Chapter 819 - 819: Dusty Memories

Chapter 819: Dusty Memories

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“You can just bring your people out. I’ve already informed them in advance. The police officers guarding the airport won’t stop you. There’s a private plane specially prepared by President Zhou at the airport. I’ll have to trouble you to drive it yourself.”

The governor conveyed Zhou Xuan’s preparations to Shan Yue. “President Zhou has another message for me to convey to you. Safety is the most important thing. He will always be by your side.”

Shan Yue’s heart was filled with thousands of thoughts. How could she not want to be with Zhou Xuan all the time? But she could not do it in this situation.

The reason why Shan Yue didn’t tell Zhou Xuan was that she didn’t want him to accompany her on the risk, let alone Country H, which was covered in bullets. As long as he was not careful, he would lose his life.

“I’ll remember. Thank you, Governor.” With that, Shan Yue took the initiative to hang up, but the governor on the other end of the phone revealed a smug smile.

After hanging up, he called Zhou Xuan again. “President Zhou, I’ve already done as you said. I didn’t make things difficult for Miss Shan Yue at the airport. I’ve also conveyed your words.”

“Thank you, Governor. You’ve really helped me a lot this time. The agreed amount has been transferred to your card. You can check it later,” Zhou Xuan said.

However, he could not do that. It was because he had promised Shan Yue that no matter what happened, be it safe or dangerous, he would always be by Shan Yue’s side and shield her from all harm.

At this moment, the governor had really picked up a pie that had fallen from the sky. With just a simple call and a few words, he received enough money to retire for the rest of his life and even gave Shan Yue a favor.

Even if he unfortunately failed in the future provincial governor election, he could spend the rest of his life with his family in peace.

Ten minutes later, Shan Yue seemed to have become a different person. She was wearing a black combat suit, and her originally dignified demeanor instantly became cold.

After tidying up, Shan Yue walked to the innermost cabinet. She lowered her head slowly, her eyes fixed on the bottom compartment of the cabinet. There was a special password lock.

Shan Yue bent down and entered the four passwords. She took out a well-preserved box. Inside were all kinds of miniature bombs, hidden weapons, and even some shameful medicine. These were things that had accompanied her for many years. Every time something important happened, she would take out this box.

Ever since she was betrayed back then, Shan Yue had sealed it in her memories and never used it again.

However, when the things inside were taken out, there would definitely be blood. Now that Ye Ying was in danger, the killing intent that had been sealed in Shan Yue’s heart for a long time was revealed.

She packed what she needed and put the rest back untouched..