Although Lu Haoyu is still just a kid now, and he is far away in the capital, but what if.

What if someone suddenly came to see relatives, suddenly bumped into Youyou, and suddenly stimulate some brain-dead attributes?

She must kill all the seeds of Youyou’s misfortune in the cradle!


Xu Wenyin felt that it was necessary to explore Xu Youyou’s thought at this moment and check her teaching results.

“If, for example, if someone gives Youyou lots and lots of money, for Youyou also, just fine. Buy you new clothes, help you teach your bullies a lesson, but he needs Yoyo to act, er, pretending to be another person, is Youyou willing?”

Xu Youyou was stunned: “Why should Youyou pretend to be another person, Youyou is Youyou.”

Xu Wenyin: “Just for example, what if!”

Xu Youyou shook her head: “I don’t want to, no one bullies Youyou, and Youyou doesn’t need his money and new clothes.”

——Very good!

Just as Xu Wenyin was about to smile, she immediately took it back: “Then if that person threatens you with Grandma Wu, Youyou, do you understand the meaning of threat? It’s coercion, forcing you to do this?”

Xu Youyou made a decisive decision: “Call the police! Fight the demon spirit! ”

——Good! It’s really mom’s big girl!

Not waste her earnest teachings over the past few months! The complacent Xu Wenyin hummed a ditty and walked to the balcony, intending to collect Xu Youyou’s clothes.

As if suddenly thought of something, she went back and added: “Youyou, remember what you said.”

“If a stranger treats you nicely for no reason, there must be a purpose, so you must refuse.”

Xu Youyou didn’t know why her mother suddenly said this, but she nodded again and again very well, learned from the leading actor on TV to swear, and barely put up three fingers: “Youyou remember~”

Youyou is Youyou, and she will definitely not become another person, no matter how many beautiful clothes are given!

If the bad guy must do this, call the police and let the police uncle arrest him!

At this time, the young Xu Youyou still didn’t understand what a substitute was, but this concept had already been imprinted in her mind, and no one could change it, because…

This was what her mother said!

The next morning, there were still four people going to kindergarten together.

It’s just that Aunt Qin became Juanjuan’s dad.

Xu Youyou secretly took a look and then took another look.

Juanjuan’s father is so tall, will Juanjuan also be so tall in the future?

What about Youyou, Youyou also wants to grow taller.

“Youyou?” Lu Weizheng of course noticed the little girl’s peeking eyes, and he squatted down in a good-tempered manner: “Can’t walk anymore? Uncle hugs you, okay?”

The little girl’s hairstyle today is a standard twintail, with a beautiful ribbon and casual suspenders. It’s a completely different style from yesterday, but the same cuteness!

Lu Weizheng still hasn’t forgotten the purpose of yesterday, he has to leave at noon, he must seize this precious moment!

Xu Youyou took a look at Xu Wenyin and found that she didn’t mean to refuse, so she took the initiative to open her arms.

Then the next second.


The little girl cheered out in surprise.

So high, so high!

Higher than mom and aunt Qin!

It can be seen that Xu Youyou is a brave person, Lu Weizheng directly lifted the little girl up and threw it lightly, and sure enough, she was not only not afraid but even more excited.

The sparkling bright eyes are full of “do it again”!

“Uncle is amazing!”

–Is this the daughter?

Lu Weizheng shed tears of emotion in his heart, but the movements of his hands became more stable.

Lu Chenjun who pretended to be an invisible person on the side: “…”

He didn’t envy this scene, but just wanted to remind his parent that if he didn’t go to the kindergarten, he would be late.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, Lu Weizheng successfully got a photo with Xu Youyou. Of course, in order not to be abrupt, he also presented a son next to him.

Just looking at the poses and movements in the photo, those who didn’t know it thought Xu Youyou was Lu Weizheng’s child.

After successfully sending the children to kindergarten, only Lu Weizheng and Xu Wenyin were left on the way back.

According to common sense, it was barely the second meeting between the two. A single mother and a married man would probably be a little embarrassed if they were thin-skinned.

But fortunately, these two are not ordinary people.

“It’s hard for Miss Xu to bring up a child by herself, isn’t it?”

It’s hard to say if this opportunity to be alone was specially created by Lu Weizheng.

He has no time and energy to spend on Xu Wenyin, but it is absolutely impossible to put his wife and children next to someone with a heart.

“It’s not hard, Youyou is very good.”

Of course, Xu Wenyin didn’t realize Lu Weizheng’s purpose, but just answered the question honestly for the sake of Qin Yiren’s husband.

—a very modest answer.

Lu Weizheng had a preliminary evaluation in his heart.

The walking posture is very upright, not the kind of enchanting and indecent look.

The eyes are also not vague, look at people without dodging, indicating a strong inner confidence, not a cowardly character.

Dressed casually, ordinary cotton T-shirt and loose sweatpants, and on her feet … a pair of slippers.

To tell the truth, if it weren’t for Xu Wenyin’s face and figure, such a dress would make a person at least ten years older!

Dress up your daughter beautifully, but she is very casual, which is in line with the image of a loving mother.

Lu Weizheng didn’t know that this kind of dress was simply because Xu Wenyin felt comfortable.

Her body is condensed with energy, and it refreshes once a day, so does her clothes, which means that even if she looks the same all the time, it is actually brand new.

But in order not to let others misunderstand that Xu Youyou’s mother is a sloppy person, Xu Wenyin still bought several sets to put them at home.

When she goes out without important things, she usually chooses to wear something comfortable, such as high heels, which are simply a torture device and are difficult to put on her feet.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful misunderstanding.

Parents who love their children generally don’t use their children, so Lu Weizheng’s vigilance drops again, and then he thought of the information he had found before.

How to say it, it’s tortuous, but you can also see Xu Wenyin’s own character.

Ordinary people will probably collapse and give up when they meet one or two of them. It is indeed remarkable that she persisted and managed to find her daughter and work hard to live a well-off life on her own.

Compared with Qin Yiren, who has a stronger sense of morality, Lu Weizheng didn’t take that much into account when he checked the information.

And he has a more convenient authority, not only to find out Xu Wenyin’s previous experience, but also to investigate her recent affairs.

For example, the source of income and unidentified funds.

After all, it seems suspicious at first glance that Xu Wenyin can live in such a nice neighborhood without going to work.

It turned out that this mother was really hardworking.

Not only she sells programming online, but she also works part-time as a game leveling, ghostwriter, graphic design and so on.

As long as she can work on the computer, Xu Wenyin has tried everything, often working until two or three o’clock.

As for why not go out to find a job, Lu Weizheng also understands very well. After all, her daughter is still young, and she is the only one in the family. How can it be so easy to find a job that can get off work at three o’clock in this world? Even if you graduate from a famous university.

It’s better to have more part-time jobs like now, although it’s harder, at least the time is freer.

“I’m ashamed to say that my work requires frequent business trips, and I often can’t take care of Yiyi and Juanjuan.”

After getting on the elevator, Lu Weizheng’s tone and expression were quite sincere: “I also ask Ms. Xu to continue to take care of them. Of course, if Ms. Xu has any problems or difficulties, Lu will definitely do our best.”

Xu Wenyin was puzzled: “No, it’s all Yiyi who takes care of us, and I have no difficulties.”

She said it very seriously, so seriously that Lu Weizheng almost suspected that he had heard wrong.

Even if it’s true, but shouldn’t you be polite at a time like this?

My wife’s new friend is really unpredictable!

However, with his strong psychological quality, Lu Weizheng still didn’t spit it out. He even handed Xu Wenyin a business card: “This is a friend of mine. He has been in need of a teacher with good computer skills to help with some things. Miss Xu might as well contact him and have a look. It is better to have a fixed customer source than a scattered order.”

“And Miss Xu can rest assured, my friend is doing serious business, and there will never be any messy things.”

Xu Wenyin’s technology Lu Weizheng asked someone to analyze it, and that person said that she could surpass 80 to 90% of the technicians. Since she has this ability, he doesn’t mind selling it first.

Xu Wenyin wasn’t polite and didn’t refuse. She still wanted to buy a house and a car for Yoyo. Of course, the more money the better!

The elevator stopped on the same floor, Xu Wenyin and Lu Weizheng went back to their own homes without further communication.

And Lu Weizheng came back suddenly and went again quickly.

The person who went to pick up the children in the evening changed again to Qin Yiren.

“What’s the matter with your dark circles? Didn’t you sleep well last night? ”

“…No, I slept well.”

Qin Yiren smiles: Be considerate of the common sense that her bestie is not online from time to time!

After fully adapting to the kindergarten life, Qian Xin’s long-awaited birthday party also arrived.

“Mom~ Aunt Qin~ Goodbye!”

Xu Youyou carried a small schoolbag on her back, waved vigorously to Xu Wenyin and Qin Yiren, and then led Lu Chenjun into the car prepared by the Qian family.

After all, it’s a child’s birthday party, it’s always a little restrictive for adults to go, so several parents didn’t follow this time.

The Qian family’s home base is not in Jiangcheng, they just moved here in recent years when they planned to expand their business in Jiangcheng, so the place to live is to buy a ready-made villa directly, which is not as exquisite and spacious as the courtyard house in the capital, but it is definitely no problem to live in.

The speed of the car was not fast, and when Xu Youyou was a little drowsy, they finally arrived at the destination.

“Xu Youyou! You guys are so slow!”

After getting off the car, Xu Youyou saw Liu Miaomiao who was the leader, and behind her were Qian Xin and others, including Gu Weiyi.

These days, Gu Weiyi has also become familiar with them. He doesn’t like to talk and has a low sense of presence. He is shy and blushes at every turn, but as a child, he is familiar with everyone.

At least Gu Weiyi is not annoying, and he will agree to play anything, and he won’t cry when he loses. He is a very good…playmate?

So, Qian Xin also invited him to this birthday party.

“There is a traffic jam on the road ~”

Xu Youyou said as she took out a delicately packaged gift from the small schoolbag behind her: “Xiao Pang, happy birthday to you!”

Lu Chenjun also handed over his gift: “Happy birthday.”

It’s not something expensive; it’s something Qin Yiren prepared for two children; otherwise, with Xu Wenyin’s nerves, she certainly wouldn’t have thought of something so detailed.


Qian Xin happily accepted the gift: “Come on, come on, I will show you my room, it will definitely surprise you!”

The six children who finally gathered happily went upstairs together, while Father Qian, they were all consciously invisible.

A party between children, they are tools to provide food and place.

The key point is that there are other things to do today, an important guest is coming to talk about things, so they have to deal with the matter first and then come to give the child a good birthday.

Mother Qian has to show her full strength to the children later.

Speaking of which, this guest has something to do with Lu Chenjun, he is Qin Yiren’s elder brother, and now the ruler of the Qin family – Qin Xiao.

Originally, it was reasonable that his own sister was in Jiangcheng, Qin Xiao must have come to see her.

But this time, the discussion with the Qian family needs to be kept secret for the time being. Qin Xiao also came over quietly and left after talking. He really didn’t have time to meet Qin Yiren and the others, so he simply stopped talking.

After the matter is over, he will take another opportunity to come and meet alone.

By the way, if he has a chance, take a look at the “super good, super nice” mother and daughter that his sister said.

Can let Qin Yiren, whose eyes are higher than the sky, have such an evaluation, which really made Qin Xiao a bit curious.


Xu Youyou, Liu Miaomiao, and Gu Weiyi were amazed at the same time.

Qian Xin’s room is really… unique!

The decoration is just like the one called something on TV.

“Tropical Rainforest.”

Lu Chenjun had the tacit understanding to say what Xu Youyou wanted to say.

Yes, that’s right, the tropical rainforest.

Those thick trees look like the real thing at first glance, and there are also animal models made in very realistic scale. You can even hear the sound of gurgling water when you walk into the room.

“Awesome!” Liu Miaomiao felt that with such a comparison, her princess room was weak.

No, after going back, she will ask her parents to get her a more powerful and beautiful room!

Qian Xin was even happier and proud when he received the admiring gaze of his friends. After visiting the room, he simply waved his hand and said, “I’ll show you my secret base again!”

After saying that, they followed Qian Xin and walked to the back garden.

Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a group of ducklings waddling around, not knowing where to go to play. People who saw it really want to grab it with one hand and take it away!

When heading towards the destination, Xu Youyou was suddenly attracted by a beautiful and bright flower in the garden, so she couldn’t help but look a few more times, and her pace slowed down.

When she saw that her friends were already turning the corner, and Juanjuan was still waving at her, she hurriedly chased after them.

The result…


She bumped into a “pillar”, no, it was a person.

Fortunately, that person was quick-sighted and pulled Xu Youyou in time, otherwise her little butt would definitely suffer.

But Xu Youyou’s forehead was still hurt, and tears came out uncontrollably.

“Yes, I’m sorry, it was Youyou who ran too fast.”

The little girl’s appearance of apologizing despite being in pain was heartbreaking.

Mother Qian at the side immediately picked up Xu Youyou: “Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, Youyou doesn’t hurt, pain fly away~” As she spoke, she blew two breaths on her forehead, just like Grandma Wu did in the orphanage.

This movement also greatly relieved the pain, allowing Xu Youyou to finally open her squinted eyes and see the current situation clearly.

Several friends were on one side, Mother Qian was holding her, and Father Qian was on the other side. As for the person she bumped into…


Xu Youyou’s eyes couldn’t help but widen: “Juanjuan?!”

Lu Chenjun at the bottom: “…It’s not me.”

Just after saying this, he was also picked up.

“I wanted to leave quietly at first, why didn’t you call me when you saw your uncle?” Qin Xiao smiled and weighed Lu Chenjun, then looked at Xu Youyou: “Is the little girl okay?”

This should be the child named Xu Youyou that Yiyi said, right? Clearly there was another Liu Miaomiao who was about the same age, but Qin Xiao’s intuition told him that this little girl was Xu Youyou.

Sure enough, she is a good girl that people like at first sight.

Xu Youyou has been stunned.

Two, Juanjuan!

The same curly hair and facial features are even more similar, as if one is an enlarged version of the other.

“Okay, that’s great.”

Hearing Xu Youyou’s mumbling voice, Lu Chenjun’s eyes became even more helpless.

Great, what? Can you touch one more person’s hair?