Chapter 2163 - Chapter 2163: Battle of the Redmoon city (5)

Chapter 2163: Battle of the Redmoon city (5)

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After lingmu di injured MO Lan with one strike, the attacks from the numerous clones arrived in an instant. The sky trembled and they were endless.

The lingmu flute turned slightly and twisted the space directly, escaping from the crack of the sky-covering attacks.

Although MO Lan’s 100 clones looked terrifying, they were much easier to deal with than a creation realm demon supremacy. At least, if you want to leave, these true God Realm clones can’t stop you.

Even MO Lan’s original body was only at the void realm. Moreover, she was suppressed by the realm power, and her strength was greatly reduced.

Yunxiao also exercised his movement technique in Red Moon City to avoid the main attacks of the crowd, and he would attack when he had a chance to, killing many of his clones.

it seems that this Demon Lord is nothing special, ” Yunxiao said with a hideous smile. let’s work a little harder and kill them all!

Lingmu di was in a slightly better state, but Yunxiao moved as fast as lightning, and his clones could not keep up with him at all, so they could only wait to be slaughtered anxiously.

After some of the clones were killed, the remaining ones were covered in cold sweat. They shot up into the sky and flew up, as if they had given up.

MO Lan’s expression turned unsightly. Even if they were only clones, losing too many of them would also hurt her body. If all 100 of these clones were to die, she would most likely fall from the devil Supreme realm.

At this moment, a large number of people began to run out of the teleportation array. There were martial artists and ordinary mortals. Some were infected by the demonic Qi and were in great pain. However, they were all blocked by the sword World.

let us in, let us in, please! I beg you!

Those people struggled in front of the sword World, shouting desperately and looking at Yunxiao with all kinds of pleading eyes.

Yunxiao frowned. Almost all the people in the city had begun to rush in this direction, and more and more people were demonized.

At this moment, the teleportation formation was the only way to the outside world. More importantly, the heavenly martial Union could only enter from here, so they could not afford to lose it.

But, their pleading faces made Yunxiao’s heart tremble, and his face was filled with struggle.

Suddenly, Qing Zhu’s voice rang out, ” “Since you don’t want to open it, then don’t. Even if the passage was opened, not many of them could walk, and the goal of those demonized martial artists was bound to destroy this place. Once the red moon City is completely demonized and becomes the stronghold of the demonic invasion, it will be troublesome.” no, we just want to leave. We won’t destroy the teleportation formation!

Those people begged with all their might. A large group of people directly knelt down and kowtowed.

Yunxiao gritted his teeth and said, ” how much you can leave with depends on your own fate! If anyone destroys the teleportation formation, I’ll kill them immediately if I discover any of their intentions!”

With a wave of his hand, he instantly recalled the 36 Northern heaven cold star swords into his body. At the same time, he formed a hand seal with one hand and struck out a Thunder seal. With a rumble, they turned into countless electric awns and shot into the crowd.

The lightning was as fine as silk, and each one of them shot into the bodies of the demonized people, killing them on the spot.

It immediately caused a huge panic, and all kinds of wails and screams rang out, turning the place into a mess.

whoever shouts again will die! Yunxiao said coldly.

Although his cold voice wasn’t loud, it carried a sharp killing intent. Everyone shivered and immediately quieted down.

Qing Zhu looked at him with admiration and said, I can’t believe you’ve also cultivated the innate lightning body. Your control of lightning is even better than mine.

Although little Qing was an innate second wood spirit, and her talent in wood element was a hundred times better than Yunxiao’s, her wood element origin was extremely vast, and she could not only produce lightning.

In addition, Yunxiao’s Thunder art had been tempered through hundreds of battles, so it was only natural that he could defeat little Qing.

Yunxiao was not in the mood to be praised. With a very serious face, he said, “Help me guard this teleportation formation. Anyone who demonized and wants to destroy it will be killed without mercy! I’ll go break the enchantment that the demon has set up so that everyone can escape from here!”

He raised his head and looked at the sky. The lingmu flute had stopped fighting with the clones and was flying down. The clones could do nothing to him.

“Lord mu di, look at this barrier,” Yunxiao said.

this enchantment is also an item of the devil World, ” lingmu di said. if you concentrate your purple lightning on one point and bombard it, you’ll probably be able to break it!

that’s what I was thinking, ” Yunxiao said. I have the same idea.

In a flash, he teleported tens of thousands of meters into the sky. Lightning flowed around his body like water.

Yunxiao raised his hand, and one of his arms turned purple with lightning flashing on it, gradually turning into a Dragon.

MO Lan was standing not far away. She looked at him coldly and did not seem to want to do anything.

The dozens of clones surrounded him and made the same hand seal with one hand. They began to merge slowly.

Lingmu Di’s expression changed drastically. If MO Lan condensed her true body here, even if she was suppressed by the realm power, she would still be in the creation realm, and they would be in big trouble.

Moreover, demonic Qi was pouring down from the hole in the sky, and all kinds of demonic creatures were gathering in the sky.

The purple dragon on Yunxiao’s arm slowly opened its eyes and projected the power of laws.

Even MO Lan’s expression changed drastically. She looked at the purple dragon in shock, as if she had sensed the danger that could endanger her life. She said in alarm, realm power transforming into a Dragon?!

Yunxiao suddenly threw a punch, and the purple dragon instantly smashed into the barrier, creating a huge hole with a loud boom.

The demonic light that filled the sky flashed and immediately dissipated into the void. The enchantment that covered the red moon City immediately shattered.

run away! lingmu di shouted in joy. don’t squeeze into the teleportation formation! The barrier is broken!

His voice was like a wave, rolling in all directions.

The red moon City was extremely large. This time, everyone in the city was ecstatic and fled in all directions.

Hmph, they’re all ants. It’s really uncomfortable to look at.

MO Lan raised her hand and pointed at a nearby ten directional brutal soul fiend.

The ten directional evil Spirit’s body began to twist, and its face became extremely painful. A large number of cracks began to appear on its body, and they were actually the faces of demonic spirits. Then, they rushed out of its body.

Shua shua shua!

Waves of demonic fiends flew out from his body and bit at the ordinary mortals in Red Moon City.

The ten directional malevolent spirit had been completely disintegrated by MO Lan’s finger without any demonic Qi wasted. There were tens of thousands of them!

MO Lan coldly laughed and stretched out her hands at the same time. The other ten omnidirectional ferocious fiends were infected, and after struggling a few times, they also began to degrade.

“Damn it!”

Taken aback, Yunxiao immediately shot out a bolt of lightning toward the fiends.

“Hehe, you’re just an ant. Do you need to be so nervous?”

MO Lan sneered. Then, several clones attacked the lightning and were instantly destroyed in the air.

At the same time, a large number of strange-looking demonic beasts rushed at Yunxiao while shaking their heads.

This included the crane and the Yuanxiang zhichen, as well as some strange magical beasts that were not weak.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of demonic specters descended from the sky and flew toward the pitch-black ground, disappearing into it.

Soon, shrill screams could be heard from all directions.

The entire Red Moon City had turned pitch black. The screams were shocking,

Only a few martial artists of the red moon City were left to resist and kill MO Sha wantonly.

Yunxiao was shocked and furious. With his keen divine sense, he immediately noticed that after the fiends rushed into the ground, the lives in the city disappeared in droves, and the feeling made his blood run cold.

Under the siege of so many magical beasts, he had no heart to continue fighting. He immediately flew back to the teleportation array and was secretly anxious.

Without a powerful force to sweep through the red moon City, it was impossible to drive out these demonic fiends and demons.

Suddenly, a dazzling demonic light condensed in the sky and slowly turned into a ball. A figure emerged from it.

“LAN, it seems that you’ve encountered some big trouble.”

The person inside the figure looked at blue and smiled with a leisurely look.

MO Lan’s expression turned cold. I was killing the enemies at the front. You pieces of trash can’t even come out of the crack. You still have the face to make sarcastic remarks? ”

Inside the ball of demonic light was the other demon Palace Master. He chuckled and said, ” “Calm down. I’m not being sarcastic. I just hope that you can speed up the clearing of obstacles. There’s trouble at the crack again.”

MO Lan’s expression suddenly changed. Her eyes shot out waves of coldness as she said, those realm devouring beasts still haven’t given up? ”

The devil Palace nodded and said seriously, ” and this time, there are more than ten of them. You know that we are guarding the crack now. We can’t escape. We can only fight. I was entrusted by someone else to use a large amount of my power to project myself here.”

MO Lan snorted. what a bunch of troublesome things. I understand. You can go back now!

MO Gong said, ” we’ll send another group of people to help you. However, they’ve just passed through the crack. If these people come over, I’m afraid that the independent space won’t be able to withstand it. It’ll definitely be destroyed.

“Without the buffer of that independent space, I’m afraid they won’t be able to withstand the power of the realm if they come so abruptly.” MO Lan frowned.

“We can’t care about that anymore,” mo Gong said.

MO Lan said,”alright, I didn’t expect it to be this serious.” I’ll take care of these pieces of trash as soon as possible and destroy the teleportation formation first. I was thinking of waiting for their reinforcements to arrive and annihilate them together to save myself some trouble in the future.”

The Fiend Palace looked down and saw Yunxiao and the others. “LAN, you’re so willful. If we can’t take down a city in the realm of heaven martial arts with our five tribes joining hands, we will be too ashamed to face anyone in the future.”

“I know,” MO Lan said impatiently. These two people are a little troublesome, and my clone can’t beat them. We’ll talk about it when the people you’ve sent come. I’ll destroy the teleportation formation first.”

He raised his hand and directed the demonic beast to rush towards the teleportation formation.

The demonic Palace took a look and felt that there shouldn’t be a problem. Then, it made a hand seal with one hand, and its figure disappeared into the sky with the demonic light.

they’re going to destroy the teleportation array! Yunxiao’s face flickered..

we’re in trouble!