CH 5.1

Name:The Duchy's Madman Author:
Sebastian felt extreme fear At Arthur’s words.


The mute Arthur Bavaria did not stutter.

And he knows about poison that has been disguised as medicine.

This was not something that should have happened.

‘Where did he hear it from?’

Only a few people know about this incident.

Cain Dormund, Kana Dormund.

The only ones that come to his mind right now are these two.

And they’re not likely to give away the information.

What good would it do to reveal that they had turned a duke’s son into a stutterer?

So the question was.

How did Arthur the Mute find out about this?

That’s when Arthur spoke up.

“Hmm… come to think of it, it must be quite fascinating. I took poison every day, yet not only did I not stutter but I also knew the inside story.”

With that, Arthur smiles.

His smile is so malformed that Sebastian stumbles backwards.

Arthur looked at him and then spoke.


With that, a puddle of water was  formed on the pure white marble.

Sebastian stumbled backward, not seeing the puddle, and hit the floor.


With a groan, Sebastian looked up.

At the same time, Arthur Bavaria, who had somehow managed to sneak up beside him, grabbed him by his hair.

Sebastian shouted in surprise.

“young master… !!! What are you doing!”

Arthur scowled.

“Can’t you see?”

” I’m about to kill a traitor!”

Sebastian screamed in horror.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, poison, why would I ever feed you something like that!”

Arthur snorted at his excuses.

Then he yanked Sebastian’s hair out of his hands and let him fall to the floor.


Sebastian screamed with a loud noise.

In front of him, Arthur held out the pills and said.

“Then prove it to me.”


“Prove to me that the medicine you brought is not a poison by consuming it.”

Sebastian trembled and shouted.


If you don’t want to end up like Bill Dormund.”


Sebastian closed his mouth at the warning.

At the same time, an image flashed through his mind.

It was Bill Dormund who was beaten up.

‘It can’t be…. You’ve been sane since then?’

Meanwhile, Arthur warns him one more time.

“If you raise your voice one more time, I’m going to start by cutting off your tongue. I don’t like torturing either, so it’s in our mutual interest that you stay quiet.”

Sebastian nodded.

Arthur smirked at the sight and held out the pills again.

“Now prove it.”


“You mentioned that it’s not a poison, so it’s pretty easy, right? Just take that pill, and this whole situation will be over. So take it, Sebastian.”

Sebastian bit his lip hard at Arthur’s suggestion.

‘How on earth… Did this happen?’

It was surprising that the mute Confucius hadn’t been poisoned, but it was even more surprising that he had remained silent despite knowing the whole truth.

‘Besides, there was a strange magical phenomenon just a moment ago….’

But things were going too fast for him to think about that now.

Sebastian gave up thinking and fell flat on Arthur.

“Master…. No, sir. Please, mercy.”

When Arthur shook his head, Sebastian begged again.

“Please, please have mercy…. Considering the loyalty I have given to this house, I ask that you…. Please forgive me just this one time.”

Arthur let out a blood-curdling laugh.

Arthur let out a sickening laugh.

“And what will you do for me if I forgive you?”

“I’ll tell you everything I know!”

Arthur strokes his chin, then nods.

“Go on then.”

With his permission, the butler, Sebastian, quickly opened his mouth.

About  his past, spies in this house.

Furthermore, how to reach out to them.

He vomited out everything he knew.