CH 5.3

Name:The Duchy's Madman Author:
“Hey, honey…. It’s not like that….”

Cain raised his hand and slapped it across his wife’s cheek.

“If you make a noise, you die.”

The power of a knight who had attained the seventh circle was not something a normal human could withstand.

Yet Kana Dormund suppressed her screams.

If she screamed now, it wouldn’t end with just a slap.

After being slapped until her cheeks were red, Kana dropped to her knees.

“please, forgive me….”

Cain raised his hand once more.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Father, it’s Ian.”

The eldest son of House Dormund.

It was Ian Dormund’s voice.

Cain lowered his raised hand and answered.

“Come in.”

With his permission, Ian opened the door and entered.

He briefly glances at his mother, who is kneeling before his father, and then looks away.

“I have been in contact with the Third Prince of the Empire.”

“What did he say?”

Biting her lip, Kana stood up and left the room.

Blood soaked the spot where she had passed, but the two rich men didn’t even glance at her.

“Didn’t he put any conditions on the deal?”

“He said he’d speak to you in person later.”

” What the hell is he doing holding back for such a great offer….”

Stunned by eldestt’s report, Cain sat back in his seat.

He looked at his son and asked.

“Have you heard about this commotion?”

“Yes. About Sebastian turning into an idiot and…. that the youngest was beaten up.”

“You were in Arcane, the Allied City, and you still managed to hear it.”.”

“It’s a story of great importance, how could I not hear about it?”

“Then I’m curious, what do you think of it?”

Ian hesitated, then answered.

“The flow is off.”

“The flow is off?”

“If something like this was going to happen, there should have been a sign, but there wasn’t.”

“Keep talking.”

“Aside from the fact that the youngest got hit, it’s only known to a very few people in the family that Sebastian is one of ours. But in this case, they acted as if they knew in advance that he had betrayed them.”

“Is there a traitor inside?”

“I think it’s certainly a possibility.”

“What…. That’s not a bad guess, but it’s not what I was thinking.”


“If there is a traitor on the inside, who do you think that traitor would pass this information to?”

“…Wouldn’t it be the head of Bavaria?”

“I would think so too, but the head of Bavaria was said to be enraged to see Sebastian in such a state.”

“Isn’t it possible that it’s an act?”

“He was a traitor who even tried to poison her son, and she was crying seeing him in such a pathetic state? Not only that, she even gave him a hefty reward?”

Cain laughed.

“Given Yonel Bavarian’s character, she could never do that.”


“Is she a terrible person who thinks poorly of her own family?”

Cain stood up and took a step back.

Behind him, Ian remained silent.

A few moments passed.

“…What do you think?”

“…What do you think?”

“About What?”

“‘The eldest son of Bavaria’.”

Ian’s eyes widened.

“What if Arthur Bavaria is… the cause of all this?”