she couldn’t continue.

Chu Yi turned to the Emperor and said gently, “Father, your cold hasn’t fully recovered. Where’s the hand stove?

The Emperor caught a cold on the second day of the Lunar New Year and took a few days to recover. The imperial physician had instructed the Emperor to keep warm.

” The Emperor’s face stiffened, and his gaze wandered.

He had been in a hurry to see his son’s sweetheart and had long put the hand stove away.

An Le had just finished the half orange that the Emperor had given her when she conveniently took out her hand stove from her sleeve.

It was a very cute gilded hand stove in the shape of a gourd with exquisite vine leaf patterns carved on it.

An Le silently handed the furnace to the Emperor.

Chu Yi and An Le didn’t look alike, but they had a pair of similar phoenix eyes. Their pupils were as black as ink and jade as they looked at the Emperor together.

Faced with these two similar eyes, the Emperor couldn’t say a word. He obediently took the gourd-shaped hand stove.

The fast-paced music below gradually became faster. The storyteller said that a divine doctor had heard that Emperor Taizu was seriously injured and had sent spiritual herbs over from afar.

Yuan Zhe, who was sitting beside Kang Wang, frowned slightly and stared at the Emperor and Chu Yi without blinking. His right hand clenched and unclenched in time with the fast-paced rhythm.

After repeating this a few times, Yuan Zhe suddenly said, “It’s said that a true dragon chooses its master. Emperor Taizu obtained the dragon heart first before gaining the hearts of the people. It attracted heroes from all over the world to join him. The Black Dragon Army under him became very powerful in just a year…”

These words sounded reasonable at first glance, as if he was saying that Emperor Taizu had obtained the submission of the people because of the phenomenon of the black dragon’s descent.


The sound of a cup hitting the table suddenly sounded, interrupting Yuan The roughly.

Not only did the princes and princesses sitting around hear it, but even the young masters and ladies sitting slightly further away heard the commotion. Their gazes surged towards the owner of the cup like waves, the Eldest Princess Feng Yang.

‘Who do you think you are!” Feng Yang looked at Yuan Zhe coldly. Her powerful aura swept over like a raging fire and lightmng, extremely fierce. “It’s not your place to nag about Father’s matters..”