Chapter 764 Assistant Selection(1)

Chapter 764: Assistant Selection(1)

After Aakesh chose two bids of equal and highest value, Aakesh announced the second round of biddings.

This time, he gave the bidders five minutes to make their offers since they could only bid more than what the two bid in the hands of Aakesh had offered.

Time flew by, and in a flash, the five minutes had passed.

Twenty-seven bids appeared in front of Aakesh, while the two offers previously selected by him disappeared.

Aakesh then began to read the offers and started calculating their monetary value.

In the end, three bids remained in contention as they had equal value when compared to their cost.

“These three bids are the highest offers made by the bidders. Since all of them are of the same value, and the rounds of biddings had come to an end, let the previous owner of the territory card decide whom she wants to select,” Xandarossi announced the conclusion of the round of biddings.

This time, Aakesh hadn’t publically announced the offer made by the top three selected bidders. It would only be the winning offer that would get read aloud.

Elena couldn’t help but stand up in shock as she never expected her to be the decisionmaker. She trusted Aakesh to do the fair thing and choose the best offer for her.

Before Elena could say something, the three offers appeared in front of her with their monetary value written below the bids.

Elena sucked a breath of cold air, as it was several times greater than the bids selected in the previous round.

‘Three hundred supreme Primal stone mines, seventy-four Universe cores, forty quadrillion supreme Primal stones, three growth weapons, and VIP security for the family for ten thousand years,’ Elena read the first bid in her heart.

The monetary value of the bid reached almost the entire wealth of an average top-tier race in the Primal dimension.

The three offers were different, but their monetary value was similar, so Aakesh had put them in the same category. Now, it was up to Elena to choose the bid of her liking.

Elena read all three bids and their monetary value, and she then began to think of what offer to choose.

After a few seconds, she finally made up her mind about what to choose.

Out of the three bids, she chose the first one she had read. She had a simple reason behind it, and it was the VIP protection provided for ten thousand years. She didn’t know the details of the level of VIP security, but since it used VIP in its name, it couldn’t be an average level of the defense program.

From the money she was earning from the sale, it was easy for her to hire the best security guards to protect her family. But the offer put in the bids made her genuinely like the power which made the offer.

As she made up her mind, the other two bids disappeared. Two disappointed sighs rang in the attendee section as the owner of the bids learned about their failure. At the same time, excited expressions appeared on a group of people since they were the owner of the successful bid.

The next moment, Aakesh waved his hands, and the owner of the winner’s bid appeared on the platform. Xandarossi announced him to be the winner and what his offer was for the card.

Even Xandarossi’s voice trembled when he read the offer to the attendees. Since the majority of the crowd were ordinary cultivators, they had never heard of many of the terms, so they didn’t exactly know the value of the offer. But those who knew the monetary value of the winning bid had their eyes turn red from greed.

The new owner of the bid was Clukan, a higher-echelon member of the second strongest organization in the Primal dimension. After learning about the auction of the territory, their sovereign had ordered them to buy it no matter the cost they needed to pay for it.

(A/N: Sovereign is the title of the head of the five most powerful organizations in the Primal dimension.)

“What is VIP protection?” Elena asked the man.

Time flew by, and the auction finally came to an end.

Clukan handed over the sale agreement to Elena while Aakesh was the witness, so the organization wouldn’t break its side of the deal after getting the card.

Clukan and Elena sat next to each other after returning to the attendee section since Elena had some questions.

Clukan patiently explained everything Elena wanted to know. VIP protection was the second-level protection program in Clukan’s organization.

Only the sovereign level of protection was higher than it, and that was only reserved for the family members of the organization’s leader.

In the VIP protection, the organization would cover hundred family members, with each family member getting a group of people as personal bodyguards for the contract duration.

The group consisted of a hundred and one people, with forty early Immortals, thirty intermediate Immortals, twenty late Immortals, ten peak Immortals, and one peak Immortal with pseudo divinity as the head of the group.

When Elena heard the group’s composition, her jaw almost dropped to the ground. Even the Kingdom from which Elena came had only a single Immortal in its lead, and here, hundred family members of her would each have a hundred Immortals in their camp.

At the same time, Clukan also warned Elena as the guards would only passively protect Elena. They couldn’t be used to attack. If Elena wanted them to attack, she would need to ask the organization and pay for their services.

At the same time, Elena wouldn’t get any protection since the contract clearly distinguished that the security was only for her family members. If Elena wanted protection, she could hire them from the organization. Since she had made a lucrative deal with the organization, it was willing to offer her a ten percent discount.

Elena made the deal straight away and hired a group of people for the same duration as her family members.

As for when Elena can get the amount written in the offer, it would be done after they left the store. Clukan had already transferred the supreme Primal stones, Universe cores, and three growth weapons to her.

Suddenly a round of silence fell on the store as Aakesh began an announcement.

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!

The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!