Chapter 344: open pearl

Chapter 344 Opening Pearls

The two searched by the water pool, and finally got lucky and caught eight of them.

Chu Mingcheng hesitated for a moment, and finally released a male and a female. There are six of them in total, and each of them is about the same size. After all, there are coconut crabs.

After putting down the shrimp cage for a while, they simply continued to explore the island.

Walking along, a strange smell caught the attention of the two of them.

To some people it smells like an ugly sock that has been under the bed for a month, but to some it smells great.

"Ah Cheng, it seems to be a durian!" Jiang Luoluo was excited when he finally found a wild fruit.

"Luck is not bad, I hope there are mature ones!"

Although it is already December, tropical durians actually bloom twice a year, the first time is from June to August, and the second time is from November to February of the following year.

Now in December, there is a chance to encounter ripe durians.

And just looking at this wafting smell, you can know that the durian must be ripe.

There is no clear direction in the woods, and they cannot find a specific location by smell.

So they continued wandering around for more than half an hour before they finally found the tall durian tree.

Several rotten durians fell under the durian tree, even though there were some rotten ones hanging on the tree.

"Luoluo, take the bag first, I'll go up and pick two!" Seeing that there were indeed some ripe durians on the tree, Chu Mingcheng handed the bag to Jiang Luoluo, and was about to climb the tree with the machete.

"Be careful!"

"Well, don't worry!"

The coconut tree Chu Mingcheng can easily climb to the top of the tree, not to mention the durian tree.

Although this durian tree is also tall, it has many thick branches that can be stepped on.

Chu Mingcheng climbed up the tree, stepped on a branch, picked up the machete and chopped down two green and yellow durians.

The durian fell and fell on the leaves under the tree.

But one of the shells was broken, but it didn't matter, they took it back and ate it.

Jiang Luoluo hurried over to pick up the durian, but she was not stupid enough to put it in the bag, so she just held it.

After Chu Mingcheng came down, he took out one of the nylon ropes that had been prepared in the bag, **** the durian and carried it in his hand, and then went back to the pool with her.

Back to the water pool, lift up the shrimp pots in the water, and immediately reveal freshwater shrimps that are alive and kicking, as well as a few water insects.

There are no snakes and the like, and it is estimated that they have not had time to enter in the short time.

Pick out the freshwater prawns inside according to the big ones, just grab a small bag, and pour the remaining worms and shrimps back into the pool.

Chu Mingcheng cleaned the shrimp pots, and then the two returned with a full load.

Even though they just picked some fruits, crabs and freshwater shrimps on the mountain, when they returned to the beach, two hours had passed since they landed on the island.

Now the sun has shifted to the west, Chen Yang and the four of them are setting up their own tent.

"You guys are back, what did you find?"

"Durian, ganoderma crab and freshwater shrimp." Chu Mingcheng put the things on the table, and then found two coconut crabs in a plastic fish box next to them.

It seems that the few of them still have a sense of proportion, they just grabbed two to taste.

"Ganoderma lucidum crab? Is it delicious? How much is the price? Do we have it in China?" Zhang Wei was full of curiosity about the six purple crabs.

"It should be okay, I haven't eaten it yet. There is production in Qiongzhou, and I heard that the production is rarely more than 600 catties."

"Hey, it's so expensive, if it's not delicious, it has to be delicious!"

Chen Yang seemed to know a little bit about this, and he said in a speechless popular science: "Don't listen to the Internet fools! They say that only Qiongzhou produces medicinal crabs and Ganoderma lucidum crabs, and domestic encyclopedias are fooling people."

"My brother has been in this pit for a long time. Finally, he checked and found out that the scientific name of this crab is Lassler's imitation crab. There are actually places such as Maidland, Nicaea, and the islands of the Three Kingdoms, as well as Treasure Island."

"It's not surprising that you can meet here, but this crab is a kind of mountain treasure, and it's worth trying."

"I see!" Several people, including Chu Mingcheng, all looked stunned, expressing that they had learned it.

Afterwards, several people continued to work and set up tents.

After the tent was set up, everyone returned to the Poseidon in batches in rubber boats, went to their rooms to change into diving suits, and prepared to go into the water to find white butterfly shells.

After Chen Yang’s dive shop opened, Zhang Youning and Bai Jing also learned to dive.

The technology is not very good, but there is no problem diving in waters within 20 meters, and they are accompanied by their respective boyfriends.

Chu Mingcheng took Jiang Luoluo's hand and led her to the area where he found more white butterfly shells last time.

The water depth here reached 50 meters, which is an area where the other four people can't dive.

Jiang Luoluo was influenced by the aquatic illustrated book to a certain extent, and now she can dive to an area of ​​50 meters, but because of her physical strength, she can't dive a few times.

Chu Mingcheng led her to dive five times and found five white butterfly shells the size of a palm.

Seeing that she was breathing a bit short of breath, I asked her to rest on the surface of the water, and continued to search by myself.

Naturally, you don’t need so much to roast big shellfish at night, but he wants to open pearls, and he will dive again, so he must find more.

For this reason, Chu Mingcheng specially brought a large net bag and purchased goods directly from the bottom of the water.

It wasn't until Jiang Luoluo swam over to look for him that he realized that it was already five o'clock in the afternoon.

As for the white butterfly shells, he picked up at least sixty or seventy ones, and the smallest ones were as big as the palm of your hand.

"I'll go, you caught all the white butterfly shells!" Zhang Wei was speechless when he saw a large net of shells, "Didn't you agree to bring us to pick shells and open pearls together?"

"Don't worry, there are more white butterfly shells than you imagined. Didn't I buy two 100-meter snorkels on purpose, and then you will be able to move underwater for a long time by biting the snorkels."

"And the white butterfly shell is not limited to this place, there are two or two places, what's the rush."

Hearing what Chu Mingcheng said, Zhang Wei and Chen Yang were relieved a little. After all, they also wanted to open some pearls and give them to their women.

The few of them had already taken a bath, so they went to the beach to prepare dinner.

Chu Mingcheng took out a few white butterfly shells and asked them to bring them as one of the ingredients for dinner, and then continued to go into the water, hunting a ten-pound Dongxingban.

There were also fish, so he returned to the boat to take a bath, and then came to the beach.

Needless to say, tonight’s dinner is very rich. There are fish, crabs, and garlic-roasted scallops.

It's just that, after several people ate the crab paste of Ganoderma lucidum crab, they all showed the expression of the subway uncle.

"So bitter~"

"Too unpalatable~"

"Just this thing can sell for more than six hundred pounds?"

"But the crab meat is so sweet and fragrant, it is the best crab I have ever eaten."

"The first bite of crab paste is bitter, but it will turn sweet later, but it's okay after getting used to it."

That’s what I said, but in the end everyone chose to clean up the crab paste and eat only crab meat.

It may be because Ganoderma lucidum crabs often eat herbs. Its crab roe is not only black, but also tastes like taking traditional Chinese medicine, which is really unacceptable.

Coconut crab is only average in the evaluation of several people. It has a unique oily smell of mountain crab. Those who are used to it are fine, but those who are not used to it will not be used to it.

In the end, the white butterfly shells got a lot of praise. The ones given by Chu Mingcheng and the ones they found themselves were smaller, and the meat was more tender.

The disadvantage is that the small ones have no pearls.

One dinner lasted until eight o'clock in the evening, and then everyone collected all the garbage and brought it to the boat tomorrow.

On a starry night, Chu Mingcheng gathered the dead branches that everyone found together and lit a big bonfire.

All gathered around the campfire, sitting and gossiping.

Zhang Wei stared at the bonfire in front of him, and suddenly said: "There are no pheasants on the island? If we can catch one or two, it will feel good to roast and eat."

"These things are not allowed to be moved in the country, and now they are on the high seas. Don't we make them casually?"

Chen Yang heard the words but complained: "What are you thinking, how can there be pheasants on the island, and there may be a few goats."

"Why are there goats on the island?" Zhang Youning asked in doubt.

The three big men obviously understood what was going on, so they smiled.

"Yeah, how could there be goats on the island? Only a certain magical master has eaten it."

Chatting and complaining, the topic started with pheasants, and I don’t know where the conversation went.

Unfortunately, the people who woke up the next day did not find a goat entangled in vines, nor did they see a pheasant.

On these distant sea islands, birds and insects are very common, but land animals are very difficult to encounter.

Unless someone releases them deliberately, almost no one passes by the island where they are, so naturally there is nothing.

Packed up the tent, and then a group of people took all the things, including the garbage, back to the Poseidon.

Next, Chen Yang and Zhang Wei took their girlfriends into diving suits and snorkels, and two women drove a rubber boat to the bottom of the sea to find white butterfly shells.

Chu Mingcheng and Jiang Luoluo brought two small stools, a bucket, a small box, and two small knives, and prepared to open dozens of white butterfly shells from yesterday.

Opening a pearl is a bit like opening a blind box, and both of them are very interested.

Jiang Luoluo skillfully cut into the gap of the white butterfly shell with a knife, and then cut the shell post twice with two strokes, and then opened the white butterfly shell easily.

"Ah Cheng, which part of this shellfish has pearls?"

"Here, you reach out and touch it, if you touch it, it will be there." Chu Mingcheng couldn't tell where the shellfish was, he had always touched it before.

As long as the pearl is big enough, it will be very obvious to the touch, and you can even see it at a glance.

Small pearls may not be touched, but small pearls are of little value, so he doesn't care.

Jiang Luoluo reached out and groped the shellfish back and forth after hearing the words, but found nothing.

But she didn't give up yet, and cut open the body of Baidiebei with a knife to find it.

The result is obvious, if you can't touch it, you basically won't have it.

So she had to take out all the shellfish and put them in a bucket filled with crushed ice.

These shellfish can’t be wasted, it’s good for making fishing bait or adding food to pets.

As for the outer shells, they will also be collected, and these can be used to process them into ornaments.

Chu Mingcheng also opened one, without even touching it, an obvious bulge appeared in the line of sight of the two of them.

"Wow, you are so lucky, you can see it as soon as you open it?" Jiang Luoluo was shocked, how big is the pearl with such a big bump?

"Hey, I've always been very lucky." Chu Mingcheng himself was a little surprised, he didn't choose a big white butterfly shell to open, he just took a palm-sized one, but he didn't expect such a big pearl inside.

Then he squeezed hard, and a pure white round pearl appeared in the eyes of the two of them, almost the same size as the original one with a diameter of one centimeter.

"This one is good. It's about the same size as the original one. If we can make more such big ones, we can make up a bunch soon."

"I guess it will be difficult, I think the size will have to match." Jiang Luoluo is not very optimistic.

If it is so easy to open, then the price of white butterfly shell pearls will not be so high. It is estimated that it will be the same as freshwater pearls, the price of cabbage.

Indeed, as Jiang Luoluo said, such a large pearl is very difficult to come across.

Dozens of white butterfly shells are not easy to find, but they are opened very quickly.

In less than half an hour, sixty or seventy white butterfly shells were opened by the two.

However, out of these dozens of white butterfly shells, only seven high-quality and very round pearls were finally produced, which is almost ten to one, and the probability of producing good pearls is quite high.

It is only one centimeter in diameter, and there is nothing behind it.

There are quite a lot of pearls of six or seven millimeters, and four of the remaining pearls are this size.

Jiang Luoluo carefully collected the pearls, then brought a stiff brush and began to brush the shells of the white butterfly shells.

There is a layer of soil on the shell of the white butterfly shell, which is very dirty. It is necessary to brush everything that can be brushed on the shell, and then dry it.

The next step is to polish it with sandpaper. This is a delicate job. Of course, there are so many shells, it is impossible for two people to use them all as ornaments.

These things cannot be brought back to the country, and the origin is not clear.

The main reason is that they didn't know the people who raised white butterfly shells, otherwise they would have nothing to do with a certificate.

Then Chu Mingcheng put on the diving suit again, and continued to jump into the water to look for the white butterfly shell.

He swam to a longer distance this time. There are indeed a lot of white butterfly shells in this sea area, which is enough for them for the time being.

For two days in a row, the Poseidon stayed in place, and the people in Chuming City were hustling for a lot of white butterfly shells every day.

As for the shells of white butterfly shells, most of them were placed on the island.

The three women all simply disposed of the shells they left behind, obviously planning to slowly make them into accessories in the future.

Women seem to have a natural interest in handicrafts.

As for pearls, Chuming City has opened up the most at present. After all, he has better diving ability and can go to deeper waters to find them.

He now has a total of thirty-seven pearls of different sizes, the largest diameter is 1.2 cm.

Among them, the largest number is 6.5~7.5, a total of twenty-one, and there are only five one centimeter ones.

Chu Mingcheng learned about the pearl necklace’s general requirements for the number of pearls on the Internet, and he wanted to make a necklace composed of three types of pearls of different sizes.

However, there are a lot of pearls needed. For 5.5~6.5 pearls, about sixty-five pearls are needed.

7.5~8.5, about 55 pieces are needed.

9.5~10.5, need forty-five.

There are a total of about 150 pieces in total. This is a very difficult task, and Chu Mingcheng just wants to try it.

Normally, if the amount of one centimeter meets the requirement, then the smaller one will definitely be enough.

But this is only his highest request at present. Naturally, there are plans 2 and 3, and the latter two have much less requirements for pearls.

At present, in the shallow water area in front of the island beach, the large white butterfly shells have been found almost, and there are still some deeper water areas, but Chu Mingcheng is currently not easy to dive into the deep water area in front of everyone.

Anyway, he still has two target locations, so he starts the Poseidon and goes to the next area.

If the number of pearls is not enough this time, then he will definitely go to sea alone at a later time and continue to harm the white butterfly shells in the deep water area.

(end of this chapter)